Canadian Rumour Mill – April 3


Great victory by Patrick “Predator” Cote this last weekend (watch the full fight here over Gustavo Machado in Brazil. This should definitely help him get back to the UFC where he belongs. Congrats to the Predator!

  • Sounds like Antonio Carvalho will join Mitch Gagnon on the Calgary UFC card.
  • Matt Richer, Head Coach and owner of Leading Edge Gym in Thunder Bay, home of Bellator signed fighters Matt Veal and Nathan Gunn, as well as Dave Letourneau amongst others received his BJJ Black belt this past weekend from Dan Moroney. Big and well deserved congratulations to a talented coach and one of the good guys in the sport!!!
  • Unfortunately Ryan Chiappe has reaggrevated an old injury and is out of his upcoming MFC contest. Surgery is booked for this week, hopefully he’ll recover quickly and be back soon.
  • Who sanctioned the Amateur MMA fights at Unified in Edmonton?
  • I’m just curious, why is it that a guys like Eric O’Keefe and Steve Claveau can’t get sanctioned in Quebec, but Todd Stoute does? Also on that point, why hasn’t Claveau fought outside of Quebec to stay active?
  • By the way, rumour has it that Stoute missed his Instinct fight due to breaking his court mandated curfew.
  • Tim Sylvia at Instinct MMA 4 is a definite possibility
  • Unbeaten Elias Theodorou, not Ali Mokdad, will face Richie Lictawa at Bellator this weekend.

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  1. CM says:

    Claveau can’t get licensed in some places (Ontario for example) if he’s unable to get licensed in his home province. Might be one reason he hasn’t taken a fight elsewhere.

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  2. Gunner says:

    Long over due and so much deserved as a guy who definatly is the main reason i have only got smucked twice so far. ou wont find a nicer person or a better teacher of the knowledge that he has

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Congratulations to Matt Richer!

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  4. Gossip Queen says:

    Update: Matt Richer was promoted by Professor Dan Moroney ONLY. Royler Gracie was NOT present and was not involved with Matt’s promotion!

    The only connection with Royler is that he is Dan’s Instructor.

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  5. Joe Doerksen says:

    Congrats Matt Richer.

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  6. Quel surprise says:

    So Stoute was in jail for a parole violation when he was sposed to be fighting. Is he sposed to be in at a certain time? Does that mean he violated parole to leave Toronto to go to Quebec for his other fights?

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  7. alandale says:

    Yes, who did sanction the amateur bouts? Surely it wasn’t Pat Reid who just two weeks earlier deep sixed the recently formed amateur commission. But it begs the question as to why he directed his referee to have other officials sign waiver forms ahd have them volunteer their services, then only to remove himself and his minions while hanging his officials out to dry?

    Can anyone confirm proper medicals were done, meaning did anyone do a Hep C test or did the pros get exposed to a dangerous situation? Why was there no record of the fights anywhere, meaning the 4 amateurs could fight as pros this weekend if they wanted to?

    Clown shoes strikes again.

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  8. HomeWrecker says:

    Alan Dale is a smart man

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  9. Donald Duck says:

    While I’m not a fan of amateur (aka – Fighters helping lower the overhead of a promoter) MMA I have long ago agreed to let that fight die. However it strikes me as odd that in every other sport on this planet wherein you can make a living as a professional the amateur side of the sport is just a ‘light’ version of the real thing. All the required hopes and hurdles are kept in place and in fact some of these hopes (see Drug testing at the Olympics) are almost dropped once someone goes pro.

    Why in all that is sweet and holy in this land (wherein we’ve had a well developed amateur Boxing program) do we short change the guys dumb enough to fight for free?!?

    If anyone needs protection from promoters it is the idiots who think that fighting for free is somehow prepping them for the real thing.


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  10. alandale says:

    Would the commissions from selling tables and tickets for the promoter, that the amatuer fighters would have gotten, void their amateur status??

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  11. Donald Duck says:

    Paid to fight =/= Amateur no matter how you cut it. Was funny when a guy used to put on shows that he advertised as amateur. He’d then “award” you with a training bursury after the fight. He did this primarily to keep his fight cards off the radar. Shifty as f*ck if you ask me.

