Canadian Bantamweight Rankings – April 2012


Sorry folks! Not much movement in the Bantamweight rankings this period. Why is that? These guys just don’t lose!

Consider that out of all the fighters in these Top 10 rankings, only ONE has lost his last fight! In fact, if you add up their current winning or losing streaks, these ten are 35-2! Even the guys facing the toughest competition in the UFC, Menjivar, Denis, Jabouin, and Delorme, all are riding UFC winning streaks. Not to mention that Gagnon, Perez, Fraser, and Hill have winning streaks of 6, 6, 7, and 8 fights, respectively.

There is a ridiculous level of talent at 135 in Canada!

Top 10 Canadian Bantamweights
1. Ivan Menjivar (24-8) – Previous Rank (1)Ivan Menjivar subbed John Albert in an exciting round of action in February at UFC on

Ivan Menjivar (photo by Eric Gaudreault|

Fuel. Now 3-0 in the UFC, Menjivar is become title shot worthy and a win in his next fight should give him the shot at UFC gold. Who does he face? Renan ‘Barao’ Pegado who has simply won 27 fights in a row (one no contest). Cross your fingers, because a win over Barao should get him that title shot in the fall – maybe in Toronto or Montreal! Next fight: vs Renan Barao at UFC 148 on July 7.

2. Nick Denis (11-2) – Previous Rank (2) – What was better? His Choke Slam Suplex KO over Nick Mamalis or his recent short elbow KO over Joseph Sandoval? That is a tough decision. However, it is an easy decision to keep the Ninja of Love at #2 on this list. By the way, if you love shawarma, cheesecake, or zombies, you should be reading his Top MMA News blog. Next fight: vs Johnny Bedford at UFC on Fox 3 on May 5.

3. Yves Jabouin (17-7) – Previous Rank (3) – The Tiger beat the Gazelle by split decision at UFC 140 in Toronto for his second consecutive UFC win. Undefeated at Bantamweight, Jabouin will attempt to keep his streak running on the UFC on Fuel 3 card in May. His opponent will be Jeff Hougland, who was to face Ivan Menjivar until he got bumped back to face Barao. Next fight: vs Jeff Hougland at UFC on Fuel 3 on May 15.

4. Michel Gagnon (8-1) – Previous Rank (4) – After visa issues prevented him from facing Johnny Bedford for his UFC debut, Michel Gagnon will now wait until July to face Bryan Caraway at UFC 149. Can Mitch avoid the nerves associated with UFC debuts and defeat the former Ultimate Fighter series vet? We will find out in Cowtown! Next fight: vs Bryan Caraway at UFC 149 on July 21.

5. John Fraser (10-3) – Previous Rank (5) –  The first non-UFCer on this list is the Haggis Basher at #5. Fraser has won seven fights in a row and has finished seven fights in row. Since the last rankings, John has beaten Travis Reddinger in his hometown of Sarnia, but has not had a fight booked since. There are rumours of Fraser vs Josh Hill at the next Score Fighting Series card. You know the winner of that one would be UFC bound. Next fight: TBD.

6. Josh Hill (8-0) – Previous Rank (6) – Just like Haggis Basher, Josh Hill has a nice long win streak going. Unlike Fraser, Josh has not

Josh Hill

finished any of his opponents in his last four fights. At Score Fighting Series, Hill dominated Eric Wilson, an opponent Fraser finished, from start to finish for the decision win. Fraser and Hill seem to be on a collision course. Next fight: TBD

7. Roland Delorme (7-1) – Previous Rank (7)Rolly Delorme made his UFC debut following his appearance on TUF. It was a very successful debut as Rolly submitted Josh Ferguson on the Finale. Still no word on a next opponent for the WAMMA fighter, but one expects to see him on a Canadian card at some point this year.  Next fight: TBD

8. Adrian Wooley (7-3) – Previous Rank (8) – Wooley’s remains at #8 and has not fought since losing to Bo Harris. Wooley does not have a fight scheduled as well. Top MMA News cannot wait to see him back in the cage soon and start climbing back up these rankings.  Next fight: TBD

Stephane Pelletier (photo by Mike Fischl)

9. Eric Perez (7-2) – Previous Rank (10)Eric Perez has not fought since the last ranking’s yet he makes the biggest move on these rankings – going up one spot as Eric Wilson drops off the list. Perez will defend his #9 spot against an up and coming Randy Turner at WRECK this month in a Bantamweight title fight. Will the wily vet be able to win his seventh in a row and get a nice shiny belt?  Next fight: vs Randy Turner at WRECK on April 20.


10. Stephane Pelletier (6-1) – Previous Rank (NR) – Juvaldo fighter Stephane Pelletier returns to the Top 10 (he was as high as 9th) on the heels of his fourth consecutive victory.  Pelletier is the former Ringside Bantamweight champion who recently defected to Instinct MMA.  Stephane debuted there a few week’s ago and submitted a tough Melvin Blumer to take 10th spot.  Next fight: vs TBD

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Eric Wilson (was 9th)

Out of the Top 10
Chris Kelades (5-0)
Diego Wilson (5-1) – Next fight: vs Corey Gower at AFC 8 on April 14
Eric Wilson (5-2)
Tyler Davis (6-2) – Next fight: vs Mitch McPhee at Pure FC 9 on May 11
Randy Turner (5-2) – Next fight: vs Eric Perez at WRECK MMA on April 20

Previous Bantamweight Rankings:

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    I agree Tyler should be very interesting to see an updated list…with menjivar , denis , jabouin , fraser , de lorme all losing there last fight….

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    Gotta agree wit Tyler (on me being cool) but mostly the new rankings, lots if activity within this stacked division interested to see where Delorme is ranked after his unreal win over Denis. A fight where not many people gave him a chance…. Except for just sayin’ cuz that guys a fuckin MMA god!!!! (Sarcasm)

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