Can Cirkunov give Grummet a Lesson in Discipline?


March 31, Stoney Creek – On April 27th at the Yardman Arena in Belleville, Ontario, Discipline MMA presents its’ inaugural offering with a stacked card of Ontario talent. With the event drawing closer, Discipline MMA is proud to announce that the evening’s co-main event has been set. A Light-Heavyweight clash between rising prospects is sure to electrify the crowd as Toronto based grappling wizard Misha Cirkunov will be facing off with former XCC Middleweight Champion, Caleb Grummet. The fight will feature a clash of styles as Misha Cirkunov brings his world class ground game to the table while Caleb Grummet, although holding a trio of submission wins, is best known for letting his hands fly, both as a mixed martial artist and boxer. From the opening bell this match-up will undoubtedly have the Belleville crowd on the edge of their seats.

Misha Cirkunov

With a ground game that rivals the very best in the sport Misha Cirkunov will enter the cage on April 27th ready to further his already feared reputation in the sport. Coming into Belleville, Cirkunov will be riding on the heels of four wins over the last year and a half, including three in the 2011 calendar year against increasingly difficult opposition. After a July 2010 destruction of Shawn Pauliuk at AFC 3, Cirkunov went in search of bigger and tougher opponents. He got his wish as 2011 began at UGC 26 when veteran Ricardeau Francois stepped up to the plate, despite having a massive experience edge, Francois’ 24th fight to Cirkunov’s 4th, Francois was no match for the young juggernaut as Cirkunov needed just 56 seconds to put the fight away via TKO. Then it was onto The Reckoning for Cirkunov, finally able to fight at home in Ontario, he once again showed why he is so highly touted in the sport by defeating Ion Cherdivara via unanimous decision. A great year closed for Cirkunov in December 2011, fighting at Meltdown in the Valley, a long awaited match-up with Ali Mokdad but despite Mokdad’s own skill, Cirkunov overwhelmed his game opponent leading to another dominant unanimous decision victory. On April 27th Misha Cirkunov will not only display his incredible mat work but look to unleash his ever improving stand up game and send yet another message to the MMA world that the Tapstar product is on a mission to be one of the  best in the world.

Caleb Grummet

Caleb Grummet will enter the Yardman Arena on April 27th determined to not just be another stepping stone on Cirkunov’s rise towards the highest levels of the sport and possesses the tools to do it. Coming into the meeting with Cirkunov on the heels of his own two-fight win streak, Grummet brings experience both in the amateur ranks, where he was the XCC Middleweight Champion, as well from the boxing world, showing Grummet’s great diversity in skills. The Kaminari Dojo product used 2011 as his own launching pad for success. Coming into the year with a pair of professional wins already to his credit; both by finish, Grummet would continue his climb up the ladder of success. It would start with a meeting against Chris Skoglund at KOTC – Underground 69, facing an opponent with much more professional experience, Grummet didn’t sweat the challenge as the Michigan based fighter schooled Skoglund, finishing the fight by impressive guillotine choke in just 1:12. With back-to-back submission wins, Caleb Grummet has shown an increasing array of skills and as he prepares for Discipline MMA on April 27th he will be ready to give Misha Cirkunov everything he can handle and more inside the Yardman Arena.

Discipline MMA presents their very first offering on April 27th from the Yardman Arena in Belleville, Ontario. In addition to the great night of fights, events will be taking place throughout the weekend like autograph signings at the Health and Wellness Expo at the Dever Arena on April 28, and Golfing Packages that will include the Epic Entertainment that is Discipline MMA. Bus Tours are already taking shape all across the Ontario Region to bring fans an Ultimate up close look at what the promotion will be bringing forward to the business world of MMA. All of these events and promotional partnerships will team up in support of the Highway of Heroes Memorial Fund, including five dollars from every ticket sold going directly to the honourable cause. Tickets for Discipline MMA are available at With a great event and a great cause, Discipline MMA aims to bring a new experience to all MMA fans in Ontario, Canada, and the world.

This fight is subject to the approval of the Ontario Athletic Commission. (OAC)


Joel Powell vs Fabio Moraes also Announced

Management has verbally agreed to square off Ontario native and standout wrestler Joel Powell against Brazilian import Fabio Moraes who will leave his native Brazil to fight on North American soil for the very first time. For Powell it will be his exciting blend of styles that has built his pedigree as a multi-gold medal winning high school wrestler in addition to being a former National Champion out of the Guelph Wrestling Club. Fabio Moraes is a prospect that has Brazil excited, coming from one of the founding countries of the sport and one of the most recognizable camps, Minotauro Team.

