Roland Delorme Discusses UFC Debut Victory


Top MMA News‘ Keith Grienke talks with Rolly Delorme about his UFC debut victory at The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale. ┬áRoland discusses his win over both of the Ferguson brothers as well as his bout with TJ Dillashaw.

7 Responses to “ Roland Delorme Discusses UFC Debut Victory ”

  1. Big Bird says:

    Old News

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good stuff Keith, any news on who Delorme is fighting?

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  3. Jake204 says:

    Can’t wait to see you fight again Rolly! Somebody get this man some sponsors!!! He’s a UFC fighter now ffs, people should be booking this guy like crazy!!!

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  4. smash says:

    Josh Hill vs. Roland Delorme to finally settle the score at UFC 149 in CALGARY!!! that would be cool.

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  5. @smash…. I am not a fan of the Canadian vs Canadian fights once they get to the UFC.

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  6. CM says:

    Here’s another one for you Keith… Delorme vs Nick Denis on May 5th in New Jersey according to Rolly’s facebook page.

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