Jeff Harrison to face Kit Cope at Wreck MMA


Top MMA News has learned that Kit Cope (4-7) will be fighting Jeff Harrison (5-4) at Wreck MMA on April 20th. There were rumors Cope was going to fight Alex Ricci last October but that didn’t materialize. Cope has fought in the UFC and fought in a WEC title fight in his MMA career. He has a 32-1 record in Muay Thai with 4 World titles.

Harrison was scheduled to face Will Romero at the Score Fighting Series a few weeks ago and Romero had to pull out due to an injury. Harrison is also well versed in Muay Thai and is the Muay Thai instructor at the Academy of Ottawa Mixed Martial Arts.

Check out the rest of the card here. Wreck MMA April 20th Card.

8 Responses to “ Jeff Harrison to face Kit Cope at Wreck MMA ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Good times.

    Go get him Jeff.

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  2. Idolmaker says:

    Destroy him for touching Gina before me Jeff!!!!

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  3. harry balls says:

    Homez! You signed the contract!

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  4. JYD says:

    amazing fight!

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  5. alex says:

    good grief.

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  6. Idolmaker says:

    Omg that ain’t Alex, it’s Charlie brown!!!

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  7. Nigel Guerin says:

    giddy up baby!

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