Canadian Rumour Mill – April 10


Big news came out last week with the announcement of the merger of Aggression MMA, Armageddon Fighting Championship, and Ax Combat into Aggression Fighting Championship. Pretty neat to see some boys working together for the betterment of their brands and the sport. I wonder who the face of the promotion will be and how the behind the scenes structure will sort out.

  • First sign of the Aggression, Ax and Armageddon merger? I’m hearing, Victor Valimaki vs Robert Drysdale as Aggression 9’s main event?
  • Gideon Ray had to pull out of his fight with Mark Holst.  Stephan Lamarche steps in as his short notice replacement.
  • John Fraser vs Josh Hill is rumoured big time by a few people, so why were they seen rolling together lately???
  • Coming off his impressive victory at last weekend’s Bellator show, rumours are swirling that Nordine Taleb may be brought back for Bellator 67.
  • Jamie Toney has a new opponent for MFC 33.  Hard Knocks and BFL champ Andrew Buckland will once again return to the MFC and replace the injured Ryan Chiappe as Toney’s opponent.
  • Travis Briere and Ryan Machan will unfortunately not happen on the KOTC Canada & Unified combo show.
  • Cardinal Sports Gym coming back sooner than later? Sounds like sooner in some form at least (not really gone).
  • No Strikeforce to UFC crossover means no Jordan Mein on the UFC 149 Calgary card.
  • Kajan Johnson is having double vision problems. He will undergo another surgery this week which will replace his plate with one of a different material.  Doctors are hoping that the range of motion of his eye will increase with this procedure and fix his vision.  Good luck Ragin’ !  After seeing, Healy beat Paul Kelly and give Alessio a hard time, its obvious that you are UFC ready.
  • Is Super Fight League going to be around in time for Hardeep Singh, Gary Mangat, and Kultar Gill to compete there? Their last show while improving on the broadcast side was an attendance and viewership disaster. 300 or so paid attendance and around 3,000 You Tube viewers. OUCH!!!!!
  • Who’s going to be Canada’s first Flyweight in the UFC? Rumours are swirling that Unified’s newly crowned 125 lbs champion is on the verge.
  • Also a bit more on Unified – all amateurs went through the same medical requirements as the professionals had to go through to participate on the last card.
  • KSOS update: Knee surgeries 8 and 9 are scheduled for Soszynski in the next few months, look for him to return all healed up late this year or early 2013

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55 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – April 10 ”

  1. alandale says:

    So who sanctioned the amateurs on the Unified card then? If the amateurs had to undergo the same med requirements (good) then who was co-ordinating this? ECSC?

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  2. Troy says:

    great main event for aggression 9 if thats true!

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  3. Wuzjustsayin says:

    “John Fraser vs Josh Hill is rumoured big time by a few people, so why were they seen rolling together lately???”

    Maybe so they have an excuse not to fight each other???

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  4. Just Sayin' says:

    Davis headed for UFC already?? Really?? As someone mentioned before, he is the 125 belt winner of one, western Canadian, regional, small show. Does that really qualify him to suddenly be a contender for the UFC? Are there no other 125’ers across Canada he can be tested against first before making that giant leap???

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  5. alex says:

    davis v. bam bam

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  6. Tyler Davis says:

    Hard work = success. How is Travis briere be allowed to have a belt when he won’t defend it against Ryan? Go Andrew Buckland!!!!!

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  7. Just Sayin' says:

    I hear Briere may be looking to get another belt at 155 in June…

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  8. Just Sayin' says:

    Speaking of belts, how long can someone hold onto one without defending? Hasn’t it been over a year since Freeman fought for the KOTC belt???

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  9. peruvian neckbone says:

    Why do promotions book Gideon Ray?

    He pulls out of every fight.

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  10. Cousin of Dale says:

    Pat Reid for President of MMA in Canada.

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  11. BFM says:

    @Just Sayin Freeman just fought for KOTC over in Cali I think it was Feb,

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  12. Just Sayin' says:

    @BFM But that wouldn’t have been for the Canadian belt…

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  13. alex. says:

    i just saw a crazy rumor about freedom fight…

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  14. Bring the Pain says:

    rumour about Freedom Fight is true was just emailed by promoter Pete Rodley

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  15. Jerobe says:

    Speaking of people not defending their belts, its been over a year since Ryan Knysh landed the luckiest armbar in the history of MMA and beat Clayton Sheen. When is this kid gonna defend his belt? I can name like 5 or 6 Alberta 135 lb fighters that could beat Knysh. And i’m not even gonna mention the BC boys and the WAMMA boys that would kill him

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  16. harry balls says:

    WAR LAMARCHE. Ya herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd?

