Instinct MMA 3 Play-by-Play – Quick Knee KO by Thatch, Quick Sub by Nolan


Don Wilson is in Sherbrooke, Quebec for Instinct MMA 3. Here is his play-by-play:

Peter Nolan vs Sebastien Gauthier
Rd1: Nolan drops Gauthier with a jab and immediately takes his back sinks in the hooks, choke and gets the tap.
Nolan submits Gauthier via Rear Naked Choke @ :35 of Rd1

Jory Erickson vs. Brandon Thatch
Rd1: the fighters circle and Erickson comes forward just Thatch throws a knee, and the two collide but Thatch’s knee wins and Erickson crashes to the mat unconscious. WOW!!!
Thatch defeats Erickson via KO (Knee) @ :18 of Rd1

Stephane Pelletier vs. Melvin Blumer
Rd1: Pelletier opens up with low kicks and catches Blummer with a solid jab. Blummer misses with the flying knee but lands right into a double leg and drives Pelletier to the mat. Pelletier attempted to set up the gogoplata but Blummer saw in coming and escapes. Blummer in top position posturing up and landing short shots on Pelletier. Pelletier times a punch perfectly and traps the arm with his legs and extends to the arm bar, Blumer won’t tap but the ref stops the action.
Pelletier submits Blummer via Arm Bar @ 4:31 of Rd1

Moise Rimbon vs. D.J. Linderman
Rd1: Rimbon comes out with an odd stance with his handset his side, he uses three teep kicks to start off the action. Rimbon grazes Linderman with a head kick. Another big kick to the body from Rimbon. Linderman misses with a spinning back fist then lunges in for the double leg but Rimbon defends well. Rimbon lands another teep kick then a beautiful brazillian kick hat has Linderman lunging for yet another takedown but again Rimbon defends well and the round closes out.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Rimbon

Rd2: Linderman throws a big right but misses Rimbon who counters with a jab and another grazing head kick. Rimbon launches another kick flurry but accidentally catches Linderman south of the short line and the action is halted to let Linderman recover. The action restarts and Rimbon lands two more Brazilian kicks to Linderman’s face. Linderman moves forward and backs Rimbon up with with a double pump jab. Rimbon finds his balance and meets Linderman with a solid double leg that puts the DJ on his back. Back on their feet, Rimbon lands a vicious body kick on Linderman followed up by a devastating right to the mug. Rimbon again forces the action to the canvas where he tries to work a Kimura. Linderman escapes the sub attempt and tries to make it back to his feet but Rimbon puts him back down. Back on their feet, Rimbon lands another hard overhand on Linderman, but DJ lunges in and is finally able to secure the double leg and he slams Rimbon to the mat just as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Rimbon

Rd3: Linderman starts us off with a leg kick and a wild right overhand that misses. Linderman throws a right, left combo that backs Rimbon up against the cage where Linderman is able to land the double leg takedown but Rimbon pops right back up and drives Linderman to the ground. Linderman attempts a Kimura but Rimbon rolls out and their back to their feet. Rimbon with a nasty body kick and Lindman responds in kind. Linderman lands a big overhand and lunges for the double leg but eats a Rimbon knee on the way in. Linderman picks up Rimbon and drops him to the mat. Rimbon uses the cage to wall walk back to his feet as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-10
Rimbon defeats Linderman via Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

Alex Laramée vs. Emmanuel Crevier
Rd1: Crevier comes straight out looking for the double leg but Laramee stays upright. Laramee lunges forward and lands a nice jab, cross combo. Craver briefly takes the fight to the mat but Laramee is right back up. Laramee lands another cross that fazes Crevier and has him diving fo the takedown. Laramee catches Crevier again and sends him crashing to canvas but kudos to Crevier his sticking in there. Laramee lands a big knee to Crevier’s midsection and an elbow to his face. Another left hook from Laramee wobbles Crevier.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Laramee

The fight is waved off at the end of the first round as Crevier cannot continue.
Laramee defeats Crevier via TKO (Retirement) @ 5:00 of Rd1

