Unified MMA 12 – Edmonton – July 6


Date: July 6, 2012
Location: Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, AB

Pro MMA:
170lbs- Tim Smith (11-6) vs. Shane Campbell (4-1)
***Welterweight Title Fight

155lbs- Neal Anderson (3-2) vs. Dia Grant (5-6)
170lbs- Jeff Larkin (3-0) vs. Rocky Biggs (2-0)
170lbs- Ryan Rother (3-4) vs. Simon Shirt (1-5)
135lbs- Corey Knapp (6-16) vs. Andrew Bard (1-2)
160lbs- Neil Doty (2-1) vs. Robert Jaggard (0-1)
150lbs- Cam Yallits (1-2) vs. Josh Ladouceur (0-3)
130lbs- Matt Knysh (2-7) vs. Michael Banin (0-0)

Amateur MMA:
170lbs- Chris Jolly (0-0) vs. Dennis Werbicki (0-0)
205lbs- Dell Knebush (0-0) vs. Justin Jabbs (0-0)

***All bouts unconfirmed and subject to commission approval

155 Responses to “ Unified MMA 12 – Edmonton – July 6 ”

  1. josh machan says:

    What is shanes plan after he wins? Is he going to want to defend it against normal welterweights like my brother, who had been very vocal about wanting to fight for the title? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Tim fight a natural welterweight? Unless they both move up a division.

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  2. justaspectator says:

    so u have ur 155 champ fight for the 170 belt against another 155er ? wtf is going on here…. u cant find other 170ers? why not ryan machan vs shane cambell…. everyone scared of machan? seems like it

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  3. Bdc says:

    Im sure advin would fight ryan

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  4. mike davis says:

    Advin and Ryan fight enough in the gym being training partners.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    i’m scared of machan

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  6. true mma fan says:

    I think it is an easy weight cut for both shane and tim and will be a good fight no matter what. Both guys are warriors. I think why they are doing tim and shane and not omic is because there both local fighters. A guy like omic would not sell near as many tickets as these 2 local fighters. If you think of it fom a promoter stand point i think they are makin a great fight.

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  7. justaspectator says:

    So why have ur 155 champ fight for 170? Why not cambell n shady for.the 155 belt n have 2 guys at 170 fight for.that belt… Good luck to both guys not.saying it wont be good…. Just wondering why the 170 strap n not for shadys 155

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  8. true mma fan says:

    I would have to say because briere gave up the 170 strap and it is now vacant. If u have ever seen shady fight he packs the house. He also use to fight at 170 and from what i hear he wants to beable to fight both weight classes cause thete is alot of 155ers that wont fight him. Yes there is a couple that will but most are not local and i dont think unified will bring them in. Now as for shane. Shane just loves to fight. He the type that will fight anyone any place at anytime no matter there record. Hes a solid fighter and he wants a challenge like tim.

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  9. true mma fan says:

    haha i just hope shane breaks 2 bats after the fight is over for every buddy haha thats nuts!!!!!

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  10. true mma fan says:

    Also on the weight cut. Shane is fighting a kickboxing tournament in june and then i think fights again after this show. So its probaly more practical for him and they both know they walk around at similar weights so i bet both fighters are more then happy to do it. We as fans should be pumped for this cause either way wr might see shane or tim fight guys like omic and maxwell at 170 bigger opponents tougher challenges!!!!

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  11. james says:

    chances are if shane won the belt and ryan wanted to fight him even with no belt shane would probley fight him. he fights thats all what matters and he makes weight as well. everyone is crying for a fight for ryan but isn’t this the same guy that couldn’t weight about a year ago? maybe thats why people don’t want him i dont know? but people are still taking loud mouth there show time.

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  12. true mma fan says:

    I really want to say. Guys can call each other out on these forums all they want and people can come up with there dream matches all they want. But alot of people dont understand the industrie. Promoters want to get paid. If you take one guy that can only sell 10 tickets and another guy can only sell 20 yet you have to pay 3000 dollars to the fighters or even more then that. there is no money to be made. It would be a lose for the promotion. Does that sound like a great business plan to you?

