Aggression FC 9 – Edmonton – June 8


Date: June 8, 2012
Location: Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, AB
TV: Internet PPV

Fight Card:
155lbs- Stephen Beaumont (5-0) vs. Evan Sanguin (7-3)
***Lightweight Title Fight

205lbs- Tim Chemelli (8-3) vs. Simon Marini (9-3)
195lbs- Zach Blaber (6-2) vs. Andrew Buckland (15-9-1)
145lbs- Deven Jones (4-0) vs. Tito Jones (8-6)
155lbs- Robbie Merrill (3-0) vs. Joe Keesick (4-2)
155lbs- Nick Heynen (3-3) vs. Mike Bell (5-16)
185lbs- KB Bhullar (1-0) vs. Ben Snyder (0-1)
170lbs- Mike Newton (2-2) vs. Adrian Cardinal (0-4)
265lbs- Nick Dragich (0-0) vs. Matthew Swimmer (0-0)

*All bouts unconfirmed and subject to commission approval

146 Responses to “ Aggression FC 9 – Edmonton – June 8 ”

  1. Sheldon says:

    My opponent pulled out due to injury. I’m not going to come on here to shit talk. Marcus you have done a great job improving but at this point in time I need to fight someone who’s record is more indictitive of there skills.i have never fought someone who had more losses then wins and I need to fight guys who are a step up. I’m looking to build my skills as a fighter and take it step by step and I need to be fighting guys who are a bit more north on the win column then losses. I would like to thank aggression who busted there ass getting me a great matchup for the fans of Edmonton and I will be back on there next show. I would also like to thank all my sponsors and I would like to appologise to all the people who bought tickets. Thanks to them we get to do what we love.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Marcus, I’m pretty sure Sheldon’s no longer with Hayabusa, I think he’s training elsewhere.

    Too bad he’s not on the card, woulda been a good addition to the show.

    Also I’m quite surprised that Blaber and Buckland are meeting at 195lbs. Seems a bit high for Buckland and I thought Blaber was going to MW.

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  3. Bring the Pain says:

    Catchweight are for amature fighters still learning to cut weight….there should never be catchweight pro fights….my 2 cents

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  4. just laughable says:

    No fight is better than an opponent like your last one Mr Westcott, and please don’t jump on the wagon of many fighters and use the record this , record that as an excuse of declining fights besides “the wildman” who in all honesty is a small 55’er and over the hill is your only real fight to date. my .02 cents

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  5. Brodes says:

    ^^^^ didn’t he beat Marini in the first round? That’s a big win in my books.

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  6. Bring the Pain says:

    U guys can thumbs down my catchweight comment all you want but the reality is if your a professional you should be able to make weight…plain and simple!

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  7. Oilcity says:

    I’d put my money on Marcus for sure wescott highly overrated

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  8. zach B says:

    @ BTP and Bobby !! I had another fight lined up @ MW. The said opponent backed out of the fight with an injury ! I went hard off my diet as i did not see myself fighting anyone. The promoters asked me if i still wanted to fight and i said sure @ 195 !! Better than not fighting i guess !!

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    For sure man, thanks for clarifying. Good luck dude, I’ll be there cheering.

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  10. Dean Panas says:

    Big thumbs up to Zach for willing to fight tough after a long lay off. Way too many guys looking for reasons not to fight. It’s refreshing when guys like Zach bend over backwards to fight.

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  11. Billy K says:

    Catchweights are needed until mma creates more weight classes like boxing has. 20 pounds is a huge gap between middle and light-heavy. Catchweights keep everything more even and fair, so are less mismatches

    Sometimes btp, you really don’t know what you’re talking about or all the time

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  12. Bring the Pain says:

    Catchweights in mma are a tool for promoters to use to help them build there card…perfect example …Zach said it himself he lost his fight…went off diet …promoter found him an opponent at a catchweight so they dont lose zach of the card thus the tickets sales that would coinside with him fighting on card….

    Again if your a professional make weight!

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  13. Bring the Pain says:

    And Zach im not knocking u at all…just expressing my opinion on catchweights…that is all…love to watch you fight…

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  14. Donald Duck says:

    @Billy – I’m going to start carrying a crowbar when I play hockey cause the guys I play against are better skaters and since there isn’t a league between me and the guys skating with chairs I should be able to level the field a little…..