    Amatuer MMA is a scam anyways.

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  12. Captain Candoo says:

    So, another example of Pat Reid’s “Reign of Error”.

    Reid forms a “new” amateur commission under the Edmonton commission, and gives this new commission the authority to sanction all fights in Edmonton. Only to find out a year later that the city of edmonton will not back this and pulls the amateur commission away from Pat. Obviously Pat never approached the city in the first place or they would have vetoed this amateur commission to begin with.

    It just goes to show you that Reid is doing things well apart from the eyes and ears of the city of edmonton, and the members of his commission are either complete idiots or totally have lost control of Reid.

    Looks like the promoter ran a show which was only half sanctioned by edmonton with the amateur portion having no sanctioning in any form.

    I guess those participating in a portion of the show (amateur)were doing so as an unsanctioned event. That means the fighters, officials, etc.

    I wonder if this will affect those individuals with other commissions? Also how does Reid justify having his officials work an unsanctioned event in which the edmonton commission was partly responsible for. Didn’t they license this event to begin with?

    This is going to be an interesting issue. I feel terrible for the promoter to have been put in this situation and the fighters and officials.

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  13. alandale says:

    Unless the promoter and Reid cooked up the deal in the first place.

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  14. alandale says:

    Some food for thought for the pros fighting on cards where amatuers may be fighting again in edm. This type of behavior may be repeated in regards to no oversight and questionable methods in terms of medicals and things not being reported anywhere. Think about this if you believe it’s no big deal.

    Do you feel safe rolling on a cage mat that may be infected with HepC or HIV from blood spilled by an amateur fighter? The cage that night certainly wasn’t sterilized before the pros got going, so how protected do you feel knowing that?

    Isn’t it the job of the commission to ensure the safety of the fighters at all times?

    Just in case you think this is highly unlikely, last week New Jersey permanently suspended two fighters for going to New York to fight in an amateur show: Both had HepC

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  15. Jamie Locke says:

    Amateur fights in BC require blood work, is this not the case for this show? Why not ask Unified what rules they used for their amateurs and if proper blood and medicals were required?

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  16. harry balls says:

    Still don’t get all the hate for ammy mma. If it is well-run, it should be supported; if it’s a shit-show , hate away.
    Hybrid is consistently one of the better events I attend. I have seen a range of skills on display at that event, and most of those dudes are not ready for pro fights.
    I enjoy the shit out of ammy boxing, grappling events etc. Amateur mma can be a logical extension to this stuff if it’s done right.

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  17. Nighty night says:

    MORE INFO ON THE MERGE! That is great news!!!

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  18. alandale says:

    I just love how Reid is here to click that negative on every post I make like clockwork, LOL! Shouldn’t he be doing something better with that taxpayer salary??

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  19. alandale says:

    Jamie, that’s why the questions arise. Reid killed off the existing amateur commission, and within 2 weeks he has 2 amateur fights on one of his cards. No one has reported the results to the record keepers and no one as of yet is taking responsibility for sanctioning it, yet Reid has time to have his ref run around telling people to sign doccuments stating they are volunteering their time, yadda, yadda. No one can also verify if medicals were done

    If I’m a pro on one of these cards, I’m demanding to speak with the doctor at ringside to verify that all the proper bloodwork and tests were done on the amateurs before I subject myself to rolling around on amat that may or may not contain contaminated blood.

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  20. alandale says:

    Just like clockwork LOL!!!

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  21. Jamie Locke says:

    I know Hague and Sunny have frequented these comment boards? Has anyone asked them how it all went down?

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  22. AM fighter says:

    Normally I wouldnt respond;

    I fought on Unified cards as an AM MMA fighter;

    I had to do the following;

    Blood work
    EYE exam
    Heart monitoring

    Note this was a bit pricey.

    All AM fighters had to forward info to the doctor of the Edmonton Comabtive Sports Association for approval.

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  23. alandale says:

    Are you refering to this past card? If so, then under who’s direction did you submit to testing and why would you need approval of the edm commission doctor if the edm commission supposedly had nothing to do with the amateur bouts?

    To quote the great anthem singer Carl Lewis ” uh-oh!”

