Canadian Rumour Mill – April 16


The Calgary UFC card is really shaping up to be a fantastic MMA show, read below for another great fight that’s been added to the card. I bet getting tickets will be very difficult!

  • Canada’s #10 MW, Vaughn Anderson is scheduled to fight Api Hemera (9-8-2) as the Main Event of Days of Glory 2 “The Struggle Within” in Australia on May 5th
  • Ontario MMA is staying busy, here are some dates for all of you: Belleville (Discipline MMA) April 27th, CasinoRama (Bellator) May 4th, London (The Score) June 16th, CasinoRama (Bellator) July 13th, Toronto (UFC) September 22nd, Sarnia (Avant Guard) September 29th, CasinoRama (Bellator) October 19th, Hamilton (The Score) November 24th.
  • Kultar Gill’s opponent in Super Fight League will be Brandon Kesler, while Gary Mangat will be fighting Liu Si Cong. Both are listed as representing India, with Gill fighting at middleweight (185 lbs) and Mangat at a catchweight of 62kg (136.4 lbs).
  • Not only is former Ringside headliner, Eric Barrak, boxing on April 20th as previously mentioned, he’s now also scheduled to box two weeks later on a smaller card in Montreal.
  • The MMA career of former CFLer Justin Shaw seems to have come to an end due to injuries from his football career. The undefeated BC Heavyweight prospect will most likely end his MMA career at 2-0.
  • Well it looks like Wreck MMA has added 3 fights to its lineup. Valerie ‘Trouble’ Letourneau (Tristar, Montreal) vs. Claudia Gadelha (Nova Uniao, Rio de Janeiro), David ‘Tarzan’ Douglas (Cesar Gracie, Brentwood) vs. Felipe Olivieri (Nova Uniao, Rio de Janeiro), ‘Smilin’ Sam Alvey (Team Quest, Murrieta) vs. Daniel ‘Jacare’ Almeida (Nova Uniao, Rio de Janeiro). The three Brazilians are part of the Super Channel Fight Exchange program and were scheduled to fight for Freedom Fight.
  • Speaking of Wreck and Alvey, fans will get to see America’s Top Model Brittany Sullivan at the show. Sullivan, one of People magazines most beautiful people in 2009, is Alvey’s fiancée and always corners him.
  • Mauro Ranallo will voice the audio book version of the novel “Caged”.
  • It sounds like The Score is coming to Winnipeg, let’s hope so as Winnipeg has nothing scheduled at the moment.
  • Team Toshido’s Sarah “Cheesecake” Moras (1-0) is competing in Washington this week on April 19th, she is facing tough 3-0 fighter Julianna “The Venezuelan Vixen” Pena at Conquest of the Cage 11. Pena defeated Canadian Rachel Swatez by submission in her last bout.
  • Brandon Thatch will face Forrest Petz and Stephane Pelletier will face Jens Pulver at Instinct 4
  • As first reported on MMA Weekly and Cage Potato, Jon Fitch will welcome Aaron Simpson to the Welterweight division at UFC 149 in Calgary.

26 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – April 16 ”

  1. Sweet Dreams says:

    Score Fighting Series in Winnipeg! I’ll be the first to buy a ticket. A well produced MMA card is always welcome here. Awesome stuff.

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  2. Awesome says:

    Score to Winnipeg? Please let this be true!!!

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  3. Jeff says:

    Score Fighting Series in Winnipeg would be much appreciated.

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  4. Joe Doerksen says:

    The Score in Winnipeg would be pretty cool.

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  5. Jerobe says:

    Wow. I think Kultar Gill’s last fight was at 155 lbs. That’s a huge jump.

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  6. Nick penner says:

    It’s too bad shaw is done, I would have loved to end his career. Hell, I would fight that cunt for free. I would love nothing more then to stop his fucking face into the canvas . That piece of shit of human deserves to have his neck broken. FUCK YOU SHAW, I’m glad your hurt and hopefully you will have a super shitty life. Anytime you feel the need to get back in to cage, if you can pass the medicals, get a hold of me on Facebook.

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  7. Awesome says:

    That’s some serious beef! Back story?

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    What’s the deal Nick?

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  9. Jamie Locke says:

    My “relevance comment was directed at the long artcile about Moin that seems to have been deleted.

    What’s the story on Nick’s hate for Shaw though?

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    Is that the real Nick Penner? Judging by the other posts he’s made on this site, it doesn’t seem like his demenour to me…

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  11. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    It cannot be the real Nick Penner, as I really would hope someone who’s made it into the UFC does not resort to calling someone out or putting them down via a blog!

