Unified MMA 11 – Weigh In Results


Unified MMA 11 goes down tomorrow night live from the Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton Alberta. The event will crown Canada’s first Flyweight Champion when Mike Davis and Corey Lautischer do battle for the title. In the co-main event Merrick Duggan will take on Troy Sorensen for a possible shot at Unified Lightweight Champion Tim Smith.

Weigh In Results:
125lbs- Mike Davis (124.4) vs. Corey Lautischer (125)
***Flyweight Title Fight

158lbs- *Merrick Duggan (161.2) vs. Troy Sorenson (156.6)
185lbs- Josh Dugas (184) vs. Nick Campbell (186)
170lbs- Mark Drummond (170.6) vs. Spencer Jebb (169.2)
155lbs- Jevon Marshall (155.4) vs. Neal Anderson (153.4)
160lbs- Leo Constant (158.4) vs. Ryan Rother (158.2)
170lbs- *Brandon Hammond (175.2) vs. Jeff Larkin (169.2)
180lbs- Rocky Biggs (178.8) vs. *Jarid Howse (183.6)
158lbs- Neil Doty (156.8) vs. Robb Buzzeo (155.4)

Amateur MMA:
145lbs- Steve Zachary (144.4) vs. Justin Nanaquawetung (144.2)
135lbs- Eric Huang (134.7) vs. Michael Banin (135)

*Overweight, forfeits 20% of purse

6 Responses to “ Unified MMA 11 – Weigh In Results ”

  1. Just Sayin' says:

    Wasn’t Sorensen supposed to fight for the title tomorrow until Shady backed out? Shouldn’t he get the next title shot (looks like Merrick had trouble making weight too – not sure that deserves a title shot)? Wish I could be there for the Flyweight title fight. Looks like a good card.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Sorensen was initially supposed to fight Shady for the belt but Shady had to pull out because he didn’t have time to train. The plan was to have the winner face Shady at Unified 12 but with Duggan missing weight as well as his Facebook status that he will be going back to Welterweight after this one it doesn’t look like that will happen!

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  3. Guns Loaded says:

    Made weight people.

    Merrick needs to take it more serious := must be learning from Tim Hague lol

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    Catch weights drive me nuts. I get that under certain circumstances they makes sense (ie. Two major fighters meeting in the middle or perhaps early in your amatuer career) but they shouldn’t be happening at a professional level. Could you imagine an NHL team negotiating the day before a playoff game for a 4 on 4 game due to ‘short notice’?!?

    Doesn’t help the sport in my opinion.

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  5. mymmaopinion says:

    I know that the ECSC planned on forming an amateur MMA commission but then I heard that they weren’t allowed to. Anyone know what body is regulating amateur MMA in Edmonton?

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Edmonton has held an amateur card once before, and I do believe it is still the ECSC taking care of the amateur side but it’s not Pat Reid that’s heading up that part of the comission.

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