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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Who ever voted MIKE RUSSELL down is asking for a knuckle sandwich from me! I hope it was Robin Black!

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  2. Cameron McQueen says:

    Mike, why would you try to get involved with a show like this? They are clearly only going to host one show. Was it to just get your foot in the door? I feel you have more pull in the mma world then to settle with these guys. This coming from someone you probably have no respect for, I’m just asking.

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  3. Sean McManus says:

    I may end up attending this show if I can. I remember watching the Powell brothers a ways back on the reserves in Ontario. I’ve always been a Misha fan and I think I read somewhere that Karkula is fighting on this card. Just not sure where the Chessel signing came from? Mike Russell brings some legitimacy to the show, so that’s enough for me to support it. The early marketing does seem to be a bit off base with the County stating a preposterous influx of monies as well as the broadcast numbers seeming way off base.

    I just wish there would be some ‘grassroots’ feel to it and not a ‘look how great we are’ show…what is the problem with promoting it as a regional show and build it from there, instead of setting the bar at an unachievable level?

    Good luck to all involved and here’s hoping the show goes ahead and I can find the time to get out there and take it in. Just curious – is Robin getting comp’d any tickets?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  4. JYD says:

    Sean McManus, you sir are a reasonable man.

    PS Here’s hoping that Tony Lee does a XXX hypnotism show somewhere in the area as well… I’ve been to a couple and they are amazing.

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  5. Mike Russell says:

    Foot in the door of what? I have a little bit of experience in the industry and a PR diploma on my wall that says I’m more than qualified.

    I have three cousins who are on active duty in the military. My grandfather was in WWII and my great grandfather won a medal of bravery at the Battle of Passchendaele. Helping out with this show was a no-brainer.

    Contrary to what everybody assumes they know about the promoters of the event, they are honest people whose true intent is to raise money for this worthy cause. A lot of opinions here are based on other opinions and half truths.

    I’m a big believer in the old adage, “There are two sides to every story.” Nobody involved in the organization has ever wronged me; they’ve actually helped me out when I’ve needed it. I was asked to lend a hand with some PR and on an advisory basis. I’m not making any money for doing it.

    Anyone who knows me knows I rarely turn down a request for help or advice if asked. I’ve leant my services to charities and have called aspiring writers long distance to discuss the best way to go about becoming a writer and how to improve their writing. My wife says I’m generous to a fault, but I think that’s an asset.

    To me not giving someone the benefit of the doubt or judging them on the opinions of others is much worse, but that’s just my opinion.

    I’m not going to publicly discuss any of the rumors flying around here. That’s not my style. I will say that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet and offer my phone number to anyone who wants to discuss anything about the show. I’m a pretty open book.

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  6. JYD says:

    Mike Russell is a solid dude, he helped me a lot and tried to get me some serious sponsorship before I hurt my back.

    I respect him 100%. You should do the same, regardless of how you feel about the promotion and the other people involved.

    Tim Chessel and the like will pop up on MMA cards, it is the reality of the business. He is fighting a local guy and the casual fan will think Ireland is a boss, and so be it. It sells tickets.

    If only we could do something about that big-ass W-1 tattoo he has.

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  7. Real news says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. JYD says:

    Real News, no one knows what you are talking about.

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  9. Sean McManus says:

    I second that – I’m confused. I’m easily confused though – how did Alex’s name get run through the mud? I guess the comfort of hiding increases the size of one’s balls. I’m pretty sure realnews is trying to confirm that he hurt Alex’s feelings and something about everything clicking.

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  10. Mike Russell says:

    And FYI, I didn’t write this press release. The card isn’t finalized yet.

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  11. real news says:

    You guys don’t understand what I meant because the messages wasn’t for you it was for a select few who know who they are and proved me right again

    Long story short the show goes on, mike russel is a great guy as is alex and I didn’t mean to offend him I just said his shows went down in the past due to poor fight selection he has no doubnt learned and improved since that time as a match maker.. No more no less

    My appologies to those offended but in time u will see I’m right

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 12

  12. topdog says:


    you did bring up some interesting points and i’m not sure why you were voted down so rapidly but you may want to think a bit more prior to offending people in the sport. whatever your intention was seems you have done the opposite.

    i for one hope the event does well

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  13. goose says:

    BUT CHISSEL? lol, that guys got his fight instinct mixed up with his flight instinct.. jus sayin

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  14. Bobby Karimi says:

    Should I have read this thread?

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  15. John Truss says:

    Did he get his fight instinct and his fight at Instinct confused with his flight instinct in Montreal at Instinct MMA

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  16. jimmy says:

    is it just me who think cirkunov is very boring

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