Stephane Patry talks Instinct MMA with Top MMA News


Top MMA News caught up with Stéphane Patry after his Instinct MMA 3 show in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Stéphane talks about his most recent Instinct MMA 3 show, lets the viewer know what to expect at Instinct MMA 4 in Montreal on June 2, and discusses much, much more with ‘Big Win’ Don Wilson.

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  1. Ryan Ford says:

    So Im sitting back here at the Tristar dorms after a day of Hard sparring with some of the top fighters in the World and someone tells me to check out this interview.

    Patry get your shit right where the fuck did I go I was sitting cage side till the end MAIN event and he didn’t even headline your show so where did I go??

    You asked me to fight and I said to you Im signed to Bellator.

    When I was 6-0 I took on a guy who had 32 fights with just over a year of training and fighting. Not to take anything from that kid cause he’s good but I have a guy who’s 50-7 to worry about and beat in a BIG promotion

    So stop with your bullshit Hyping your fighter.

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  2. harry balls says:

    Patry is a fuckstick to stand behind a guy who got jacked up after being convicted of s serious sex crime. The rumour isnt a rumour. Stoute got yanked.
    Big Win, I love what you do, but id rather watch Stoute get run over by a bus than watch him fight. He should drop dead.
    BTW fuck Babalu-Bosse. It shows how out of touch Patry is. You have one last chance for Bosse-Desilets….

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  3. Ryan says:

    ^^^ You know Babalu is still a serious world wide contender right? Nothing against Stress, but Babalu is a bigger test for Bossee at this point. I’d like to see Desilets vs Yvel and the winner fights Bossee vs Babalu.

    Also, Patry is completely full of crap about Ford. I don’t even like Ford, but he is for SURE not scared of Brendan Thatch. The dude fought Karo, Healy, Lima, and is trying to enter a bellator tournament with Lima, Heiron, Saunders/Askren and a bunch of other killers.

    You could tell he immediately regretted saying that as well, “I looked over and Ryan wasn’t there anymore…..ah, I’m not saying he was scared, but he wasn’t there anymore”. Stephane, if you aren’t saying he’s scared, then what is the relevance of your story? #CMONSON

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Oh man was that an awesome interview to watch! LOL

    Patry was in full over the top hype mode, some of the shit he said was absolutely ridiculous (which made it even more awesome). I did like how Patry pretty much had something to say about everything that Don threw out there (except not answering the MFC question).

    Good interview Don. I like them when theyre longer than some of the 2 or 3 min ones, more substance to them.

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  5. Cameron McQueen says:

    I agree with Bobby. Love the longer interviews with lots of questions and putting guys on the spot. Imagine The Pav and Patry doing interviews together lol

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  6. mymmaopinion says:

    Let’s keep it real folks:

    – UCC wasn’t on RDS back in 1999 as the first ever UCC event wasn’t even held until June 2, 2000. So I just wanted to correct that little bit of revisionist history on Mr. Patry’s part. Never f@&k with the Fight Finder, it’ll burn you every time. (

    – Bosse vs. Babulu as being the biggest fight ever in Canada, including fights that the UFC has put on in the country. WTF?!? I’ll drop a list here that has been kept to a bare minimum to illustrate my point that this bout is by no means the biggest fight ever in Canada.(UFC 140: Joes vs. Machida, Mir vs. Nogueira 2, / UFC 131: Dos Santos vs. Carwin / UFC 129: Aldo vs. Hominick, Machida vs. Couture, Macdonald vs. Diaz / UFC 124 St. Pierre vs. Kos) Keep the Hyperbole turned down Stephane or I can’t hear shit. Oh, and Machida vs. Shogun 2 and on and on. Even TKO had bigger fights than this back in the day relatively speaking, in my opinion as the name says.

    – And my last WTF rant on Hyperbole will be Bosse vs. Babalu and Baroni vs. Grandmont plus whoever else in the world you could get on the card does not make it (Don) “Literally the best card we’ve seen in Canada in years.” I mean, c’mon, really? Apparently beer is a big factor in Quebec right now.

    And there is just so much more but I’ll leave it at that for now. The the Brandon Thatch, best champions bit, that is pure LMFAO.

    And just what is Stephane saying about Ryan Ford… Nothing, so what was the point of that. Ridiculous.

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  7. – UCC started on RDS in June of 2000, but I got MMA on RDS in 1999 with the International Vale-Tudo series;

    – I still think Babalu vs. Bosse is the biggest fight on Canadian soil, that’s my opinion;

    – As far as Brandon Thatch goes, opinion again, but wait and see ;)

    – Ryan Ford, huge respect for him, never said he was scared of anyone but he wasn’t ringside when I came back to see him – maybe went for a hot-dog or a beer? Oh and by the way Ryan it was a pleasure offering you those free VIP passes and ringside seats.

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  8. Jeff Harrison says:

    Patry is a cunning business man, a hell of a match maker, and what he does gets attention. Love him or hate him he is still awesome at what it is he does and has done A LOT for Canadian MMA. Kudos Steph.

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  9. Good post @Jeff Harrison! People have to remember that promoters promote. That is there job.

    @Stephane Patry…thanks for posting. After Bosse’s destruction of Alexander, I can’t wait for his fight against Babalu. This is a huge fight!

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  10. Sexy1 says:

    Brendon “RUKUS” Thatch is an amazing fighter with lots of potential. I concur with Stephane….just wait and see….;)

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