Aggression, Ax, Armageddon Merge Into One MMA Organization


Edmonton, Alberta (Canada): The landscape of MMA in Canada has just shifted course with three dominant MMA organizations in Western Canada merging to create the single largest MMA organization in Canada, which will know be known as Aggression Fighting Championships. Aggression MMA, Armageddon Fighting Championships, and AX Combat have now pooled their efforts in providing the best shows available to Canadian MMA fans under this new banner, which will now hold between nine and eleven fight events per year, with shows taking place in Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta, and Victoria, British Columbia – with expansion plans slated for the latter half of 2012.

The newly formed AFC will unveil its new branding shortly. Fight fans will get to see the new promotion in action at AFC 8 in Victoria on April 14th, AFC 9 in Edmonton June 8th, and AFC 10 in Calgary on June 15th. More details on these and upcoming events will be released shortly.

“Darren Owen of Armageddon and I have been seriously discussing the idea of merging for some time, and in the process reached out to AX Combat and determined that we had the same goals moving forward. We established that all three brands have similar philosophies of making sure that our fan base gets to see the best up-and-coming domestic and international fighters. So it made sense to offer fans across Canada a national brand, ultimately resulting in AFC,” stated Aggression Co-Founder Moin Mirza.

“This is by far the largest deal in Canadian MMA history, and I’m ecstatic to be a part of it,” said Armageddon Co-Founder Darren Owen. “It just makes sense to standardize matchmaking, contracts, logos, and production. Contracted fighters now have the opportunity to fight more frequently than they did before, which we are confident they will be happy about. With Armageddon’s current TV deal, the AFC will readily be available in 70 million homes, and now with increased content and expansion, the sky is the limit for AFC opportunities.”

“When AX was approached with this opportunity, I knew that I had a chance to be involved with something special,” explained AX Combat Co-Founder Steve Fader. “With partners like these, we all bring different strengths to the table and more importantly, this is a group that you can trust – a situation where you don’t need to be looking over your shoulder at all times. The deal makes sense for fans, fighters, and everyone involved, and I can’t wait to see how far the AFC can go.”

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  1. brandon macarthur says:

    I like this joint partnership.

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  2. I have banned Robin from the internet for a few weeks, until he takes care of business at Wreck MMA.

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  3. Ryan says:

    It seems to me like it’s a talent sharing deal between three rosters under a common brand. They’ll do 3 shows in victoria, calgary and edmonton, but you’ll see aggression fighters fighting in victoria, AFC fighters in calgary, you get the point. Meaning that their titles will mean much more and match making will be better.But as far as profit sharing is concerned, they’ll probably run it the same as if it was separate brands, where Darren gets the proft from BC, the Agression guys from Edmonton, again, you get the point.

    Atleast that’s my guess, I think it makes the most sense.

    I’d love if they got together with Elite – 1/ECC and a promotion in Ontario and made a real nationwide fight league. Maybe Ringside too as they seem to not be doing so well. We could see Richard Arsenault vs Derek Medler for their WW title, or Ryan Hunter vs Peter Nolan.

    And as Dean said up top, are there any MFC paid attendance numbers floating around? the only one I can find is MFC 22 I believe.

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  4. Mighty Mouse says:

    That type of shit should be banned TopMMANews. That’s slanderous. It has nothing to do with MMA nor the topic at hand.

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  5. Nighty night says:

    Yes, again I agree with Mighty Mouse. thats a joke

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  6. Mighty Mouse says:

    Nighty Night is a good man! (I’m assuming you’re a man)

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  7. ccanadx says:

    First i heard of merger but given the number of thumbs up vs thumbs down – it is off to a good begining. To quote Churchill “its not the end- its not the begining- but its the end of the begining” LOL – loved churchill! Good luck– moves MMA towards a national presence.

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  8. Demitri (trev) says:

    Looking forward to the new fight opportunities. Great plan

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  9. Fuzzy Math says:

    “Within Canada, AFC is available from coast-to-coast live on CHEK TV (6.4 million homes) and The Fight Network (1.6 million homes).