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  13. Bring the Pain says:

    Thats funny cause i hear campbell wont fight ronson….hmmmm

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  14. true mma fan says:

    Yea is that so? see this is what i mean bs all over a damn forum. Who told u this crap your friend of a friend of a friend who sayed shane was scared to fight him. I love listening to clowns talk on here. Tell ronson to call shane im will to bet shane takes the fight any day of the week.

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  15. Bring the Pain says:

    Good cause…if it gets set up…i cant wait to see ronson run through campbell…hope some one sets this fight up…

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  16. Robin Black says:

    I love both Shane and Ronson.

    Ronson, you ever been offered Shane? If so what became of that?

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  17. Bring the Pain says:

    Just things ive heard different matchmakers trying to set fights….i would love to see ronson vs campbell on next SCORE card….

    What do you think robin?

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  18. Robin Black says:

    I’d love to see it.

    Whether its a fight one guy wants or doesn’t want (for their own very good reasons) right now, these guys will fight at some point I’m sure and it’ll be great.

    Both guys are great fighters and cool dudes.

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  19. Jeff Harrison says:

    That would be an amazing war!Ronson’s crisp boxing vs shane’s power punches and unorthodox knees and kicks…Ronson’s got the wrestling advantage but Shane showed great counter wrestling aganst Boyle. I think these guys could fight five different days and you’d get five completely different outcomes. It would come down to game day perfection and who was more willing to win. Set er up Alex!

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  20. Just Sayin' says:

    true mma fan you say “thete is alot of 155ers that wont fight him(Shady). Yes there is a couple that will but most are not local and i dont think unified will bring them in.” I think there are a few 155ers that would be more than willing to fight Shady. In fact, didn’t someone just post here that her husband was supposed to fight Shady for the title at Unified 11 and Shady was the one to back out???

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  21. barrie says:

    harrison ill punch out faster than cope arm barred u

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  22. true mma fan says:

    I would love to see shane and ronson as well.

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  23. Donald Duck says:

    Corey Knapp needs to retire.

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  24. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Steve Dubeck vs. Jeff Porter, Nick Campbell out due to injury

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  25. Blackout says:

    Campbell is a true force in combat sports, let alone just MMA. He WOULD DEFINITELY fight anybody any day of the week. Hes not even a typical angry-type fighter either, hes a calm respectful guy who shows nothing but respect for those who deserve it. Campbell for the win.

    As for Corey Knapp, if he is passionate and is training properly, who is anybody to tell him he should retire? He loves what he does and it shows, much respect to him.

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  26. true mma fan says:

    I agree with shane taking this fight. As for corey knapp thow i give him props for having over 20 pro mma fights and he did do well in alot of his fights. But he focuses way to much on his ground game. Its so easy for fighters to know what to exspect because he always takes fighters to ground. If he tryed to keep a fight standing for once and worked his boxing we might see a better corey. I have seen andrew at unified shows before and i enjoy watching him fight. Drew weatherhead a blue belt in bjj had to pull out everything in the books to tap andrew out. The guy just dont tap and i seen andrew has been working on his bjj as of late with some top level guys so to be an amazing wrestler and to have alot more ground game it should make for an interesting fight. I give this fight to andrew for his brutal strenght and his muay thai and wrestling.

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  27. true mma fan says:

    Another interesting fight will be larkin vs biggs. Both undefeated and both with alot of skills. i think we might see these two guys go to a desision.

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  28. Oilcity says:

    Biggs gonna knock him out in the first, 2 fights 2 knockout of the nights so far. My $$ on him getting his 3

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  29. Cousin of Dale says:

    So Pat Reid again is allowing amatuer fights when the city of Edmonton does not allow amatuer according to the bylaw?

    Dont worry about Fort Mac and what their doing, clean up your own house

    90 days suspension for Mr. Reid

    wait that will be reduced to 80 days

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  30. Tyler Davis says:

    I can’t belive I’m about to say this……go……Knapp, Andrew bard backed out of a previous matchup after bragging about how.he would fight anyone. But he won’t fight Dustin Graber with a record of 1-2 I belive(someone is going to sherdog that and correct me I’m sure) anyway I hope Knapp gets him with arm triangle in the second

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  31. Donald Duck says:

    @ Cousin of Dale – 90 appears to be flexible enough no point is setting a minimum of 80. Never know when that may prove to be ‘inconvenient’.

