Theodorou: ‘When an Opportunity Knocks, You Break the F’n Door In’


Elias Theodorou (photo by Mike Fischl)

“When an opportunity knocks, you break the f’n door in,” tweeted undefeated Elias Theodorou after accepting a short notice fight for this Friday at Bellator 64 in Windsor.

Theodorou (3-0) is facing fellow Middleweight Rich Lictawa (2-2) on the undercard after Lictawa’s original opponent Ali Mokdad withdrew due to injury.

The 23-year-old from Mississauga, Ontario didn’t hesitate when the opportunity to fight for Bellator came on just six days notice. Theodorou wants to “prove” the fighter that he is and showcase that despite the time frame, he’s ready.

“To me this is the big leagues, this is really fast-tracking,” Theodorou said of his chance in Bellator. “When an opportunity like this comes around, I know I have the skills, I have the determination, the will and the support from my coaches and training partners, so why wait, life is too short.”

Theodorou and Lictawa were offered as opponents to each other previously on the Score Fighting Series (SFS) card on March 16. Lictawa, however, took the bout in Bellator against Mokdad, instead, while Theodorou fought Erik Herbert at SFS. When the opening to face Lictawa popped up again, Theodorou jumped on it.

“I was going to either fight him on The Score or on Bellator so why delay the inevitable,” Theodorou said. “I’m ready, he’s ready, we’re both young, we’re the same age, I’m looking forward to it, I’m excited.”

Since he was previously preparing for Lictawa, Theodorou says mentally he’s already figured him out.

After defeating Herbert by unanimous decision on March 16, Theodorou was “right back” into training when he didn’t sustain any injuries in the bout.

“It’s exciting in the sense that I feel confident,” Theodorou said. “I’m coming off another training camp so it’s nothing more than an extension of that last fight that I had there so its just basically working off what we worked on so diligent and so hard for my last fight. I feel prepared as a fighter.”

Despite being under the Bellator banner, Lictawa is currently on a two-fight losing streak but Theodorou says that wasn’t an influence in accepting a fight with him.

“It’s just an opportunity that I can’t pass up and it elevates me in the sense that basically Bellator is doing me a favour and I’m in some extent helping them out by not removing a full fight on a card,” Theodorou said. “So even though he’s on a two-fight losing streak, I still feel he’s very experienced, he has more MMA fights in total than I do…he’s still a very dangerous opponent and as long as I stay safe and don’t make any mistakes it’s another W.”

Elias Theodorou pound on Hebert (photo by Mike Fischl)

Theodorou is still ‘digesting’ the idea of receiving the call from Bellator for his fourth professional bout

“The last fight to me, The Score, was a big step in organization and now to go to Bellator is just, wow, I’m still taking it all in,” Theodorou said. “At the end of the day it’s the sport I want to be in, it’s the career I want, and be the limelight or whatever the heck may follow a great performance…it’s just another day at the office and another day I get to show what I’m made of and kick some ass.”

Theodorou plans on fighting three or four times this year in Bellator or various promotions and is ready to fight “pretty much anyone.”

“If I put on a great show now I’m pretty darn sure [Bellator] will be very eager to ask me back,” Theodorou said. “I’m young, I’m looking to still be undefeated after my next fight and I’m looking to become a prospect, or [be] someone to pay attention to and hopefully that performance will make that evident.”

You can watch Theodorou vs. Lictawa and the rest of the Bellator 64 card live on this Friday at 7 p.m. EST





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  1. Theodorou’s opponent, Richie Lictawa, weighed in 7 lbs heavy today.

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    Theodorou looks good. TMN should rate him.

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