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  24. alandale says:

    That said, I’m glad there was bloodwork done. Now it begs the question of who was approving things since the amateur commission was killed off??

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  25. Donald Duck says:

    HarryBalls – Amateur sport is suppose to help an athlete who wants to ‘try out’ the sport or an athlete who wants to develop into a pro. From a try out perspective it is important that the sport is safe and all t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. As Dale points out there are consiquences for doing this half assed.

    From a developing a pro stand point the sport must still be safe but must also present a significant enough of a challenge that the appropriate skill set is being honed.

    I’m okay with the concept of both and think they need to exist. What I can’t stand and won’t stand for is the lack of pay.

    An amateur who trains for a fight along side a pro will spend the same amount of time in the gym, the same amount of money on traning, the same amount of money on food and supps etc… If you don’t want to pay him/her as a pro because they’re not that experienced yet fine, but still pay them. If a promoter doesn’t want to pay them then don’t try to charge me what you’d charge me to attend a pro only show.

    I have stopped going to shows lately (with a few exceptions) because I don’t need to shell out $50-100 to watch a hard sparring session. I’ll “support the sport” but when all you can show me is two kids from a karate gym flailing around a cage like a couple of hyperactive muppets then I’m not interested in showing up.

    Sorry to go off on another rant here (I’ve had coffee and food this time) but this highlights another problem with MMA.


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  26. Jamie Locke says:

    In BC Amateurs are allowed to recieve commissions on tickets they sell, these commission rates are higher than pro’s get due to the lack of purse. Amateurs are also aloud to receive sponsorships to help compensate them for all their efforts.

    I don’t belive amateur mma is there to be a hobby or lng term stay. 5, 6 fights and then decide whether you’re into going pro or it’s not for you.

    This doesn’t mean I don’t think they SHOULD get paid, but there is a purpose for amateur ranks and if used properly should only prepare young althetes to get their feet wet fighting in front of a crowd against someone outside of their training circle to develop their skills before jumping into the professional circuit.

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  27. woodrow says:

    i have always thought pro is licensed but amateur in edmonton is unsanctioned but there is no rule against them doing this.

    Same thing in michigan, very strict to run pro events or become a pro, then all ammy fights can do whatever if they have insurance and a cage!!!

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  28. Idolmaker says:

    Haha not a glowing comparison for the Edmonton commission.

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  29. harry balls says:

    DD, I see where you are coming from, but name another sport where amateurs get paid. Do you thimk amateur boxers should get a chunk of the money from the door? I’ve never seen it happen. We just had a bit ammy thai show here that brought out all the gyms. I don’t think anyone was expecting a cheque at the end of their fights.
    So long as the event is well run and the fighters are looked after, I don’t care that the promoters are getting the door. It’s an expensive endeavour to put the shows on, and if they are spreading a good image of combat sports, good on them. I doubt they are lighter theirs cigars with fifties back at the hotel. There are plenty of shows where guys get paid that do far more to tarnish the image of the sport.
    And i will tell you from what i have seen (yeah i know anecdotes aren’t data) the preparation and sacrifice involved in taking an amateur scrap versus a pro fight are just not the same.

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  30. harry balls says:

    *lighting. damn i wish you guys would put an edit feature on here….

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  31. Donald Duck says:


    Thanks for affording me an opportunity to drag out my soap box. It is a bit dusty but I’ll see what I can do…

    While not ‘paid’ persay I can say that a large perecentage of amatuer athletes in Canada (especially those involved in the Canadian Olympic Program) are subsidized and do benefit from ‘sponsorships’ usually in the way of gear and training. This takes a big bite out of the day to day cost of being an athlete. While I know the majority of them also hold down side jobs to pay their remaining bills this does help quite a bit.

    I guess the analogy is a poor one in that MMA isn’t anywhere near where it will be in ten to fifteen years. You can’t call your buddy up for a ‘pick up’ game of MMA. If two kids are grappling in the middle of the street the cops are usually called… Right now promoters are reeping the benefits of ‘free labor’ and while there are examples (Massachushets sp? has a well defined amateur development program) of places developing amatuers this isn’t the rule.