Anselmo Gutierrez vs. Guillaume Vigneau
Rd1: Gutierrez comes out with some big leg kicks. Vigneau muscles Gutierrez against the cage but can’t do anything with it. Vigneau clips Gutierrez and wobbles him, Vigneau charges in for the kill but Gutierrez body locks and slams him to the mat. Gutierrez let’s Vigneau up hoping to catch him in a guillotine but Vigneau trips him back to the mat. Vigneau in Gutierrezguard landing some big elbows. Gutierrez tries to escape and Vigneau takes his back securing both hooks. Gutierrez with a smart move he sits up and forces Vigneau’s back against the cage not allowing to Vigneau to extend and sink in the choke. Vigneau tries to reposition and Gutierrez escapes and start to unload on the unsuspecting Vigneau to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gutierrez

Rd2: Gutierrez charges across the cage and lands on Vigneau who is caught off guard by the sudden attack, Vigneau makes it back to his feet but Gutierrez greets him with a knee to the face. Gutierrez muscles Vigneau to the mat and takes side control. Vigneau makes it to his feet but Gutierrez is swarming all over him against the cage causing the ref to jump in a mercifully stop the brutality.
Gutierrez defeats Vigneau via TKO @4:20 of Rd2

Alex Pelletier vs. Strahinja Gavrilovic
Rd1: Pelletier comes out And look for a double leg but Gavrilovic shrugs it off. Pelletier comes forward continuing to throw big shots. Pelletier cracks Gavrilovic hard on the chin. Gavrilovic attempts a leg kick but eats another Pelletier right hand. Pelletier catches Gavrilovic with a big knee from the plum. Pelletier is stalking Gavrilovic around the cage. Pelletier catches Gavrilovic with a big shot and unloads a flurry from on the cage.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pelletier

Rd2: some back and fourth jabs start off the second round. Gavrilovic lands a beauty spinning back kick. Pelletier traps Gavrilovic against the cage an unloads 5 big knees from the plum, all that did was make Gavrilovic mad as he swung for the fences 3 times that sent Pelletier flying backwards. Pelletier dives in for the takedown and secures Gavrilovic’s back. Pelletier rides the back to high and Gavrilovic shrugs him off and takes over top control. Gavrilovic starts raining down the pain but gets carried away and Pelletier is able to reverse him just as the round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-10

Rd3: Gavrilovic starts off with kicks landing a spinning back and body kick. Pelletier dives for the takedown and eats a Gavrilovic paw on the way in. Gavrilovic takes top position and starts unloading on all cylinders, but once again Pelletier reverseS the over anxious Gravilovic. Gravilovic was able to secure Pelletier arm while being reversed and torques it from the bottom to caox the tap.
Gavrilvic submits Pelletier via Kimura @ 2:38 of Rd3

Rémy Bussières vs. Bruno Lurette
Rd1: The fighters tie up and both unleash knees to the midsection. Lurette misses with an attempted head kick. Lurette lands a leg kick but Bussieres bull rushes him and catches him with a powerful flurry then muscles him down to the mat. Bussieres softening up Lurette with punches to the midsection. Lurette attempts to make it back to his feet but Bussieres muscles him back down and rides out the round on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bussieres

Rd2: Bussieres lunges in with a right hook that wobbles Lurette, he follows it up with a 1,2 combo that sends Lurette crashing to the canvas. The ref jumps right in to save Lurette from further damage.
Bussieres defeats Lurette via KO @ :22 of Rd2

Dave Bedard vs. Derek Parker
Rd1: Bedard lands a big superman punch and they tie against the cage. Parker catches Bedard with a big right that wobbles Bedard. Parker throwing big overhands with bad intentions. Bedard locks up with Parker but can’t do anything with it. Parker bulls over Bedard and lands in mount position. Bedard gives his back and Parker locks up the choke for the tap out finish.
Parker submits Bedard via Rear Naked Choke @ 4:28 of Rd1