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  17. Cody Rempel says:

    @Jerobe… Knysh is recovering from a broken collarbone

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  18. Nightwatch says:

    If Mike Davis makes the UFC, then the UFC just lost a long time viewer. Nice enough guy, but Clayton Sheen put a beating on that kid. And Knysh wouldnt even be the champ if it wasn’t for a ref that screwed up!

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  19. MMAfan says:

    @Nightwatch – Sheen beat Davis 2 years ago, he has improved a lot since then so maybe 2 years ago, no he would not be at a high enough level to get to UFC but that doesn’t mean he isn’t now..people improve and grow and deserve chances even if they have losses

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  20. Idolmaker says:

    Its a new division, looking to add fighters from everywhere. Although because he hasn’t been too active until recently, I wish he would not get the call. The only way to know if he’s ready is to throw him in there, despite what I think. Good luck to him.

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  21. Brodes says:

    Bunch of babies on here…. Don’t know mike, sure he’s a good guy…..if he does get signed and can’t cut it we will find out. I hope he does.

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  22. Guns Loaded says:

    Hey fans, you all seem to hate on me for the info but here is the thing with Davis.

    Hes managed by Jon Jones agent fyi Jon Jones agent signed him for the hopes to win Unified. Note if he won which he did he now goes to the UFC and you may ask why? Jon Jones agent doesnt make shit off unified but UFC wise he can make a few $$$.

    Mike Davis is on the UFC roster “like it or hate it” but make 125lbs an try and fight lol.

    PS I got all the real news on the life an times of the UFC.

    Im out!!!!!!!

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  23. Nightwatch says:

    He would have to have improved alot, barely throwing any strikes and offering absolutely NO defence on the ground and you think he deserves to be in the UFC? Maybe after some more seasoning absolutely, but you win a ‘title’ and now all of a sudden Joe Silva is supposed to come running just drooling all over this ‘prospect’? Give your head a shake man.

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  24. Tyler Davis says:

    Wow jealously is a bitch eh? Why don’t you focus more on getting your fighter in the ufc instead of whining? I’m all about more Canadians in the ufc the better. So when others make it I will congratulate them, not complain that about my buddy in the gym who didnt

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  25. Dean Panas says:

    I saw the fight at Unified. I expected Corey to beat Mike. I was surprised and impressed at how much Mike has improved. The kid has definitely stepped his game up.
    He is also signed with First Round Management. They push hard to get their guys to the UFC.

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  26. Guns Loaded says:

    If Tim Hague can get in the UFC Mike Davis will do just fine.


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  27. James Petryk says:

    Makes sense if that’s Davis’ manager. Kickboxing/striking, what was likely perceived as a weakness in his game, is likely being corrected (sounds like he has already made some big strides) with his new camp in Red Deer. That being said, crazy if his management had arranged for him to debut in the UFC after winning the Unified belt. You’d think it would take more than that, like a win over someone close to the UFC, or someone recently expelled. Still, hope he has a suitable opponent and does well. Also his management’s job, so hopefully he’s not being used.

    Someone put this manager in touch with MONKEY!

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  28. Nightwatch says:

    If winning a title is all it takes to get to the UFC, maybe i’ll take one fight and win the Hardknocks Fighting Championship title, and then get a title shot in the UFC.

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  29. Donald Duck says:

    James we’re not allowed to talk about Nancoo on this website.

    However further to your point….. I really hope that Mike isn’t being pushed to the UFC after a win over Corey. Keep in mind while riding a 4 fight streak Corey hadn’t exactly been knocking off the ‘best and toughest’ in Canada. With only 2 of his last 4 opponents having winning records and only 1 of his last four still having a winning record.

    Mike could be the future of this division but let’s give him some time to develop and get used to the cut before you through him into the mix.

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  30. M.F.M says:

    @James Petryk. Contact anyone at Bruckman’s Martial Arts in Oshawa ONT or anyone at Team Shredder in Sudbury if you wish to get a hold of Nancoo. He is a killer.

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  31. Kazam says:

    best of health to Kajin Johnson

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  32. @Donald Duck….talk Nancoo all you want. I just was asking who would be your top Canadian Flyweights who have fought at 125 in past 2 yrs.

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  33. James Petryk says:

    @M.F.M – I think you misunderstood. I am not a manager. I was making a joke that someone should put Davis’ manager in touch with Nancoo. I’m aware he is a killer. I’ve been in his triangle… several times in a row. It’s only by his good graces that I am alive today.