    Maybe one day Ammy MMA will make sense from a development point of view. Maybe we’ll have a graduated system like they do in Shooto. Right now we’re not there and to argue that the caliber of opponents at Pro is too stiff for most Ammys is not a great argument. When guys like Bobby K, TJ, Team Tug Boat and on and on and on are all still fighting Pro we clearly do not have a well defined development program.

    Based on this I’d recommend to any fighter to get your blue belt, learn how to shoot and stuff a double, have a few Muay Thai fights under your belt and get a pro fight. But that’s “Donnie’s Development Program” and it also includes ‘making weight’ and ‘not falsifying medicals’ as suplimental course work.

    Donnie Donnie Bo-Bonnie Ba-na-na-Ba-na Fo-Fonnie

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  32. Idolmaker says:

    Ok DD just for clarification. Reasons which bobby k are you talking about? Karimi or kalmakoff? And which bobby k is the bald one? I get those 2 mixed up all the time!

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  33. Cody Rempel says:

    Bobby Karimi would smash Bobby Kalmakoff!

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  34. Donald Duck says:

    Bobby Kalamakoffikoff

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  35. Idolmaker says:

    Haha I know guys just bustin bkb’s balls

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  36. Bobby Karimi says:

    1000000% I would smash that guy! I’m far too smart to lose to that guy, also I’m not a quitter.

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  37. Donald Duck says:

    Pretty sure Bobby Kalmakof just reflexively falls on his back after the 2 minute mark anyways.

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  38. Brent Fryia says:

    While some ammy athletes get paid, it is far from a “large percentage”. Having lived in that world for a big part of my life I’d say less than 5%. Also, those 5 percent train at a level that precludes them from holding full time job, and unlike ammy fighters, compete in sports that usually have no professional level to cash in on. In those sports it truly is for love of the sport and those amateur athletes train harder and are more dedicated than a very large # of ‘pro’ fighters.

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  39. Donald Duck says:

    I’d agree with that. I had a couple of friends who ran track at an “Olympic Development” level and they didn’t have time to work outside of their training schedules. One of them was so broke she was living on a fold out bed in a friend’s house. Her sacrifice to race was such that she was willing to put up with less than optimal living conditions to acheive this.

    Maybe that’s at the root of my dislike of Ammy. What point do you prove by not being paid while people make money off your back through advertising or other marketing? If promoters truly want a ‘development’ level for the ‘good of the sport’ then perhaps there should be a national sanctioning body that lays out a five fight development plan and associated compensation?

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  40. harry balls says:

    “When guys like Bobby K, TJ, Team Tug Boat and on and on and on are all still fighting Pro we clearly do not have a well defined development program.”
    you’re kind of making my point. there shoulda been a place for those guys to go (an amateur system perhaps); a place to learn some of the fundametals and not get paid.

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  41. Tim Hague says:

    Bobby Karimi has a secret move.

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  42. Bobby Karimi says:

    It’s a SUPER MOVE Tim! :)

    Kalmakoff wouldn’t even get to that point.

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  43. ccanadx says:

    The federal and provincial goverments will not touch MMA and ciies are very relucant to move into regulating MMA as well. City governments “enable or deligate” a commission to move into this regulory vacum but dodge and weave if there is any possibility of spending political capital to the taxpayer and voters.
    So what really happens? Indian reserves are a regultory jungle for all levels of government so they move in to the field with mixed results on safty. True believers become promotors and put up with incrediable ambiguity. Bad actors bring up the rear. Yes the collective governments- feds/prov/city politicals have not taken to the sport. I’m not for big regulations but latly I see there are enough true believers to give order and clarity. In the end, all sports below “Big Pro” ultimatly is “governed” by those who love the sport.

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  44. Tim Hague says:

    Lol super move, no can defend

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  45. Guns Loaded says:

    So far UFC Calgary has a few spots open but it is filling up quickly.

    Mitch Clarke
    Mitch Gagnon
    Nick Ring

    To be announced shortly

    Claude Patrick
    Mike davis
    Luke Harris – condition he wins next fight
    Jason Mac – condition he wins next fight

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  46. Guns Loaded says:


    Shogun just signed a fight for the summer his opponent will be announced shortly.

    Sweet :)

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