The Black Eye: You Can’t Always Get What You Want


My dog Pluto is looking at me funny.

He can tell I’m depressed.

We’re out in Stratford, Ontario, in a beautiful house near the water. My wife Erica is working here. We came out yesterday to visit her.

I work as an analyst and color commentator for Mixed Martial Arts and I absolutely adore my job. I love the art of fighting, love how special the athletes are, and love talking and writing about it from every angle. To me, the most special gift on Earth is getting the opportunity to describe a beautiful fight between two special athletes live for the television audience. I love to do that. I work hard at it. I treat the job with the utmost reverence.

I got opportunities to try this job and did my best to make the most of them. I researched and prepared like a demon and used my experience in song and poetry writing and live television improvisation in combination with my passion for and understanding of the sport to do a good enough job to keep getting more opportunities. I tried my best and worked my hardest to get a bit better every time. Now I’ve called over 250 fight cards from around the world. I feel like I’m starting to get pretty good at it. I always always try to do my best. I truly believe I’ve found my calling.

Oh yeah and it helps that I fight too. Unfortunately, I am not quite as confident in my fighting ability as I am in my commentating. It doesn’t come quite as naturally.

I fight at the base level of professional MMA fighting. I have lost more than I’ve won but each experience, each challenge, each success and each failure helps me truly understand the sport that I describe for TV a bit better. The fact that I give it my all, train as hard as humanly possible and learn from the very best and STILL fail a little more than I succeed just makes me revere the fighters who can perform incredibly every night that much more. When I do call fights, I marvel at the greats because I know all too well, first hand, that no matter how hard we train and how much we sacrifice most of us could never be like them.

But I love to fight. I love the pressure. I love the training. I love the deeper and deeper single-mindedness that you go through as the fight approaches. I love the challenge.

I was supposed to be fighting in four days, but I’m not. I’m sitting on a couch in Stratford writing while my wife is at work. I am writing in an effort to learn what I can from the events of the last week.

The number one reason I fight is the selfish reason. I fight for myself. I fight because I love it. I fight for the genuine love of it.

But I am also lucky enough to get to learn lessons from fighting that help me as an analyst and color commentator and help me do a better job when I work. And I am now looking for the lessons in this aborted fight, this canceled opportunity that has left me writing on this couch instead of fighting this weekend, to help me better understand what the athletes I will be talking about on TV go through.

I am looking for a lesson here.

Ok, I gotta start at the beginning. Please bear with me.

Nine weeks ago, I accepted a chance to fight on WRECK MMA on April 20th. It felt almost too good to be true. I would get to face the guy who beat me in my first fight 3 1/2 years later, and I would get to do it in Gatineau, the city it first happened in. Basically, I would get a do-over.

I am infinitely better than I was then, and would win this fight. I am 42 years old, have recovered from some thyroid tumors that weakened my health for a few years, and I have happily settled into my commentary job and would be immensely satisfied with walking away from competing after this win. And I had no doubt I would win.

We began breaking down the game plan immediately, began training twice a day 6 days a week, and quickly had massive confidence in this fight and in victory. With 6 weeks to go, I was already in the best shape of my life and insanely sharp. My skills were so much better than they had ever been. My strength and power and fitness were top shelf. My mental game was great. I was without question the best I’d ever been.

As the fight approaches, you can get more and more hyper vigilant about analysis and the details.

As we analyzed this match-up, we narrowed the biggest threats to failure down to only two. Injury. And opponent bailing on the fight.

I train my conditioning at Bang! Fitness in Toronto, and they were keeping a close eye on my injuries. My coaches made a smart decision to bring in specific training partners that we could trust in for sparring, to minimize the potential for injuries. My main sparring partner became Bojan Kladjnovich, who was basically a much better version of my opponent and a smart skilled awesome guy who would minimize the risk of injury. So the first threat to failure, injury, was addressed.