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  32. Can Tex says:

    Andrew has a changed attitude now agree.

    Knapp will give up, see u at the fights :)

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  33. BDC says:

    Dubeck would be on that ban from ecsc because he fought on prestige fc so im guessin there will be a change its really fucked and unfair with the 90 to 80 day change. But i guess he would have known the risks because hes from bowmans….unless….

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  34. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Full lineup is confimed with Dia Grant replacing Derek Clarke against Neal Anderson, Matt Knysh vs. Michael Banin… only Sy Jewett awaits an opponent

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  35. alandale says:

    Another amateur set of bouts I see. No card can be advertised without ECSC approval, meaning they approved the amateur bouts. But wait! The ECSC deep sixed the amateur commish because a promoter did not want to abie by their rules, so it was easier to hang an entire group of folks looking to set up a proper amateur commission, rather than say no to a promoter (Where have we heard this before?)Of coursehe will have his own officials sign waivers and bury his head in the sand while the bouts happen.

    God forbid someone gets hurt under his reign of error, because a sharp lawyer will bury the ECSC permanently. It’s a dangerous game he plays with your safety and liability. (fighters, promoters, officials)

    Reid should be packing a red nose with his clown shoes. This circus gets more bizzare each day.

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  36. Donald Duck says:

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  37. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Bahahahahahah…oh Duck you Quack me up!!!!!

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  38. Donald Duck says:

    I should add that my MMA knowledge is exceeded only by my Monty Python knowledge. The above clip seems to nicely illustrate my current thoughts on how a certain Canadian commission is operating.


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  39. Mike Davis says:

    Duck its hard not to like you hahahaha wicked!

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  40. Cousin of Dale says:

    Pat……..God is watching

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  41. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Sy Jewett and Steve Dubeck out, Jeff Porter awaits new opponent

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  42. Jeff says:

    Ive been told its Taylor Bull at 185

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  43. Just Sayin' says:

    Okay Tyler, I’ll go to Sherdog and correct you. It says Graber is actually 0-0 with one amateur fight (a loss) which was waaaaaayyyyyyyy back in 2006. Yes, I’m sure Bard is shaking in his boots with the prospect of fighting some no name who lost once and as it appears, hasn’t had the guts to get back in the ring. You sure it wasn’t Graber who backed out???

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  44. Just Sayin' says:

    Why Knysh why?????

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  45. Mike Davis says:

    Just Sayin’ it was Bard the fight was agreed to and than Bard dropped out and ended up with the Knapp fight.

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  46. Donald Duck says:

    Well technically Banin doesn’t violate Pat’s “no more than five losses” rule so this should get commission approval….


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  47. Tyler Davis says:

    Ya just saying you have asked the all mighty all knowing sherdog…..oh I bet u know.all about Dustin Graber now. Ya bard backed out because someone told him about how long he’s been training also had multiple fights in Thailand. Also one of the most dedicated martial artist I’ve ever know. Also the man I credit with teaching me mma and being a great coach. He wanted one last mma fight before permenatly moving to Thailand. Can u show a little bit of class and just not badmouth some one you know nothing about….save sherdog records…..thank you

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  48. MMAMAMA says:

    Dustin does have great Muay Thai and Sikaran and does train very hard. It sadens me Tyler though that he is the only one who you recognize as coaching you MMA in the early years. I do believe Tobin and Sorensen helped you get your foot in the door and taught you some great ground game as well. I remember my husband missing many family functions and events attending your fights and tournaments and being in your corner. I have no qualms of you moving on and trying to open your own gym, I just wish you wouldn’t totally dismiss those that were once there for you.

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  49. Mike Davis says:

    Pat’s “no more than five losses” rule

    Is this only for going like 0-5 ? but he would allow say a 2-5??

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  50. Mike Davis says:

    I would never count out the Man Tobin nor Troy love those guys to death. Tobin lead us to MMA in Edson and Troy took us from there, along with Dustin was a great start but I have told Troy this after winning my title.

    on another note I am pretty pumped to see Cam Yallits back in the cage!

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