Josh Hill, Mike Davis Join this Week’s TMR


‘Big Win’ Don Wilson flies solo this and bring Top MMA Radio listeners a packed show.

The 8-0 Josh Hill comes on the show to discuss his recent win over Eric Wilson at the Score Fighting Series.  Is the UFC the next stop for the Ontario Bantamweight?

Canadian Flyweight Mike Davis is also on the show.  Davis talks about his upcoming Flyweight title fight at Unified MMA on March 30.  Davis takes on Corey Lautischer in Canada’s first Flyweight title fight.

Don also covers the past Ringside and Score Fighting Series shows.

Check it out by pressing play:

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45 Responses to “ Josh Hill, Mike Davis Join this Week’s TMR ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Mike Davis was a great guest. I enjoyed what he had to say and his segment flowed very nicely.

    Good show BW, a lot less “ya know’s” this show…

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  2. Dawna says:

    Great interview with Mike!! I know first hand how Mike and Tyler train as my son started training with them in their basement at 15. Liam has learned so much from them and is now also living and training with them again in Red Deer!!! And YES, they showed no mercy on Liam either!! We think the world of Mike and Tyler!!

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  3. Fight_Fan says:

    Good interview I have to agree with Jamie, Mike’s interview went well and was a very good listen. Fun to hear his story went smooth.

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  4. Sean Quinn says:

    Anybody else fall asleep when Hill was on?

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  5. Sauce Boss says:

    Quinn is that any different from his fights?

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  6. M.F.M. says:

    Don’t be a hater bro !! Quinn just upset because he took time out of his busy schedule to train with Eric Wilson and Josh still dominated…

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  7. BigBoi says:

    I prefer my midgets to be entertaining therefor I will only pay attention to them if they are doing something exciting like that Peter Dingleberry on Game of Thrones. Now there is an exciting midget let me tell you!

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  8. Mash says:

    Fraser over hill, sub finish!! If they fight i really hope
    Its a 5 round fight. Hills only chance is on the feet i think. Fraser is a massive 35er.

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  9. steve hill says:

    thanks quinn for taking the time out of your busy schedule as a walmart greeter to make such an insightful comment…but if you really want to go to sleep ….get in the ring with josh !!!i,m sure he would gladly put you to sleep…

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  10. Sean Quinn says:

    I would be happy to, Steve! It would be a great fight. Just what he needs to show people he can be exciting. Even if he is only exciting when he is being dominated. At least people will remember the one fight where he was fun to watch.

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  11. alin says:

    I think that Sean shod win a few fights before calling on top ranked fighters, he shod work hard just like Josh did to win fights and then he can call out guys on public forums, me and my team wish him good luck in his campaign to put togeter some wins and if he will be succesfull we never say no to a worthy opponent yet

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  12. Sean Quinn says:

    I knew that would be the response. And I don’t disagree. I’m working on it. See you soon hopefully.

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  13. alin says:

    Sean good luck! You are a good fighter but everybody has to move on with there career in the right directions…you have your gooals and josh have his.

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  14. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Hill will not fight Quinn or Fraser.

    A loss would be inevitable and Alin knows it.

    I guess top quality performances against bums like Denis and Delorme makes him not worthy.

    Excuse me Mr. Quinn, which aisle are the condoms in?

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  15. alin says:

    what are you talking about? do you research before you talk, we say yes to fight Nick Denie and John Fraser in the back…

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  16. alin says:


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  17. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Does that mean we could see Hill and Fraser go at it in the near future as far as you are concerned?

    As stated before on this site, that would be a fight the fans want to see.

    I was actually looking forward to the Denis fight btw.

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  18. Idolmaker says:

    The guys from iron tiger do not duck fights!!! True warriors!!!

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  19. rugz says:

    whose sean quinn?

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  20. Cody Moorman says:

    Sean Quinn is the man thats all that needs to be said.

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  21. Cody Moorman says:

    Sean Quinn is the man that is all that needs to be said.

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  22. Cody Moorman says:

    He’s so awesome my computer put it in twice!

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  23. Sarah says:

    Are you guys for real? Josh Hill’s record speaks for himself and he dominanted once again in front of a sell out crowd…step up and fight him if you have the guts

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  24. M.F.M. says:

    Josh Hill accepted a fight with John Fraser in the past. Fraser did not accept the fight because he trains at Bruckmann’s Martial Arts occasionally and Josh trains there on a weekly basis. Although they have never trained together, John felt it was kind of a conflict of interest. We also heard Fraser wanted to take a break and be with his family at the time this fight was coming together but who knows. This is what we were told by the promoter.

    Josh did accept a fight with Fraser in the past and will continue to accept that fight if the opportunity ever presents itself again.

    As for Quinn, yes he is a tough fight for anybody at 135. Unfortunately he is not relevant in the bantamweight scene anymore due in inactivity and 3 of his 4 last fights, although against great opponents, were losses. You dont just put a guy 8-0 up against a 6-4 with back to back losses unless it is for big money:)

    Moral of the story is Hill vs. Fraser may happen sooner then the keyboard warriors think, and Quinn vs. Hill will have to take place in the parking lot of Wal-mart where he apparently works as a greeter?

