Aggression FC 9 – Edmonton – June 8


Date: June 8, 2012
Location: Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, AB
TV: Internet PPV

Fight Card:
155lbs- Stephen Beaumont (5-0) vs. Evan Sanguin (7-3)
***Lightweight Title Fight

205lbs- Tim Chemelli (8-3) vs. Simon Marini (9-3)
195lbs- Zach Blaber (6-2) vs. Andrew Buckland (15-9-1)
145lbs- Deven Jones (4-0) vs. Tito Jones (8-6)
155lbs- Robbie Merrill (3-0) vs. Joe Keesick (4-2)
155lbs- Nick Heynen (3-3) vs. Mike Bell (5-16)
185lbs- KB Bhullar (1-0) vs. Ben Snyder (0-1)
170lbs- Mike Newton (2-2) vs. Adrian Cardinal (0-4)
265lbs- Nick Dragich (0-0) vs. Matthew Swimmer (0-0)

*All bouts unconfirmed and subject to commission approval

146 Responses to “ Aggression FC 9 – Edmonton – June 8 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Evan Sanguin replaces Dave Mazany against Stephen Beaumont

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  2. Jay says:

    Is Sanguin still fighting in PFC in red deer may 11?

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    No, his opponent for PFC was injured and as far as I know he’s off the card!

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  4. Get some says:

    Mazany wants to smash Stephen however AFC doesn’t want to pay, cheap asses.

    Mazany would kill Stephen.

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    Actually Mazany is defending his Middleweight title in Australia 2 weeks before this event so they didn’t want to risk having their co-main event miss weight or end up injured and not have time to find a suitable replacement… I’m sure Mazany will get the next shot!

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  6. Dean Panas says:

    Cody is correct. Dave got a great offer while he was still in Australia to stay a few more weeks and fight again. It was a great offer financially and they treat him great in Australia.
    Aggression did not low ball him with their offer with the AFC Lightweight title shot. Moin was very understanding with the opportunity that arose for Dave and wished him the best. Evan was available and since he was a winner in the original tournament it’s a fight that makes sense.

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Sheldon Westcott at 185lbs

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Maybe Westcott vs. Blaber… Westcott coming up from 170lbs, Blaber coming down from 205lbs

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  9. Stephen was hoping to meet Dave Mazany in the cage. Although disappointing, hopefully they will meet one day. I really wanted to see the stare down between those two mean muggers!!!

    However, Evan Sanguin can’t be over looked. He avenged his last lost ((against Trevor Wright)which was a ref stoppage after his arm broke in a take down)in his last 5 or 6 outings.

    This should be a good fight!

    BIG BAD all the way!! Also, Stephen is 5-0 not 4-0!

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  10. Bdc says:

    Cody i also like that fight!

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  11. Guns Loaded says:

    Why does AFC post fights that are not signed?

    Drysdale isn’t fighting Victor as reported by an interview in Las Vegas recently?

    Why do these promoters post false facts?

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  12. Top MMA News posted up the fight. It was talked about after AFC 8 on our radio show with AFC, but this fight remained unconfirmed and unapproved by the commission.

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  13. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Nick Heynen

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Simon Marini to take on Tim Chemelli and Robbie Merrill vs. TBA

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  15. Simon Marini is moving up to LHW. I saw him beat Alberto Crane at 155 at UCW. First Hackert and now Marini. It seems a lot of guys are moving way up in weight divisions.

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  16. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Lhw? Must be eating alot of shawarmas and hot dogs and pizza!

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Marini is a big dude that used to be obsessed with weight cutting and low body fat percentage. He always walked around close to 200 pounds between fights and was a crazzzzzy cutter. He even had a “cut 25 pounds in a week” ebook I think it was called “6 day 6 pack”.

    I think he enjoys eating and lifting more than weight cutting now. Very sensible dude.

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  18. Cam Yallits says:

    When Simon fought Sheldon Westcott, he looked HUGE. I dont find it too crazy that hes going to fight at 205. That should actually be a really great fight too!

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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    Chemelli said he was told Marini is walking around at 217lbs!

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  20. Jerobe says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  21. Vlad says:

    Hey guys, I am looking for a heavyweight to much up with my guy .
    Pro, record 1:0 walking around 260. If anyone interested give me a shout. Fight is June 15 @ Aggression FC Calgary.

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  22. Oilcity says:

    Can’t stop the show hahahaha who’s he ever beat?