The second threat, my opponent bailing on the fight, was a much bigger threat. This guy had found a way to bail on at least 4 of the last 5 fights he was booked to fight. In fact, since I fought him, I have fought 7 times and he only once. He bailed on a number of others between booking and fight night, including twice on Ian Dawe. This was a real threat.

Why do guys book fights and not see them through? I don’t know the answer to that. Well, I think I do, but I don’t want to talk negatively. But there are a variety of reasons.

The truth is no one can be, or should be, forced to do this, and fighting is a high pressure thing, especially as it gets closer to fight day. You break your body down and it plays tricks on your mind. You reduce the amount of calories that you take in and increase the amount you burn. You become mentally exhausted. You need a break, but none is coming until after you complete more and more training and a mentally taxing weight cut. Shit starts to get very real very fast. And guys look for a way out.

Well, knowing that my opponent has a history of fights being canceled I wanted to minimize that happening. One common reason fights get canceled in the weeks before is due to medical requirements not being met. If that was going to happen, I wanted to know two weeks out or more, so we could find a suitable replacement and I would have time to game plan for them. I have never taken a last minute opponent before and, to be honest, I’m not the type of fighter who’s cut out for it since preparation is such a big part of my process. I stayed on the promoters to ensure my opponent’s requirements were met.

They wouldn’t tell me specifics of his medical stuff, but I know the sport and the requirements well and you have every right to ask about the status of your opponent, within reason. So I did. Often.

The fighter’s job is to get your Ontario license, which has a bunch of medical requirements. I got mine months ago in preparation for this. He still needed his.

A promoter can not tell you about your opponent’s medical conditions, but they can tell you about where they are in the process.

As the fight approached it came to my attention that my opponent had to, if he wanted to get approved for his license, go and pick up one of his tests and take it on a two hour ride to get looked at by a different professional to get it cleared.

This is not abnormal as probably half of fighters have to do a last minute test clarification or have something looked at or re-done. Its a common part of the process.

The problem is, my opponent refused to go do it. With five days till the fight.

If he won’t go, he will not be approved.

And he won’t go.

The promoter canceled the fight.

He said this guy won’t go do his final meds and its obvious he wants out of this fight. Even if he got this med test done, there’s no way to be sure that he wouldn’t find some other way out.

Opponent will not get cleared.

Fight off.

And that’s final.

I was so mad.

I was mad because I had just spent four hours a day working harder on this than I had ever worked on anything. I was mad because I hadn’t worked at anything for a month and was broke. I was mad because I never got to go visit my beautiful wife out in Stratford because I was training. I was mad because I had already paid for a plane ticket for Marc-Andre Drolet, my corner, to fly out and corner me. I was mad because Billy Martin and Marc-Andre and Sergio Cunha and Michael Lapalme and Geoff Gervitz and Bojan had worked so hard to prepare me and I wasn’t going to get the opportunity to win for them because this bum wants to say ‘yes’ to fights but look for a way out with 5 days to go, a way out where he can say ‘It’s not my fault, my meds didn’t get accepted’.

In retrospect tho, I think I was just mad because I wasn’t getting my way. I think I was being a child.

I think I wanted so bad to write the end to the story of my own fight journey and I wanted that end to be perfect.

But we don’t get to write our own stories. We have to accept the story that gets written for us.

I wanted so bad to step in the ring and defeat the man who beat me in my first fight, to have a big party in Ottawa as an extended family of WRECK and the big Ottawa gym that’s home to many of my friends, OAMA, to thank all my coaches and my friends and all the people who helped me, and to take my commentary chair going forward on a great high note with a meaningful win.

I wanted what I wanted. And I wanted it how I wanted it and when I wanted it.

But, as I said, we don’t get to write our own stories.

I was being selfish.

And I was so mad, so bitter, that I  kind of freaked out. There was talk of a replacement fight, but I said no. I’m a preparation junkie, and not the kind of guy who’s really cut out for confidently taking a tough one on short notice, but maybe I should have done it. Maybe I did the right thing turning it down, the guy was above my level in some ways, but maybe I did the wrong thing.