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  15. Nathan Swayze says:

    Catchweights to me are great for short notice fights. They facilitate getting opponents that may not be in the same weight class fighting and they provide essentially the same product to the fans. To me the professionalism comes in when talking about making that catchweight. Andrew took this fight on about 2 weeks notice which means his opponent who was previously a 205er had the same notice. While you could make him cut probably up to 30lbs to make weight you are definitely affecting his ability to perform come fight night and Andrew would have to put bricks in his pocket to make 205 so really the 195 weight makes perfect sense. I think that it’s important as a fighter to find a weight class and thrive there but extenuating circumstances do occur and BTP you know first hand that it can be difficult to find fights, I think it’s great that Buckland wants to step up and I can completely understand why Zach won’t do the extreme cut on that notice-should be a great fight I can’t wait.

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    The Light Heavyweight division is 186-205lbs not just 205lbs… this is a Light Heavyweight fight, they’ve just agreed to weigh in the same at the middle of the division, I have no problems with catchweight fights, sometimes it can make for some interesting match ups that we might not otherwise get to see… If they both weigh in at 195 or below they’ve done their jobs, nothing unprofessional about it!

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  17. Bring the Pain says:

    Again im not knocking either fighter….its just my opinion on catchweights…cant wait to see outcome of this fight…but you dont see catchweights in the UFC…this for now is the big league on the block and if your professional goal as a fighter is to make it to the big league…than start making weight….i know first hand that catchweight can keep guys and promotions from losing fights…and gives more opportunities to fight…again guys its just my opinion on catchweight fight….that is all

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  18. Bring the Pain says:

    I also know first hand that some fighters and promoters use these catchweights because a cpl weeks out from fight day they know their guy isnt gonna make weight and instead of losing the fight of the card…theyll amend the contract to a catchweight to keep fight…it has happened to a cpl of my guys and their opponents still didnt make weight…so this is my problem with catchweights…

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  19. Bring the Pain says:

    And Cody if it was truly a LHW fight then there would be no catchweight it would say 205…and yes then it wouldnt matter whether they weighed between 186 – 205…but this is an agreed upon specific weight as to try not to give one or the other fighter to much weight advantage…so promoter could keep fight and both fighters would agree to fight ….obviously one camp wouldnt agree to 205 so a 195 catchweight was implemented!

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  20. Cameron McQueen says:

    BTP just admit you looked stupid and stop trying to retrace your foot steps. Even the UFC uses catchweights from time to time. It is a part of the sport and yes they may not be as attractive on paper it still makes for an even playing field. Everyone is entitled to there opinion here and I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions here, most the time it rubs me the wrong way. Sorry if it seems like i pick on you. I enjoy watching Craig fight and was there first hand for his first pro win in Sarnia. I remember how upset he was when that no longer were serving beer in the floor section lol

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  21. CM says:

    @ BTP – you absolutely DO see catchweight fights in the UFC. In fact, there’s one in a couple weeks. Rich Franklin & Wanderlei Silva are fighting at 190lbs at UFC 147 on June 23.

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  22. ...a troll...maybe... says:

    Bring the pain…pull…ur…head…out…of…ur…ass

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  23. Bring the Pain says:

    Guys again….its my opinion and your entitled to yours…like i stated i have a personal problem with them as i have had fighters fight at a catchweight and there opponents still didnt make weight so yeah its a personal issue for me…no need to get your panties in a bunch because i dont like catchweights in the pros….in ammy we use them all the time i have no problem with that as amatuer fighters usually fight in canada anyways sameday as weighins…so no neef to take anything personal its just my opinion…and apparently is only worth 2 cents…;)

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  24. Bring the Pain says:

    And its not picking on me Cameron…its your opinion and your entitled to it….cheers

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  25. CM says:

    Sounds like it’s more of an problem with fighters missing weight (which is a valid reason to be pissed off) than it is with having catchweight fights.

    You said it’s personal because you had guys ask for a catchweight & then still come in heavy… but what if they made weight, would you still be against catchweights?

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  26. Donald Duck says:

    Sounds like it’s more of an problem with fighters missing weight (which is a valid reason to be pissed off) than it is with having catchweight fights.

    The problem here is that Ammy promotions are rewritting contracts on the scale to accomdate fighters missing weight. It means we lose the ability to track who’s missed weight and by how much. This is a problem as an amateur because you aren’t learning how to make your contracted weight.