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  23. mike davis says:

    Sheldon Wescott vs Ryan Mahan would be sweet, wescott moving up to 185 just like Ryan has and a good test for Wescott to bump him up in ranks if he wins.

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  24. ShittyBill780 says:

    Cards like 3 weeks away TBA must be training hard he’s fighting like 6 guys that night!

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  25. K. RASMUS says:

    Well at least Steve has a fight and i would pay to see him scrap

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  26. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Joe Keesick to take on Robbie Merrell

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  27. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Paulo Azambuja and Mike Bell

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  28. Sniper123 says:

    So the headline still doesn’t have an opponent?

    O same with half the card.

    I really hope the other half of the card isn’t bums.

    Fans thinking. If the opponents were worth noting they would.

    Sources say lots 3-4 of these fights won’t happen.

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  29. Dirty says:

    Where is the rest of the card? Fight day is approaching fast there boys….

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  30. K. RASMUS says:

    Interesting , Iam supposed to buy some tickets for me and some family . I am concerned , i would like to know the whole card in advance. The shaw is the greatest venue . I expected with the big merger that thier would be bigger promoting going on .I will still definately be going just to see the big bad steve O fight . 2weeks away whos fighting?

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  31. Nighty night says:

    I am a big supporter of Aggression, but Valimacki better not fight a bum for the title. You will lose credibility of your show if that happens. Heres an opportunity to consistantly put on better shows then MFC, make use of it

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  32. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Andrew Buckland vs. Zach Blaber

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  33. Dirty says:


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  34. Guns Loaded says:

    This seems like every AFC card one sided.
    I guess TBA means Tomatoe Can.
    I wish for more from AFC but I guess what can you do a promoter is a promoter.

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  35. Guns Loaded says:

    Top MMA News most likely;

    Nick Dragich an Victor Valimaki won’t have opponents for this card. Which sucks cause Nick would be interesting to see an Victor is always entertaining.

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  36. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Valimaki and Azambuja are off the card, Added Deven Jones vs. Tito Jones, Nick Heynen vs. Mike Bell, KB Bhullar vs. Ben Snyder, Mike Newton vs. Adrian Cardinal, Nick Dragich vs. Matthew Swimmer

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  37. harry balls says:

    Marini is a LHW now? Or is Chemelli dropping in weight?

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  38. Cody Rempel says:

    Updated to include the weights… Marini, I’ve heard is walking around at about 217lbs

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  39. harry balls says:

    Jeez! he fought Brett Porteous at like 145 or something.

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  40. Demitri (trev) says:

    That is probably the biggest jump I have heard a local guy go through. Considering his opponent is chemelli as well… He is pretty big and strong.

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  41. Demitri (trev) says:

    Excited for blabber vs buckland. Now hopefully they get an opponent for westcot! This card is shaping up to be excellent. To bad valimacki couldn’t get a good opponent for an already stacked Edmonton card

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  42. Robin Black says:

    Marini fought at 170, and walked around sometimes well over 200. (He has fought even lower).

    He was an obsessive body fat reducer and prolific weight cutter. He wrote an ebook called “6 day 6 pack”.

    He likes lifting and eating now, and he seems to feel like he cut enough weight in those last 5 or 6 fights.

    If he’s walking 217 that’s only about a dozen pounds over the weight he walked at for 170.

    He’s a bad ass at any weight.

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  43. josh machan says:

    is that correct that heynen and bell are fighting at 145?

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  44. Sorry Josh, the fight is in the LW division. After Drysdale’s injury problems we had 2-3 very suitable opponents that would require victor to do a full training camp and with the short timeline it wasn’t feasible. Im very sorry for how late we posted the card. Injuries, date issues and fighters going awol this card was constant curveballs.

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  45. harry balls says:

    Link to his e-book? i’d buy that shit.

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  46. MMA 123 says:

    This card seems less promoted than the Calgary show. Lots of Hype in Calgary but I didn’t realize Edmonton was having a show.

    Good luck anyways.

    Maybe hire media & promo staff , just a thought.

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  47. James Turner says:

    That Deven Jones is top notch best up and comer on the card.

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  48. Tyler Duerdan says:

    Is Sheldon Westcott fighting on this card?

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  49. mmafan1 says:

    Is Westcott still fighting? We heard rumours of someone from Ontario coming to fight him?

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  50. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Sheldons not fighting,he turned down fighting me at 185. figures. typical hayabusa. phenominal athlete sheldon is,i thought he would take the fight for sure,but he didnt.

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