The promoter had pulled the fight, canceled the match-up entirely, because my opponent wouldn’t do what he needed to do to complete his meds, but there could be this other option. A speedy 20 year old kid who is a wizard in Muay Thai but green everywhere else needed an opponent for his MMA debut on the same card.

Here I was in great shape and so excited to fight. But right away I didn’t like this fight. I talked tough but all I was seeing was reasons to say ‘no’. Maybe I was letting my selfishness think for me, or maybe I was doing the right thing, tough to say.

I didn’t like it because I had no time to prepare and preparation is immense for me. I didn’t like it because he was a lot better than me in one big area, and I had no footage on him in the other areas. I didn’t like it because I wasn’t focused on a mobile leg kicker, I was focused on a right hand lead fighter who likes head kicks. I didn’t like it because he was literally less than half my age. I didn’t like it because it would be a very different game plan, and I’m a game plan guy who analyzes everything and has to have a plan for everywhere.

Even more selfishly, I didn’t like it because I selfishly wanted my last fight to be about me, about my fight, my win. This kid was starting his journey, with hundreds of his family and friends fans from his big Thai wins cheering for him. And he was from the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts so, instead of being extended family to my friends from OAMA, I would be there trying my best to start one of their own’s career with a loss. This fight would be about him. I would be some 42 year old guy with a losing record who everyone was hoping the home town guy would beat so they could celebrate. This was not the final fight I was looking for.

I was selfish. I wanted what I wanted.

I said ‘no’.

I woke up this morning, after three or four good meals and 18 hours sleep, and realized the lesson in this path may have had nothing to do with my opponent not doing what he had to do and getting the fight pulled.

Maybe the opportunity was not lost when my opponent flaked out and that fight was pulled, but maybe the real opportunity just arose at that moment.

What if the real opportunity was to fight Jeff, the young Thai specialist?

What if my bitterness and selfishness and anger at the situation tainted my vision? What if I couldn’t see what was in front of me?

Maybe the opportunity to step in and face this young guy was not the wrong last fight for me, perhaps it could have been a beautiful last fight.
I could have stepped in and given a legit young prospect a great battle in his first fight. I could have helped the show make one good fight out of two failed fights.

Clouded by anger, I imagined that my friends at OAMA would have seen me as an enemy, but they would not have. They would have seen me as a friend stepping in to give a great young kid a chance at a tough fight. They would have been happy and thankful, not angry and resentful.
And I could have celebrated a great run doing the thing that I loved and doing it for the right reasons. I could have celebrated my stint as a fighter being one of these fighters I admire so much, the ones who take last minute tough fights.

Maybe that was the real opportunity here.

Maybe not.

I guess I’ll never know.

Now I’m sitting on a couch here in Stratford writing instead of fighting.

There is definitely a lesson here. Maybe a few. I dunno.

Maybe there’s a lesson here about tests, maybe a lesson about selfishness, maybe a lesson about not always getting what you want, who knows?


Ultimately, I realize that the way I feel here, all sad and disappointed, is just in my head. Getting to celebrate my last fight by beating the man who I lost the first one to means something very special to me, but doesn’t mean anything to the rest of the world. Really, to anyone but me, it was a bottom rung fight between two older guys with losing records.

But to me, this meant everything. It was to be a defining moment in my life. Now its gone.

For now, that’s what I will take away from this shitty week.

This week I am reminded that some fighters can feel very intense emotions, and some things that don’t seem that big or important can be very deep, very meaningful, and very painful to fighters.

In the future, when I see fighters in the days leading up to the fight, I will understand that they could be going though some stuff that’s pretty heavy to them that the rest of us don’t understand.

I feel pretty shitty working so hard and ending up with nothing, but maybe that’s the experience I’m meant to learn from. I dunno. Maybe somehow that’s supposed to make me a better person.

