Canadian Rumour Mill – March 27


Hey everyone….great news with the UFC coming to Canada three times this year. Hope to see everyone in Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto!

  • Don’t think we’ll be seeing Tony Hervey back at Ringside anytime soon…sounds like Tony Hervey was very unprofessional following his loss to Mike Ricci at Ringside. Not only did the Freedom Fight champ grab the mic from the announcer, but backstage he stormed into Ricci’s room looking to fight him, Nick Diaz style! Hervey was restrained by cooler heads, but it sounds like Montreal police are looking into the situation. BAD MOVE Lionheart, Van Damme would have shown more restraint!
  • Look for Brent Fryia to battle it out with Syd Barnier on Freedom Fights, April 21st.
  • Also Brent’s brother Mitch will also be on the Freedom Fight card taking on Derek “Maverick” MacDonald. Maybe Mitch could be “Iceman”?
  • Speaking of brothers! Denis Kang’s younger brother, Tommy fought for Road FC this past weekend. Tommy Kang pounded out Eun Soo Kim halfway through the second to win his debut.
  • Lenny Wheeler may replace Lyndon Whitlock on the upcoming Elite 1 card.  Won’t be a title fight though.
  • Ryan Jimmo is in Florida training with the Blackzillians. Prepping for a UFC fight?
  • UFC 154 on November 17 in Montreal could be the return to the cage for GSP!
  • Mark Bocek victim update: Ever wonder what happened to Dustin Hazelett? After Mark Bocek tore through his rubber guard to give him his third consecutive loss, he retired and entered medical school. Smart man!
  • Wondering how JMac returned to the UFC after his 5 year leave of absence from his “previous” job ended? He was granted another leave of absence, this time for 12 months! YES!
  • Seberg has become a two sport can. He lost in 15 seconds (1 punch) in boxing this past weekend. He joins the Bobby Kalmakoff club! BRUTAL!
  • Curtis “The Demon” Demarce update! Curtis just had 8 hour surgery last Tuesday. He broke his humerous bone (shoulder down to elbow) into 6 pieces as well damaged all the nerves. Word is he may lose some feeling in arm and if the skin wasn’t holding everything all together he would be missing his arm. Sad news.  Hope Curtis heals up as best as he possibly can!
  • Aggression is back June 8th! Look for current ECSC Fighter of the Year Steve “Big Bad” Beaumont to fight for the LW strap, and maybe Victor Valimaki to scrap for the LHW title!
  • Nathan Gunn is fighting Dom O’Grady on the Bellator card.
  • Kinda cool…Before official free-trade talks commenced in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday March 25th, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented Yoshihiko Noda, the Prime Minister of Japan, with a pair of autographed UFC gloves signed by Georges St-Pierre. UFC Canada bigwig Tom Wright helped out the PM after hearing Mr Noda was a huge supporter of Canada’s greatest MMA fighter.

Here’s some Boxing/MMA stuff for you guys:

  • Ali Nestor (12-5-2) takes on Martin Avila (13-8) on his own UGC card in Montreal on April 7th.
  • On the same card, Dimitri Waardenburg (0-0) will make his boxing debut vs debuting Jaber Zayani (0-0).
  • Eric Barrak (6-0) returns to boxing to face Sandy Pembroke (1-4). Pembroke is a former World champ in kick boxing. This fight will be held by GYM promotions in Montreal on April 20th

23 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – March 27 ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Get well soon Curtis Demarce! This is just another kind of fight for you.

    All the best man.

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  2. Dorion says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Ryan Jimmo in the UFC.Awsome to see New Brunswick talent make it to the big show.

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  3. confuzed says:

    just confuzed is all….. i thought this up and coming superstar with all the hype of Ali was turning down fight after fight and waiting for super tough big name fight ??????

    in steps Syd Barnier????

    i am estranged

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Are you talking about Brent?

    He didn’t turn down “fight after fight”. In fact, he openly said he’d he’d fight anyone with a winning record. The only fight he turned down was Chucky Mady because he lost 3 in a row. (And I suspect you are Chucky or connected to Chucky, since that’s the only way your comment makes any sense.)

    He accepted Bo Harris because he had big wins.

    Bo Harris was pulled.

    So he accepted Syd Barnier. Who is a huge 135er with nice wins.

    Come to think of it, after this one, I think Barnier vs Chucky would be a nice fight.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Sorry, forgot, that fight already happened.

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  6. Robin Black says:

    So the only fight he turned down was Mady, but then accepted 2 guys (Harris and Barnier) with wins over Mady.

    Makes sense to me.

