Freedom Fights Card Postponed


Top MMA News has learned from four separate sources that the Freedom Fight card scheduled for April 21st in Sudbury is now postponed.

The card was to have featured such fighters as Valerie Letourneau, Brent Fryia, Peter Nolan, Chris St. Jean and Syd Barnier. In addition, several fighters from Brazil were to be flown up as part of a Fight Exchange program.

It is rumoured that some of these fighters could find bouts on the Discipline MMA card the following weekend or on the WRECK MMA card that was scheduled on the same weekend.

Freedom Fight promoter Pete Rodley confirmed the postponement and made this comment,

The Freedom Fight MMA event scheduled for April 21 at the Sudbury Arena has been postponed to a soon to be disclosed date. In order to provide the quality of event that fans deserve, more time will be needed to rectify several fighter related issues. Tickets already purchased will be honoured for the new event date. Thanks for the support.

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  1. Bring the Pain says:

    i recieved confirmed email from pete rodley …about show being cancelled not to long agao so if anyone is looking for an 0-0 145er whos ready for war msg me @ btp mma on facebook…

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  2. Hard Knocks says:

    Sorry to hear the show got cancelled. We have 4 shows coming up in Alberta and Sask May/June/July. If fighters are ready to go and looking for matches send us a message!

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  3. Bring the Pain says:

    Hard knocks….i have my 145er Derek macdonald looking to make his pro debut and i have My heavyweight craig hudson looking to get back in action hes 2-1

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  4. Pity, many Sudbury folks were looking forward to this event!

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  5. Peter martell says:

    We’re looking for 135er and 145er for our upcoming card in Halifax, Nova Scotia, ECC14 Warrior’s soul on april 21 featuring Roger “The Hulk” Hollett vs Jeremy Horn.

    Email at

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  6. Peter martell says:

    Sorry ecc14 is on the 27th not te 21.

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  7. Freddyboomboom says:

    Thats a shame

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  8. Brent Fryia says:


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  9. Freedom Fight just announced on Facebook that the card has been postponed, not cancelled.

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  10. Frenchy says:

    To Bring the pain For Craig Hudson, I’m trying to match my HW Smealinho Rama 1-0 for Hardknocks on may 25th in Calgary !!!
    Call Sarah at 403-710-6683 or

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  11. UPDATE: Added comment from Pete Rodley and changed the title from CANCELED to POSTPONED.

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  12. snyper mcgrath says:

    Extreme Cage Combat is looking for a 135 and 145 for April 27th. Roger Hollett vs Jeremy Horn. Contact

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  13. Jeff Harrison says:

    Syd Barnier will fight anyone right now!!!! 135 needs to fight been trying for like 4 months now!

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  14. Kid Lightning says:

    Barnier should call out showtime Wedderburn. He’ll “agree” to make that weight and fight. 2 great Thai boxers.

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  15. Billy Smith says:

    Showtime, lol, good one

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  16. Wuzjustsayin says:

    You would think Quinn would be all over this one!

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  17. 4MMA says:

    Global Warriors 2 in London was Postponed….. but pretty sure it was cancelled!!! Hope they can get another date with out struggles. Sometimes Postponed is the polite way. Best of luck, supported all the way.

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  18. Bring the Pain says:

    Ok frenchy…i sent info to sarah at hardknocks for possible matchup….becareful what ya wish for….;)

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