I’m gonna hang out with my wife for a few days and relax and plug back into life. I’m disappointed I’m not fighting, but I’ll be calling fights soon enough and I love that and that’s what I’m best at anyways.

Maybe there will be a great last fight out there for me, a night I can compete and enjoy, and maybe there won’t.

I love this game, I love this sport, I love this job, and I love the people in it.

I’ll keep learning stuff and keep trying my best to contribute.


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  1. Robin was upset with Chris for coming on here and claiming Robin pulled out of the fight.

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  2. Robin Black says:


    I always publicly, online and on tv, give you the respect that you deserve for your contributions to the sport. Not sure why you’re always popping up and going after me.

    But it’s no secret why I’m lowering myself to deal with this guy.
    He legitimately beat me fair and square, and offers the idea of a rematch.

    If anyone can tell me they won’t get hooked by the idea of a rematch against the first guy they lost to, when it’s a genuine fair and square loss against a bottom feeder, I’ll call them a liar.

    Frustration. This.

    I love this sport. I love working in it. I love being immersed in it all day every day.

    I love trying to contribute.

    But man maybe it’s not heathy to be too passionate about stuff.

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    I think Jeff summed it up perfectly.

    Robin, you’re bigger than this. Sure this fight would have gave you some redemption and gave cause for celebration, but like has been said a tonne of times on this thread, the dude is a can.

    Your article was intence, it gave the feeling out to the masses of what a fighter goes through when they lose an opponent days before a fight. I felt it and respected it, this drama is now ruining it for me.

    You’re a well known, successfull MMA Personality who has a few fights and a title under his belt. You’ve had the ups and downs of both winning and losing in the cage and now the opponent pull out.

    I think you can drop this now and go back to be the positive, knowledgable color commentator, manager and fight broker that you are…

    I am done with this thread.

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  4. Bring the Pain says:

    Yo Robin…i wasnt trying to piss you off…i like your color comentary…i love your passion for the sport….ive been in the martial arts for 31 yrs…retired for a few because of personal reasons…ive heard and seen it all….i know how shitty its to take the time to train as hard as you did for this…all i was basically askin …after working so hard for this …if they had found you another suitable opponent why not fight…so as to not waste all the time..the blood …sweat..and tears of training…win or lose bro…i think you …yourself would have be satified that you did your best no matter what the outcome….cheers bro…

    Until the next beer…;)

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  5. Bring the Pain says:

    And yo Robin …listen …Jeff…wise beyond his years and a class act….dont forget he knows how it feels to have guys not finish what they were suppose to do…to make the fight happen….ie…Sarnia …..his opponent …would even take the hr to try and make weight… relax bro…over and done with…on to the next one…

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  6. Chris Myra says:

    So this is the email from the doctor stating that I was cleared to go, sent to the doctor on the 13th and received by me on the 15th with a letter stating the same, this was also forwarded to the Commish for review on Monday, 2 days after you say that NICK pulled the card.

    It is nice that Robin was ready with his meds early January however I did not receive this contract until Feb 10 by email, that is convenient for Robin. My meds were started the very next week. EEG was booked for the 27th, 3 weeks to get results and in with Doctor, no one saw an issue with the EEG as it is always the same. When I returned from California the meds were in. Everything that was asked for was completed.

    Figured you would want to see the email that I received. It is obvious that Robin is pissed and hurt over this situation, and his followers will believe what he wants them to. This situation was uncontrollable.

    Keep ranting and pointing fingers, but the slander of character of myself and Mr Frank Dux is to stop.

    I am done with this childish behavior and I really suggest that you stop too. I cannot make this any more clear that this is what my part of this situation is. I expected more from the professionals in this industry


    Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately, the neurologist i know does not work next week so i can’t organize an appointment.

    But i took a careful look at his medical record. Man, this is very straightforward! He has the same EEG in 2012 than in 2007 and in 2007, a neurologist saw him and said it was of no concern. So i wrote this letter for you, hoping you might be able to convince the commission to let him fight.

    take care.