    Within the US, AFC is available on Sun Sports (6 million+ Florida Homes), Sport South (9 Million+ Homes in GA, TN, AL, MS, NC, SC) & Nationally on Fox Sports Net, Sports on DIRECTV (18 million+), The Dish Network (13 Million+), AT&T U-verse (2 Million+ CA, TX & Midwest)

    Within Europe on SVT (10 million homes)
    Within Mexico and the Caribbean on Digital Latin America, DLA (5 million)

    Add them all up and it’s 71 million.”

    Unfortunately this math doesn’t add up. That’s assuming everyone who has Fight Network doesn’t have CHECK TV and vice versa, as well as the US stations – there’s definitely going to be some overlap with station coverage per subscriber there. Even at the low end (assuming maximum station coverage overlap) that’s still around 52 million plus.

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  10. Wuzjustsayin says:

    That’s still some impressive numbers for a Canadian promotion. Wouldn’t you agree?

    What is really interesting is that this site is visited by some of the best educated and truly savvy, managers, trainers, media, and promotion executives in Canadian MMA as well as interested counterparts down south.

    The quality of fighters that Canadian MMA produces continues to make its mark on the international MMA scene with dominate performances in the UFC by a growing list of Canadians.

    We have also been fortunate to have many of these athletes share their insight and opinions on this site first hand.

    What is really unfortunate are the countless negative non productive posts by some, whose egos or plain ignorance which deters productive comments and views of the majority.

    It’s the passionate and dedicated who live and breathe MMA that will succeed in this business. Sincerely loving all this sport has to offer, the fights, the fighters, the fans and the excitement of competition will be the key factor to the success of promotions in the future.

    What this partnership needs to focus on is exactly that!

    If they truly believe that by “pooling their efforts will provide the best shows available to Canadian MMA fans” then what they need is to have the quality of fighters to support the interest of the fans which is what this new AFC seems to understand.

    What this industry tends to forget is it’s the” Fans” that will pay the bills and provide the necessary interest to keep the TV deals lucrative.
    As far as the shows are concerned, a “leading” promotion in Canada needs to hit the 8000+ “Paid Fans” in attendance.

    To hit that mark once is just not enough, it needs to be done on a continuous and more importantly, “regular basis”.

    The cost of the advertising campaign for a series of events would require expenditures in the high six-figures to kick start the series.

    The success of the promotion relies on the fans showing up once, twice, three times and the fourth time would be the keystone.

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  11. Fuzzy Math says:

    Oh for sure, it still is impressive numbers as far as being in available homes. Just kinda tired of everyone – and not just MMA but news, politics, etc, etc – trying to skew numbers/facts to make them look better. Too many sheep that don’t take the time to sit down and be objective.

    I totally agree with the rest of your analysis on fans/attendance/marketing cost. Have to spend money to make money and at the same time it has to be done right. A consistent higher attendance is definitely needed for any promotion at this point, only time will tell.

    As far as TV deals, they’re great as well but just being available to 50 million plus homes or available on TSN2 and HDNet isn’t going to cut it if the attendance isn’t there… mind you it also depends on what type of deals were made with certain stations for TV coverage as well. I’m sure TSN2 or HDNet would pay more than Fight Network or other networks.

    Really hard to get accurate numbers about a lot of things in this industry from PAID attendance to TV viewership and anything else in between.

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  12. I wonder if we’ll eventually see something like this in other parts of Canada?

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  13. @Sudbury BJJ Training…..listen to Top MMA Radio this week as we talk with Moin Mirza and Darren Owen on their goals for the new Aggression FC.

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  14. Urijah Cruz says:

    It seems to me that there are fewer shows in 2012 as there were last year

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  15. @Urijah Cruz….

    I was just thinking the same thing. It feels like way less shows in Canada this year. Going to look into this.

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