Instinct MMA 3 Weigh-In Results


Instinct MMA held weigh-ins today in Sherbrooke, Quebec to make their fights official for tomorrow.   If you are in Sherbrooke tomorrow, you can pick up a pair of tickets at Admission.

As previously reported here, there was a late change to the Instinct MMA 3 card as headliner Todd Stoute was replaced by Peter Nolan in the main event.

Here are the weigh-in results as reported by Instinct MMA:

Peter Nolan (210) vs. Sebastien Gauthier (211.2)
Jory Erickson (166.2) vs. Brandon Thatch (169.8)
Stephane Pelletier (135.8) vs. Melvin Blumer (135.6)
Moise Rimbon (205) vs. D.J. Linderman (205)
Anselmo Gutierrez (205.2) vs. Guillaume Vigneau (205.2)
Alex Pelletier (203.8) vs. Strahinja Gavrilovic (204)
Rémy Bussières (184) vs. Bruno Lurette (181)
Dave Bedard (187.4) vs. Derek Parker (187)
Alex Laramée (169.2) vs. Emmanuel Crevier (169)
Loyd Galindo (170.2) vs. Alexandre Gauthier (157.8)
Yves Lemelin (166.8) vs. Jason Riley (181.6)
Guy Poulin (156.6) vs. Ken Macleod (160)
Levis Labrie (153.4) vs. Kevin Lee (155.6)
Frank Marques (135.6) vs. Johnny Grigware (135.2)
Pierre-Etienne Marcoux (137.4) vs. Richard Lepage (139)
Sasha Maheux (169.8) vs. Yanick Duval (168.2)

20 Responses to “ Instinct MMA 3 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Jeff harrison says:

    Lemelin and galindo fights are huge differentials! Wow

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  2. Jeff harrison says:

    Like that not even close to the same weight class!! Isn’t there a rule of 14 lbs within the commission? In ontArio it’s 6!

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Its “only” 12.4 pounds difference in the Galindo fight lol.

    In the Lemelin fight its 14.8!

    C’mon guys, safety?

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  4. Patrick Lono says:

    Just to clear up the situation for both fights (I’m the in-cage interviewer for Instinct)

    For Gauthier vs Galindo: We were informed yesterday morning that Gauthier’s opponent would not be appearing (2 hours before weigh ins). Thankfully, Loyd stepped up and took the fight but had obviously not cut weight. Given that Alexandre was cutting to 155, he began rehydrating right away. It is expected that they will both go into the cage around 174.

    Lemelin-Riley: Jason has fought at 170 his entire amateur career but wanted to move to middleweight. Seems there was a communication problem somewhere as we were not advised of this request and the fight was accepted at 170. To his credit, Jason cut as much as possible but could obviously not get to 170. Lemelin accepted the fight nonetheless.

    FYI, the rule in Quebec is a 15 pound differential.

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  5. Jeff harrison says:

    So he was walking 181.8 and had to cut that 0.2 to make it happen.. Good on him

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  6. Robin Black says:

    So Jason Reilly actually “cut as much as possible” to 181.6? So he’s actually much bigger than that?

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Patrick what happened to Stoute? Were there really legal issues?

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  8. Crunchface B says:

    Robin- Stoute is off the card for personal reasons. its been published. no where does it say legal issues…he will be back to whoop ass soon enough…that’ll give gautier more time to train cuz HE WIL NEEEEDDD IT against THE BLACK HULK

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Again, a “personal issue” can be many things, including a legal issue.

    And when people who train in his gym are saying they hear its a legal thing, its something that has to be considered.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    And think about it- if you’re main event fighter, who has a checkered history, was off the card for something “questionable”, wouldn’t you just call it a “personal issue”?

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  11. BFM says:

    Just to clear up Jason Riley situation, he was originally fight at 185 then a catch weight at 190lbs, due to an injury his opponent was switched with nobody left they offered a 170 fight, which is Jasons natural weight class and will remain at. Jason ended up driving over 18 hrs to get to the e events. He arrived there at 8:30 am day of the weigh ins,

    No excuses for missing weight but he was alot heavier and did cut quite a bit of weight. We woul like to thank Yves for still stepping up and taking this fight,

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  12. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    I am extremely excited to see Peter Nolan is a late replacement, he is so underrated. Such a wicked fighter and cool guy!

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  13. I agree @Don’t Call Me Leon, Nolan is a great replacement.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Nolan is a legitimate bad ass. Nice striking, vicious ground game.

    Zakula in his corner. Sam is a great corner in pressure fights.

    Liking this fight. Really wish I was there for this one now.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    @Not Leon

    Nolan will not be underestimated after this fight. Especially after stepping in short notice.

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  16. harry balls says:

    those weight diffs make the card look bush league. What was Poulin-McLeod supposed to be at?
    Won’t matter really….

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  17. BFM says:

    Poulin-McLeod was a catch weight at 160lbs,

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  18. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Robin

    I certainly hope so! 205 seems to be a difficult weight class for match ups in Canadian organizations?

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  19. the victim says:

    todd stoute got replaced because he raped a brutally beat me with a bottle to the head…in my opinion he should be in jail for life because my life will never be the same again

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