    Martin Pham-Dinh

    On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 2:05 PM, Alex Caporicci wrote:

    Dr. Pham-Dinh,

    Hope you are doing.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our email concerning one of our fighters competing on April 20th.

    Attached you will find a copy of his most recent EEG, CT Scan and an older version on an EEG from 2007 as a comparison.

    This is what the Ontario commission sent to me from their doctor:

    ” To ensure safety to the fighter, a neurology consultation should be initiated with and epileptologist. If the EEG is similar to previous studies, with no interval change, there is no contra-indication for the fighter in participating in the upcoming fight.”

    Thank you,

    Alex Caporicci

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  7. MKB says:

    “….slander the Character of Frank Dux”?

    Oh, man.

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  8. Chris Myra says:

    Enough is enough, its obvious you need to see this to stop this ranting.

    I understand your angry over the shitty outcome of this fight and you and your followers need to vent. but i think you have vented enough!

    i was emailed my contract as of the 10th of Feb , the 27 i had EEG appointment. the results were back with my doctor 3 weeks later.
    Once i returned from California training for this fight, the results which the commish asked for were handed in with plenty of time.
    there was no way of knowing the results wouldn’t have been accepted, they had been for the last fights as all of my results are always the same.

    i am surprised how the professional of this industry can act so childish, if you read back through this board there has been nothing negative out of me stated, just the reasons I’ve been told of the cancellation.

    I recommend the slander of myself ans Mr. Frank Dux end now. as Frank Dux doesn’t take this sort of thing lightly.

    From the email of Chris Myra:

    Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately, the neurologist i know does not work next week so i can’t organize an appointment.

    But i took a careful look at his medical record. Man, this is very straightforward! He has the same EEG in 2012 than in 2007 and in 2007, a neurologist saw him and said it was of no concern. So i wrote this letter for you, hoping you might be able to convince the commission to let him fight.

    take care.

    Martin Pham-Dinh

    On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 2:05 PM, Alex Caporicci wrote:

    Dr. Pham-Dinh,

    Hope you are doing.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our email concerning one of our fighters competing on April 20th.

    Attached you will find a copy of his most recent EEG, CT Scan and an older version on an EEG from 2007 as a comparison.

    This is what the Ontario commission sent to me from their doctor:

    ” To ensure safety to the fighter, a neurology consultation should be initiated with and epileptologist. If the EEG is similar to previous studies, with no interval change, there is no contra-indication for the fighter in participating in the upcoming fight.”

    Thank you,

    Alex Caporicci

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  9. booboo says:


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  10. DaTrut says:

    Frank Dux takes being a fraud seriously, # 1!

    Almost as serious as Myras wiki page.

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  11. Jeff Harrison says:

    Personal emails from Doctors and Promoters should NOT be broadcast on public forums.

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  12. Chris Myra says:

    Neither should lies and slanderous comments!
    please explain to me another way to stop this childish banter.
    Facts are facts, there was nothing medically i could have done to make this fight happen.
    The information i forwarded to this wall is my personal information,to help clear up this whole lashing out that has been taken place.
    It is unfair and unprofessional for a promoter to make false comments to stir up the stressful atmosphere fighting creates before fighters are to compete.
    the garbage you see on this forum is due to the lack of respect for both fighters involved.

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  13. booboo says:


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  14. Chris Myra says:

    You have know idea what you are talking about!

    Show me the proof of the fights I’ve ever back out of.
    You can’t it hasn’t happened!

    This is the second time a fight that I’ve signed on to has NOT happened. the first being Tim Chessel not making it to the weight ins! and this fight, Due to the Commission……Get you Facts right!

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  15. woodrow says:

    Myra get licensed in Ontario

    Sarnia Sept 28 guys?

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  16. David scott says:

    Sounds like robin is just a whiny bitch that got his feelings hurt and Myra did everything he could, go figure… Grown men crying

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  17. Idolmaker says:

    Frank Dux is legit. I’ve got proof.