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  12. Nick penner says:

    Yes, it is the real nick penner. Normally I don’t hold any personal issues in the fight business, that being said, that piece of shit deserves a torcherous death. That chicken shit cunt and a few of his football buddies caused quit a shit show in Manitoba while he was playing for the bisons. They would go bar to bar finding smaller guys to lay a beating on. It’s bad enough when yours so fucking scared to fight that you need a ten on one advantage, but fuck, don’t ask me why they still needed weapons. I know of a few people that where hospitalized from him and his buddies. The people they jumped never even saw it coming. All attacks happened when their victims where not even looking at them. Completely blindsided them from behind. He is a true piece of shit. I would love to rip his heart out and shit in his cavity. I just feel sorry for his parents. Imagen what they think of the son they tried to raise? Well, hopefully he dies a horrible death, it would be good for a laugh, not to mention that it would be awesome to piss on his grave stone.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

  13. Nick penner says:

    By the way, I’m not really calling him out, just setting the record straight. I mean, if I where to call someone out, I would call someone out that has the balls to actually fight. I know fighting him wouldn’t do nothing for my mma career. That being said, I would love to meet up with him on the street and go toe to toe. But seeing as I am over 160, I really doubt he would even step up with 10 of his buddies. Like I said in my last post he need a ten to one advantage, weapons, and the guys they wanted to lay out had to be facing the other way so they could see the beating coming. Chicken shit shaw, what a fuck

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  14. Nick penner says:

    Yes, there is pure hatred on my behalf for that cunt and as soon as my other post comes up, you will find out why.

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  15. Nick penner says:

    Wow, I guess topmmanews really feels the need to moderate everyone one of my posts.

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    Love it! Penner’s the man!

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  17. Nick penner says:

    Bobby, just wait till the comment I made today to show up

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  18. Nick penner says:

    Just to make things clear to everyone, I am normally a calm person, I don’t like the whole trash talking thing, and I will always be for showing class. If you guys remember the shit that happened with pavelich and myself, I never even trashed talked him, I just set the record straight. He even called out my family that had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with him, or the decision I made. Hell, I even gave him credit for having great little local promotion. But with shaw, it’s different. To me, he’s just a waste of skin.

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  19. harry balls says:

    My homophobic rant that Showtime made didnt get approved either. Considering you said squat about Pav, this guy must have done the unforgivable.

    PS: I am now scared of you.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  20. Demitri (trev) says:

    Doesn’t shaw have a history of sucker punching guys at a bar with his university bisons football team? I seen that posted a while ago, wasn’t sure if there was truth to it. Is that what penner is talking about? His Facebook status has something to do with apologizing to people back home about not being able to fight shaw. Guess there was a serious issue there.

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  21. Robin Black says:

    When a guy never usually says a bad word about anyone comes out swinging like that you know there’s some real legit reasons.

    Totally looking forward to hearing more about what this guy did to piss off the normally chill Penner.

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  22. Bobby Karimi says:

    Probably automatic modded cuz of “bad” words. I’m sure it’ll pop up. HAHAHA Awesome!

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  23. Derek says:

    Here is one of the stories Nick is probably talking about. My buddy in the next office told me to come on here and explain.

    A while ago, some 18 yr old kids Nick and I know really well were out celebrating a birthday. That night Justin Shaw and his bison teamates were at the bar. Shaw was hitting on my friends gf and she then walked away to her bf. Shaw wanted to fight him after getting rejected in front of his teammates. Our friend said no and walked away. He then bottled our friend who was much younger, much smaller, and not a fighter or lippy for that matter. After being bottled, shaw and howard jumped him and started kicking him on the ground. Our other friends got in there trying to help, then each person got their ass’s kicked 2 and 3-1s. There were the whole bison defence vs a few young kids there to celebrate an 18th birthday.

    6 weeks later, and a coincidence or not….Shaw and howard jumped another guy we know at a pub, no drinking took place yet. All because “he looked at shaw wrong” walking in the pub.

    These are two stories; shaw and the bison team were banned from pretty much all bars and some pubs. He was a big name in Manitoba cause he was an excellent football player for the UofM, everyone knew him

    Nick is mad, and Nick took this personal. He wanted revenge for all the young kids who took severe beatings; broken jaws, broken noises, dislocated ribs, and the list goes on. This happened all the time with the bison teams. A girl we know dated Shaws partner in crime and said this stuff happened weekly (when the bison team was not in their season) Lots of kids got badly hurt.

    A year or two after, same situation with another teammate. Sucker punched a guy and I believe he is now in jail because the guy died.

    I agree with Nicks attitude. Nick is a great guy, but like any fghter. You take exception to pro athletes who do that garbage.

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  24. Posts get put into insta-moderate when certain words are used. Nick Penner’s and Harry Ball’s posts are up.

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  25. Bobby Karimi says:

    Where is Harry’s post?

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