Loyd Galindo vs. Alexandre Gauthier
Rd1: Galindo comes out kicking landing 2 big leg kicks but missing the head kick. Gauthier catches Galindo in a Thai plum and makes him pay. Gauthier flurries on Galindo against the cage but has to back out as Galindo starts firing back bombs. Gauthier doing a good job throwing punches in bunches against the bigger foe. Gauthier just ducks under a big head kick from Galindo. Gauthier again lands a big flurry against the cage and manages to get Galindo to the ground albeit for only 5 seconds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gauthier

Rd2: Galindo again with head kick but misses. Gauthier rushes in agIn and lands a nice flurry against the cage. Galindo muscles Gauthier to the ground and attacks with some g round and pound. Gauthier FC his back attempts a shoulder lock but Galindo gets free and finishes off the round in top position.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Galindo

Rd3: Gauthier lands a solid jab to start off the round. Galindo ties up using a body lock but cannot get the fight to the mat. Gauthier counters and trips Galindo to the canvas. Gauthier looks to reposition himself and postures up, Galindo sees an opening and double legs Gauthier to the mat and takes over top position. Galindo using big hammerfists to soften up Gauthier who give-up his back. Galindo takes the back works diligently trying to sink in the choke and finally coaxes the tap out.
Galindo submits Gauthier via Rear Naked Choke @4:32 of Rd3

Yves Lemelin vs. Jason Riley
Rd1: Fighter come right out and exchange at center cage. Riley unleashes a big flurry on Lemlin against the cage. Riley is able to muscle Lemlin to the canvas but Lemlin gets right back up. Lemlin uses a chopping leg kick but Riley responds with a vicious body kick and they clinch up against the cage. Lemlin lands a superman punch and Riley answers with an overhand right. Riley is doing an excellent job holding down center cage. Lemlin lands a powerful jB but Riley puts Lemlin on his butt with an overhand of his own.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Riley

Rd2: a nice flurry against the fence starts off the Ronda with Riley getting the advantage. Both men clinch up and a knee to the thigh battle ensues until the ref brakes it up. Lemlin flurries but Riley catches him on the chin. Another clinch battle against the cage it seems Riley is the more powerful fighter here as he is able to move Lemlin around with ease. Lemlin showing some decent striking but cannot find his range.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Riley

Rd3: Lemlin has such great movement and foot work but cannot connect with a powerful punch. Riley steams forward and catches Lemlin with some big punches. Lemlin just misses with head kick that had serious intentions. Lemlin finding his range now landing a big combo on Riley. To big haymakers from Lemlin miss their mark. Lemlin is dancing around Riley but Riley playing the role of the matador catching Lemlin every time he rushes in. All that happened in the last 2 minutes was Lemlin circling as Riley slowly followed along, every 30 seconds they would flurry at each other missing all if not most punches, rinse and repeat.
Top MMA News scores the round 9-9 (No one won deserves 10s in that round :) !!)
Lemlin defeats Riley via Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28) Robbery!!!!!

Guy Poulin vs. Ken Macleod
Rd1: Poulin starts off quick with a few leg kicks. Poulin sets up the head kick misses with the left then connects with the right and Macleod is in the turtle position eating punches until he ref steps in and stops the onslaught.
Poulin defeats Macleod via TKO @ :58 of Rd1

Levis Labrie vs. Kevin Lee
Rd1: First exchange of the fight and Lee catches a low blow from a Labrie inside leg kick. Lee throws a 1,2 combo and shoots in for the double leg and puts Labrie on his back. Lee working over Labrie with some brutal shoots from top position. Lee looking for a front choke but Labrie escapes. Labrie catapults Lee into the air and manages to make it back to his feet. Lee landing some big over hands. Lee attempts a single leg against the cage and is sucessful. Lee using short elbows short elbows and big punches on Labrie. Labrie trapped against the cage is on the receiving end of a GnP onslaught, luckily for him the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lee