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  18. Just Sayin' says:

    Um, I am kind of feeling bad for Chris here. There are always two sides to every story. Chris seems to be providing evidence that he did indeed try to fight. Perhaps this was all a horrible miscommunication, and, unfortunately, resulted in a fight not happening. Everyone is going on what a ‘can’ Chris is, and how he doesn’t wasn’t to jeopardize his only win. Correct me if I am wrong, but Robin doesn’t exactly have a winning record either and his wins are against Matt Knysh and Stephan Poirer (both fighters also have losing records). So, what is really trying to be proven here? Who is less of a ‘can’?? Frankly, I was always a Robin fan until I read all the comments on this thread. Now, Robin has done some damage to his character by all of the ranting, finger pointing, and immature, highly unprofessional calling out. If anything, Chris is the one that is handling this situation with some sort of dignity. I don’t care who he trains under, or whether or not you respect his style of fighting, nobody deserves to be publicly humiliated like this.

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  19. Just Sayin' says:

    Frank Dux doesn’t seem like that big a fraud as all the Robin fans state…

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  20. Gunner says:

    I am not gonna post about either Robin Or Chris but i will say that

    1st- No EEG is ever the same it reads signals in the brain that are basically altered and effected by every little thing from temperature, to light activity to your breathing, and on and on and on

    2nd- No neurologist reviewed the present EEG which means medicals were NOT complete ( i wish i could take all my old medicals and just get a doctor to say yup they all look the same your good)

    3rd- “Why would they complete my license if I don’t have a fight scheduled? it would be wasting their time.”

    well i have done the Ontario medicals twice and once when i did not even end up needing them, WHY WOULD YOU OR THEY FINISH THEM …..because you have 90days to get them done for a year license or you HAVE TO DO ALL OF IT OVER AGAIN. that is incentive enough for me to finish it off and if you have all your stuff submitted the Ontario Commission WILL COMPLETE the license regardless if you have an immediate fight or not

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  21. Robin Black says:

    Look, Chris is right about one thing, and that is that I’m being a bit of a dick. I’m doing it out of anger and frustration. But he’s right, its not cool.

    Nick Castiglia canceled the fight on Saturday because Myra, when told he had to take his test to Montreal to have it re-read, told him no for the 4th time that he would not do it because he didn’t have time because he was busy with his Dux seminar etc.

    I will not reproduce his email here, cuz that’s not cool.

    But he pulled the fight because Chris said he was too busy to go complete the tests and refused.

    Today, April 23rd, 3 days after the fight, Chris still has not been approved by the Ontario commission, because he still needs to have that done. And Que will not approve you until you are licensed at home.

    Chris is not currently licensed because they are still waiting for him to do what he was too busy to do.

    He can claim whatever he wants about incidental tests but, if the fight was scheduled for tomorrow, it would till be pulled.

    I was angrily ranting for 2 reasons.

    The first is, I was mad because he showed so little respect for me that he refused to complete the test and, as a result, got our fight canceled. I worked hard. I was away from my new wife for 2 months. I spent a lot of money. I felt it was very disrespectful. I wrote about that in my blog.

    The second and MUCH MORE OBNOXIOUS thing I was angry about was that, although this fight was canceled due to him repeated verbal refusals to promoter to complete his tests, he ACCUSES ME of “pulling out”.

    That’s what made me so angry. That’s why I went off.

    This fight was taken from me. The promoter canceled it because of him. Something very very important to me, something I dedicated months of my life to, was taken from me. And he has the balls to blame me.

    That’s why I went off.

    I apologize for being too outta line.

    But don’t take something important to someone away from them and then blame them for it.

    I’m still down about the whole thing.

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  22. Robin Black says:

    @JustSayin…. I’m a unquestionably a bottom rung fighter as well. And, yes, fights are just as important to us guys down here, sometimes more important.

