Canadian Rumour Mill – April 10


Big news came out last week with the announcement of the merger of Aggression MMA, Armageddon Fighting Championship, and Ax Combat into Aggression Fighting Championship. Pretty neat to see some boys working together for the betterment of their brands and the sport. I wonder who the face of the promotion will be and how the behind the scenes structure will sort out.

  • First sign of the Aggression, Ax and Armageddon merger? I’m hearing, Victor Valimaki vs Robert Drysdale as Aggression 9’s main event?
  • Gideon Ray had to pull out of his fight with Mark Holst.  Stephan Lamarche steps in as his short notice replacement.
  • John Fraser vs Josh Hill is rumoured big time by a few people, so why were they seen rolling together lately???
  • Coming off his impressive victory at last weekend’s Bellator show, rumours are swirling that Nordine Taleb may be brought back for Bellator 67.
  • Jamie Toney has a new opponent for MFC 33.  Hard Knocks and BFL champ Andrew Buckland will once again return to the MFC and replace the injured Ryan Chiappe as Toney’s opponent.
  • Travis Briere and Ryan Machan will unfortunately not happen on the KOTC Canada & Unified combo show.
  • Cardinal Sports Gym coming back sooner than later? Sounds like sooner in some form at least (not really gone).
  • No Strikeforce to UFC crossover means no Jordan Mein on the UFC 149 Calgary card.
  • Kajan Johnson is having double vision problems. He will undergo another surgery this week which will replace his plate with one of a different material.  Doctors are hoping that the range of motion of his eye will increase with this procedure and fix his vision.  Good luck Ragin’ !  After seeing, Healy beat Paul Kelly and give Alessio a hard time, its obvious that you are UFC ready.
  • Is Super Fight League going to be around in time for Hardeep Singh, Gary Mangat, and Kultar Gill to compete there? Their last show while improving on the broadcast side was an attendance and viewership disaster. 300 or so paid attendance and around 3,000 You Tube viewers. OUCH!!!!!
  • Who’s going to be Canada’s first Flyweight in the UFC? Rumours are swirling that Unified’s newly crowned 125 lbs champion is on the verge.
  • Also a bit more on Unified – all amateurs went through the same medical requirements as the professionals had to go through to participate on the last card.
  • KSOS update: Knee surgeries 8 and 9 are scheduled for Soszynski in the next few months, look for him to return all healed up late this year or early 2013

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  1. Donald Duck says:

    Or I’m just really freakin’ old and have in fact spent time in Gresham at the Used Car lot. I mean whatever, it’s just the interwebs so I try not to take it too seriously.


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  2. Tyler Davis says:

    My question is how a duck can type? Or do you use a voice app? Please respond post haste

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  3. Danferguson says:

    That’s really cool for Davis if that’s true. good stuff

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    I just pound the keyboard till words come out. Sometimes it makes sense other times I sound like Tink on a bender. Either way I’m usually 100x more coherent the the rest of the typing monkeys on internet forums.

    I’m also now thinking I’d like to meet this Mike kid. Tanner was an incredible person for any number of reasons.

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  5. Idolmaker says:


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