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  27. CM says:

    I agree with that.

    To me, there are 2 different types of catchweight fights. One being a pre-agreed upon catchweight (ie Franklin/Silva) or one where the contract is changed due to one (or both) fighters not being able to make weight.

    I have no problem with the former while the latter should be looked into.

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  28. Guns Loaded says:

    I think it is no surprise that the fighters to be on the card are mainly changed now.

    Plain and simple if your a promoter and 1 of your 10 fights goes as planned maybe you should look else where for employment.

    Jokes aside thou this card is week and on an upside hopefully the show doesnt get cancelled.

    To all you ticket buyers lol suckers pillows will be supplied.

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  29. Bring the Pain says:

    I guess what bothers me the most and has made me biased against catchweight is exactly that…i had a one of my pros signed at a designated weight…2 weeks out the promoter calls me and tells me the other fighter wont make that weight and asked for a catchweight…we agreed …because we had all ready be training 7 weeks for this fight and my guy wanted to fight….well his opponent atill missed weight…which is a slap in the face…especially after agreeing to heavier weight and the to find out at weigh ins that the promoter is in his opponents camp… ive voqed to never agree to a catchweight as pros again….so this is what has sullied catchweights for me…

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  30. BDC says:

    Bring the pain i really think you have a problem with fighters not makin weight not catchweights. Its silly to blame the catchweight for a fighter not doing his job to make weight. Maybe if you explained why earlier we wouldnt have thought ur views are very redick and pointless.

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  31. Bring the Pain says:

    I definitly have a problem with fighters not making weight…but there are designated weight classes…i just truly believe if your a professional you should be able to make weight in said weight classes…example Craig had to cut 17 lbs on a weeks notice to fight Hague…if a man that big can do it…others shouldnt have a problem doing it…i dont know i give up….I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH FIGHTERS NOT MAKING WEIGHT….ALLRIGHT…LOL….SHEESH!

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  32. Bring the tissues says:

    17 pounds for a guy that big would be easy. The larger you are the more u can cut. I am tired of btp , War dog this cry baby that . You sir are a horrible manager.I really think you are hurting your guys more than helping them .

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  33. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Well that was just example to make my point but really if you would like to discuss it personally….My Name is Shane …and i would more than be happy to meet with you or anyone and i do mean anyone in person about talking about anymatter that there sick of…just givee real name and dont hide behind alias…..

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  34. canadx says:

    catch weights are useful and healthy. They allow a card to be filled on shorter notice in case of injury. Dropping weight quickly may seem professional but its very dangerous. It is also a game to fill ones wins. Ask a “better” fighter to fight but only if he looses weight and thereby weakens him or on short notice is old school boxing method of elimating the competition.
    very one knows this game offera guy a payday if he drops 20lbs, then beat up the resulting dishrag, record shows u beat a better fighter– think about the gamesmanship.

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  35. canadx says:

    17 lbs in a week and keep strength? Yes maybe but dangerous.

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  36. Bobby Karimi says:

    Shane, I’m sick of Lady Gaga and girls that aren’t hot wearing tight pants/leggings.

    Come at me bro!

    Bobby Karimi

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  37. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Cant bobby…im of that too….;)

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  38. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Sick of that too….damn phone

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  39. rita says:

    hey was just wondering if anyone knew where i can get tickets to this event June 8th in edmonton?

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  40. BJ Penns says:

    tickets for this event are located ????????? No clue there hasen’t been any promo except a few gay posters on facebook that are all un proportioned , Beamount looks kind of slow and the other guys all look bizzard n stunned lol

    I do think tickets are off fighters thou

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  41. K. RASMUS says:

    I always buy tickets at the door (general admission sit anywhere)

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  42. @rita….Tickets for the event are available by calling (780) 426-SOLD or at the door.

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  43. rita says:

    does anyone know approximately how much tickets are to these events??…thanks for the feedback :)

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  44. Bobby Karimi says:

    60 bucks

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  45. K. RASMUS says:

    Mathew Swimmer doesn’t look like he’s going to give Nick Dragich a fight .That being said , Tiny Brown almost KTFO’D Nick in a boxing match .Tiny was 80 LBS lighter and 45 years old . I will definately be interested in seeing if Dragich has what it takes for the MMA Heavies .

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  46. Blackout says:

    lets go heynen

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