    Guys at this bottom level of MMA are still learning things about themselves, and still trying to prove things to themselves.

    I’ve learned things about myself in this process. To be honest, I’ve learned some things I don’t like. Things I really need to work on.

    Like what you point out.

    Finding out that sometimes I can throw temper tantrums when things that are important to me go bad- that’s a tough thing to learn about yourself.

    I’m learning it, and not for the first time, on this thread.

    Finding out that I can go from “passionate” to “asshole” quite easily- I’m learning that, again not for the first time, on this thread as well.

    This fight never happened, so I didn’t learn anything about my fighting skills.

    But this fight not happening is sure giving me a lot of person skills to go back and work on.


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  23. Bobby Karimi says:

    When I jokingly said comment, I didn’t mean 5million comments. Can some admin send this to THE FORUMS.

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  24. Bobby Karimi says:

    I hope we can focus on something else on the site, I come to this site to read, comment, and have fun in regards to Canadian MMA and to a lesser degree general MMA (most of the time). Not to come here for 3 days straight and see the Myra/Black fiasco dominate the whole site and comments section.

    This weekend had the following big events/news to read and discuss:

    Wreck MMA
    UFC 146 (Overeem out, Mir in, Big Foot in)
    UFC 145 one of the bigger cards of the year with I think SIX Canadians on the card, some of the being TMN site favourites.
    Bellator 66 (one of the biggest Bellator cards yet, with 2 different tourney brackets, a super fight, and many controversial decisions.

    But instead all I see non-stop for at least 3 or 4 days is this shit. It was fun and entertaining to read for a few posts but now it’s just ridiculous.

    Robin show up at Myra’s gym, start a Kumite with Dux and Myra competing along with guys called Jackson and Li. OR go to the forums start a thread and continue smashing each other in the face with whines, accusations, and emotions over the internet.

    Now please let’s try to read and discuss more interesting and relevant MMA related topics.

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  25. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Bobby is right and wrong.

    The “Recent Comments” section of this site should have a limit in order to not pollute the entire column with comments relating to one post.

    By moving the comments at a certain # to the forums would utilize an area of the site which is rarely used for those who care to vent and keep a conversation going.

    It’s nice to hear both sides of the story but what really pisses me off is the promoter who won’t make a comment after being asked to do so!

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  26. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’m trying to not let the same thing happen in the Prestige thread LOL. I’ve stopped posting on that topic there.

    I love the shitshow that goes on on this site at time lol

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  27. Idolmaker says:

    Keep posting bobby waffle house to the world, and taters are fabulous, they give me munchies.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  28. Bobby Karimi says:

    I was being very serious LOL!

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  29. Idolmaker says:

    That’s ok as long as two out of ten comments you submit is light, you’ve met your quota

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  30. Kenny says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    Poorly-rated... Thumb up 1 Thumb down 16

  31. Just Sayin' says:

    You see, and just like that I’m back to being a Robin fan.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

  32. Shar 1 says:

    I always wondered what it would take to piss off MMA’s gentleman fighter…

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  33. Idolmaker says:

    Robin is a man????

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  34. Bobby Karimi says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Great one MAD!

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  35. harry balls says:

    Who has engaged in a pattern of excuse-making and falsehoods when it comes to their fight career?
    After the Dawe loss , Myra went on to claim he didn’t know he was fighting Ian until the minute he walked in the cage and that Ian outweighed him by 22lbs. I know people who say this a complete and utter falsehood. Care to commment, Chris?

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  36. Donald Duck says:

    LOL at anyone who’s bought into Frank Dux’s bullsh*t and an even bigger LOL at anyone who’d have the balls to defend that proven fake!

    Frank has been exposed so many times it isn’t funny.

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  37. Idolmaker says:

    Oops I meant to say… Robin is the man!!! My bad

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  38. harry balls says:

    BAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA read the last line in Myra’s Wiki. THAT’S why the scrap got canceled: he was worried about teh dedly coming out on Robin,

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