Canadian Heavyweight Rankings – April 2012


It has been a while since Top MMA News has visited the Heavweights for rankings.  Since that time, Tim Chemelli has moved down to Light-Heavyweight and a couple of the big boys have caught our eye.

Here are the Top 5 Canadian big boys!

Official Top 5 Canadian Heavyweights
1. Tim Hague (13-5) – Previous Rank (1) – It is unarguable.  TIM HAGUE IS THE BEST HEAVYWEIGHT IN CANADA!  Sure the guy is 1-4 in the UFC, but he is also 9-1 outside the big show and has some wins against Barry, Wiuff, Jensen.  Looks like Hague is taking a run at the big show again by lining up some fighting in 2012.  Tracey and Hackert are next on Tim’s hit list. Next fight: vs Jordan Tracey at KOTC/Unified on April 28.

Hague KO'd Jensen (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

2. Ryan Fortin (6-3) – Previous Rank (2) – Fortin dismantled Ralph Bergman to win the KOTC title since our last rankings to keep a stranglehold on his #2 spot. He was to head to California to face Tony Lopez, but that fight fell through.  Next fight: TBD.

3. Peter Nolan (3-0) – Previous Rank (NR) – A light Heavyweight who will head down to Light-Heavyweight soon, Nolan vaults to #3 on the heels of his perfect win over Sebastien Gauthier in the main event of Instinct MMA.  Nolan throws one punch, drops opponent, subs him, and then picks up his cheque from Stephane Patry all in less time than it took to write this caption.  ‘The Bus Driver’ was to face Craig Hudson at Freedom Fights, but that card fell through.  Canada needs to see more or Tap Star’s Peter Nolan.  Next fight: TBD

4. Ralph Bergmann (4-4) – Previous Rank (4) – Bergmann has had a rough ride of late.  He has lost his last three fights against three tough opponents:  Tyler East, Tony Lopez, and the previously mentioned loss to Ryan Fortin. Despite the losses, Raphael easily remains one of the top Heavyweights in Canada. Next fight: TBD.

Peter Nolan (photo by Mike Fischl)

5.Scott Fraser (5-2) – Previous Rank (NR) – Fraser joins the top Heavyweights by virtue of his two wins over the past 12 months.  The New Brunswick fighter most recently took out Matt Acorn in quick fashion at Elite1.  Previous to that fight, Fraser won the decision over highly regarded Chris Johnson.  In fact, Scott’s sole loss since 2008 has been to former UFC Heavyweight champ Dan Severn.  Next fight: TBD

Fighters who dropped out of the Top 5: Tim Chemelli (was 3rd) moved to Light-Heavyweight, Lee Mein (was 5th)

Outside the Top 5
Denny Houle (4-0)
Lee Mein (5-11)
Ray Penny (5-1)

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