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  7. confuzed says:

    Robin i believe you said this, so he turned down 2 or 3 good fighter because he wanted a fight with a big winning record.

    Robin Black (previous Rumour Mill Post)
    “Brent turned down 2 or 3 good fighters (who were easy wins for him imo) before accepting Harris because he wanted to fight someone with a big winning record.”

    “Quinn’s misleading record can make it tough.”

    Well Quinn hurts Barnier easy, was Quinn asked for this fight? if not why his record?
    but then brent takes fight with Barnier who is a .500 fighter and well his opponents with exception of his 3 losses are well lacklustre and those 3 losses to legitimate fighters are all within one round.

    Not knocking anyone just if your looking for a big fight whether it in name or record why all of a sudden are you taking a fight like this ?

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Fair enough points.

    I guess the not-so-short answer is:

    He looked and looked for an opponent that would “do something for him” with a win. Like, a tough fight that, with a solid win, would get him fighting top ten guys.

    Brent is a great dude and a good fighter and I tried to help him and the promoter find the kind of fight he wanted. (No, I don’t get paid to help. I just like helping great fights come together. Its fun.)

    Harris was exactly that type of fight that he wanted.

    Unfortunately, Harris was withdrawn after that fight was verbally accepted.

    So, with 3 1/2 weeks to go, priorities change from “can you help me find a tough fight against a tough guy with some good wins” to “shit, I lost my opponent- can we find one?”

    Make no mistake tho. Barnier is a bad ass. Barnier comes in near 155 at fight time and has brutal brutal striking.

    Brent ends up with a very tough fight, but not one against a bigger name with a bigger record.

    The risk is still as high as the Harris fight, but the payoff is not as high.

    Tough fight.

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  9. MMA Fan says:

    Was it a car accident that smoked Demarce’s arm?

    Just another battle to fight through. Here’s to a speedy recovery, kid!

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  10. confuzed says:

    fair enough Robin, i agree priorities change when getting close to last minute and was not taking anythign away from Brent as yes Harris is a tough man and woud have been a huge step. To be honest i still think Brent needs to be getting a bit wet rather than jumping in the deep end compared to his prior fights

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  11. Derek Pearson says:

    chatted with Demarce last week. the kid has the right attitude and will be back in due time, IMHO. Just needs some tough rehab and be patient.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    Good points and solid discussion thanks for the back and forth

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Anyone know what set Hervey off? Like what percieved or he thought happened that made him lose it?

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  14. Idolmaker says:

    He’s always like that. He was bitching like crazy after the Campbell loss as well. He’s a wildcard.

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  15. harry balls says:

    he was mad he got laid on top of and wrassled. the post-fight rant wasn’t overly offensive or crazy (he got booed big time though).
    I wasn’t privy to what happened after, but if Eric O’Keefe says Hervey will never fight again for Ringside, he for sure did something legitimately stupid at some point.

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  16. evan blakely says:

    Does anyone know if Wheeler vs Bourgeois is a go? What weight?

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  17. Jeff harrison says:

    Syd via destruction. He is version 5.0 compared to the TKO days ! Bad intentions will keep his 100% win to KO ratio alive no doubt:)

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  18. harry balls says:

    Ha Blackillzians. Google “Blackzilla”. I dare you…..

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  19. Mort says:

    Hey where is TJ Colettis name on the UGC 29 card? He’s supposed to be making his return to MMA that night! Now that’s something that needs to be announced on the Rumour Mill.

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  20. Kazam says:

    RIGHT ON , Mabey the Blackzillian team can teach Jimmo some RHYTHM . Teach him how to pull the trigger and take the next step in MMA.

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  21. That can only help his Robot

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  22. jordan says:

    nothing new with hervey, very emotional and not very well liked by many.

    he is a legit good hearted guy but a loose cannon most of the time!!!!

    funny that it shows where freedom fight ranks as their champion is on a tear!!!!

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  23. Brent Fryia says:

    Hey folks. Just want to be clear that I didn’t turn down fight after fight. One fight I turned down was against a guy who lost his last three. The other fight I turned down was a rematch against the last guy I fought who I stopped in under 2 minutes. I was simply looking to fight someone a step up from my previous competition, someone with a winning record.
    I certainly don’t think I’m an “up and coming superstar”; quite the opposite. I feel like I’m getting old and need to start fighting tough guys now. That’s why I was excited to fight Harris, and why I accepted Barnier, a dangerous guy who has a winning record, who’s losses are to studs and who is on a two fight win streak. If you think that sounds all wrong you are more than welcome to your opinion.

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