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  34. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Hold on guys! Don’t get your panties in a knot just yet.

    With all due respect to Mike I call BS on this rumor! I would love it if indeed Mike has made the mighty roster but I have not heard Mike or Tyler confirm this awesome rumor first hand.

    I know they are on this site 24/7 so if this indeed is not a rumor but rather a fact, let’s hear it!

    Somehow I think Guns Loaded may be shooting Blanks!!

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  35. Guns Loaded says:

    With all respect:

    Have you heard Claude Patrick announced on the Calgary Card as I announced it months ago.

    Here’s the thing please name a top 125lbs in the UFC?

    The division isn’t built yet so they need people.

    Look at the heavy weight division in the UFC 2 years ago it was so pitiful they had to hire Tim Hague a few times as a stepping stone.

    The 125lbs div needs building and is looking for decent guys. No one says Anderson Silva quality.

    If you 125lbs with a good record bows ur time to shine.

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  36. Guns Loaded says:

    Mike will have the chance to be the step of the stone!

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  37. Wuzjustsayin says:

    No doubt Mike has a chance just like Morvan or any other 125er working their way up the ranks.

    These are the 125er’s on the roster that they will have to contend with once they get there.

    Do ya think he’s ready?

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  38. Guns Loaded says:

    I could care less if hes ready with 8 Flyweights the UFC needs more fighters.

    You probally assume you need to be good to be in the UFC “Talent only gets you so far” you have to be marketable. FYI look at his walk out tee “Evan Tanner” that is prime promo in a UFC fight as a walk out tee and interview wise for marketing.


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  39. Just Sayin' says:

    Does Davis have a personal connection to Evan Tanner??? Just curious because I thought I saw in a picture Tanner’s birth and death date tattooed on Davis…

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  40. Donald Duck says:

    Gaudinot is about the easiest fight for Davis in the current listings. Sadly I think the rest of the listed fighters would run him over at this point in his career. Mike’s with a good team (Gary Vig and company) and can only get better but right now I think he’d be smarter to circle a local show for a few more laps before moving up to the big leagues. I’m sure he could get into the UFC at this point but then he’s just going to be another ‘ex-UFC fighter’. Give him a year or so and it could be a whole other story.

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  41. Mike Davis says:

    Missed a lot of talk and will answer one question, no I do not have a past relationship with Tanner but talked to him lots back when he blogged. He and Ortiz got me into this sport and have utmost respect for him as a fighter and a person. I liked him so much cause how he use to watch VHS in his house and train himself that way, how we started into MMA. Everything about him I liked he was a unique guy and always gave great advice despite personal issues he is a idol and has one of the biggest hearts I ever saw. That is why I had the walk out shirt and tattoo. Only meaningful tattoo that I have and not one I regret getting as a teenager :P

    On other note if I where to get a call or did already and happen to get a shot in the UFC its impossible to say no. Yes I am still developing as a fighter and as much one can argue if I am good enough or not only time will tell and I can only go and try my best in each and every fight that I have. I train hard and have a great group to help me so if I am UFC bound or not no matter what is next I will train my ass off and show up and fight. Win or lose I will try my best, say if I did get call from the UFC, hypothetically speaking here or anyone out there get a call could you say no?

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  42. Guns Loaded says:

    Much love mike:)

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  43. Nightwatch says:

    Mike, you just gained yourself a fan.

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  44. Mike Davis says:

    Thanks for the support guys, thanks Nightwatch appreciate it :)you also Guns Loaded

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  45. MMAMAMA says:

    Why would you say no, Mike?? I don’t think anyone else would either if they were being truly honest. It is an opportunity of a lifetime. If there is one thing I think I know about you, it is your strong work ethic and your willingness to go to whatever lengths to get the training you need that best supports your advancement in this sport. As Tyler says, “Hard work = success”. Good luck to you on whatever future endeavors await you.

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  46. MMAMAMA says:

    Really?? A thumbs down for congratulating somebody?? Tough crowd lol…

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  47. Donald Duck says:

    Donnie trained with Evan. Mike have did you get a chance to meet Evan?

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  48. Mike Davis says:

    Evan Sanguin ? if so I have trained with him tons while getting ready for Corey.

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  49. Idolmaker says:

    Donnie according to you you’ve experienced more than forest gump! Although seemingly intelligent, you seem equal parts full of shit.

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  50. Bobby Karimi says:

    Great comment Idolmaker!

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