Eric Perez Discusses WRECK Title Fight


Top MMA News catches up with Eric Perez during a break in training for his upcoming WRECK MMA fight on April 20th. Perez talks about his five round Bantamweight title fight against Randy Turner and brings everyone up to speed on his past fights, his training, and his WAMMA team.

10 Responses to “ Eric Perez Discusses WRECK Title Fight ”

  1. Awesome says:

    Turner going to the hospital!!!!!

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  2. Sweet Dreams says:

    Canadian 135 division is loaded with elite level talent from across the country. An Eric Perez scrap is fun to watch as an MMA fan as he’s always looking to finish the fight. Great matchup and can’t wait for the 20th! Title fight to boot, go WAMMA!

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  3. harry balls says:

    Ha i dig your surliness, Mr. Perez. This is gonna be good….

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  4. steve hill says:

    turner is no joke…perez will have his hands full

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  5. Awesome says:

    I agree that Turner is “no joke”, but neither was Bibby, Morvan, Waardenburg, etc… We all know how those ended. I just don’t see how Turner can beat him.

    Standing – No
    Ground – No
    Clinch – No
    Break him – NO way.

    How do you Turner fans see this ending? Sub? KO? Decision?

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  6. 2VP says:

    Turner will win by bullying the bully.

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  7. Pat G says:

    Eric Perez has a very serious fight on his hands… this is going to be a good one.

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  8. JesseGarcia says:

    Both guys are very good fighters good luck randy

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  9. Dana says:

    Perez will come back.

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  10. steve hill says:

    I hope so nephew tells me he,s a great guy..whatever avenue he takes I wish him well..

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