Rd2: Labrie attempts a high kick but it misses the mark. Lee bull rushes him into the cage and is successful with another takedown. Again Labrie launches Lee into the air and makes it back to his feet. Labrie lands a big shot on Lee and manages to reverse a body lock and take top position for the first time. The fights returns to the feet quickly and Lee eats a Labrie knee cap, but that doesn’t faze Lee who brings Labrie right back down to the canvas. Back on their feet again Lee snaps Labrie’s head back with a vicious jab then slams him down to the mat. Lee transitions into side position but Labrie escapes back to his feet. The round ends with Labrie starting to look more comfortable on his feet.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lee

Rd3: Lee lands 2 straight jabs and Labrie responds with a body kick. Lee looks for the single but Labrie rolls him with a Kimura lock. Lee lands a brutal right and pushes Labrie back into the cage. Lee muscles him too the mat and winds up in guard. Again Labrie pushes him off and back to their fight. Labrie eats punch and looses his mouth piece, then eats 3 more big overhands before the ref stops the action to return the tooth protection. On the restart Labrie throws a nice spinning kick that lands. Lee attempts another takedown but Labrie muscles his way out. Lee bull rushes him back into the cage, Lee looks for the single but again Labrie escapes. Labrie throws Beautifully timed spinning back kick but the horn sounds before he can land it.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lee
Lee defeats Labrie via Unanimous Decision (30-26,29-26,29-28)

Frank Marques vs Johnny Grigware
Rd1: Marques eats a big uppercut from Grigware as he muscles in for the takedown, Marques uses thecae and a double leg to get Grigware to the canvas. Marques passes to half guard. Marques continually postures up, backs out of guard then jumps right back into Grigware’s half guard. Marques postures up again this time delivering some powerful punches, then transitioning to heel hook but is unsuccessful. Marques ends the round laying on top of Grigware in north south position. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Marques

Rd2: Grigware attempts a body kick, Marques catches it and trips Grigware to the canvas. Marques back in half guard seems to be insulating Grigware’s shoulder and arm, Marques postures up allows Grigware to turn and takes his back, beautiful bait and switch by Marques. Marqueswith loose legs allows Grigware to turn into his mount. Marques uses a high mount to isulate and trap Grigware’s arm. Marques rolls back and cinches in the arm bar for the tap out. Marques showed some beautiful and methodical jits throughout this fight.
Marques submits Grigware via Arm Bar @ 4:56 of Rd2

Yanick Duval vs Sasha Maheux
Rd1: Maheux starts things off with a leg kick but gets a little to close to Duvall who grabs him from behind the neck and hockey punches him until he falls over and Duvall finishes things off with a few hammer fists and a questionable knee that could have been illegal before the ref jumps in. Need to see a replay to declare it illegal, but there is no replay at the venue.
Duval defeats Maheux via TKO @ :31 of Rd1

Pierre-Etienne Marcoux vs. Richard Lepage never happened. Lepage had an asthma attack at the show and doctors would not let him fight.

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  3. @BFM….rest of Riley is up now. It got lost in the interwebs and Don had to re-email it to me.

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    Thanks Keith, what a joke, the kid plan got robbed yes he weighed in heavy and lost 20% of his purse but to take the win from him to is bs.

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    If someone where to ask “for a fighter, what would be a perfect performance?” I would say this:

    Peter Nolan vs Sebastien Gauthier
    Rd1: Nolan drops Gauthier with a jab and immediately takes his back sinks in the hooks, choke and gets the tap.
    Nolan submits Gauthier via Rear Naked Choke @ :35 of Rd1

    Wow, congrats guys!

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  17. You don’t look at the keyboard while you type.

    Seriously though @Alex, you have a good point. A judge must be concentrating on nothing but the fight and we cannot be writing and concentrating 100%. We do the best we can while we write the play-by-play.

    By the way, two Top MMA News writers are COMMAND certified judges by John McCarthy. I don’t believe many other sites can make that claim.

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