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  25. Donald Duck says:

    That’s a blatant lie. Sean Quinn does not work at Walmart.

    He works as a Go Go dancer at a little people’s club.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    Josh Hill, John Fraser and Sean Quinn are all great bantamweight fighters.

    Josh vs Fraser is a very relevant, very logical fight as both guys are on winning streaks and fans at this level really know them. Josh vs Fraser is a great fight, a valid fight, a fun fight and an important fight.

    Yes Sean against one of them makes much less sense, as he even admitted.

    Kru Alin put it very nicely and very logically: “You are a good fighter but everybody has to move on with there career in the right directions.” Very very well put.

    M.F.M everyone loves comedy but understand that, despite the fact that Quinn vs these top 2 guys doesn’t make sense right now, Quinn is a hell of a tough fighter and is incredibly exciting to watch.

    When he turns it around with 2 wins he will make sense in fights against top guys and he’ll be tough to deal with.

    I hope we see Fraser vs Josh soon. Awesome fight for everyone. Perfect fight at the perfect time.

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  27. alin says:

    what fans are we talking about? the once at Josh’s last fight where screaming something else then what you guys are thinking is right for Josh next….but what do I know.

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  28. steve hill says:

    No one disputes quinn is a tough fighter….but perhaps he should take a lesson from eric wilson and show respect to other fighters

    every action creates an equal and oppisite reaction….so perhaps quinn should think twice before disresptecting another fighter…

    Best of luck with your comeback…

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  29. Sean Quinn says:

    I am not Eric Wilson, Mr Hill. And there is certainly nothing that Josh could ever do to me to make me concerned about my actions.

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  30. steve hill says:

    that was not my point sean…you will get treated as you treat people… when you slam people just to here yourself talk..well !then your gonna get it back 2 fold…perhaps thats your thing!!who knows ?

    Your a very good fighter , I hope you get back in the ring and get your career back in the right direction…

    your last comment reflects my point, you have problebly thought the same thing about every other fighter,….right before they beat you… best of luck

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  31. Jake - JHEG says:

    Top MMA News never lets me down for when there’s not enough action in the cage, we get it here on the boards.

    Can’t wait for Quinn to string together a few wins and get to the top. I honestly believe we’ve “awoken a sleeping giant”.

    As for Hill, I’ve become a fan. He’s athletic, talented and has some vicious ground and pound. I think a lot of people thought Eric was going to come out with some different strategies when his jitz wasn’t working well in the guard but perhaps Hill just looked that much more dominating that night. Either way, as an Manager, I’d like to see Josh take a few more fights before a run in the UFC. He needs to get tested a few more times as the competition in that weight class is pretty fierce in the UFC. I’d hate to see him go in early and get taken out early. But he reminds me very much of a young Sean Sherk.

    Anyways, my .02 carry on.

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  32. Jake - JHEG says:

    *That line was supposed to say “as a Manager” (meaning if he was my client, I would advise him)

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  33. Donald Duck says:

    It’s funny to hear people complain about Sean being insulting online as some sort of justification for why he’s not getting fights. From what little I understand of the situation Sean has been quietly seeking fights since the Denis fight through the usual venues (managers and the like very respectfully). After having numerous people turn down fights with him in favor of easier wins (yes I said it and yes you know who you are) he has taken a new tact which has resulted in someone stepping up.

    The fight scene has become so different lately with the advent of the possibility of actually making a living off of MMA. Before people just fought and didn’t care because they were fighting for the love of fighting. Sure you had your @ssclowns who were more in it for the glamor (see Hicks and company for examples) and not taking it seriously but they didn’t last too long and either disappeared or upped their game. As this has changed certain camps are looking at MMA the same way boxing was/is looked at where the number of fights in the win collumn are all that matter regardless of the quality of opponent.

    Promoters have also bought into this at the lower levels and are almost encouraging guys to take fights for the sake of winning especially if it’s a win in a dominant fashion. Thankfully at the elite level companies like the UFC don’t focus on how many wins you have if the wins are all garbage. A fighter can come in on the back of a couple of wins even with losses if those losses are to quality opponents. Going 5-0 when four of your fights are to the same two guys isn’t going to get you very far unless you like being known as a can crusher.

    I guess my point is any time I’ve met with or talked with Sean he’s been very polite and respectful. He’s factual about his training gaps and knows what he needs to do to be better. He doesn’t shy away from a tough fight and is always game to fight. The internets are just internets, they aren’t real. I don’t give a flyinf f*ck how nice someone is on the internets I care what they’re like in real life. If a guy wants to not make weight, fight cans, disrespect his opponent in the ring or just be a general @sshat in real life then who cares how compelling his online persona is.

    Sorry if this is rambling, I’m tired and haven’t had a cup of coffee yet.

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  34. Jake - JHEG says:

    Awesome take Mr. Duck! If that’s what you write before a cup of coffee, I can’t wait to see one afterwards.

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  35. Donald Duck says:

    Thanks Jake. During my brief and uneventful fight career I had two people pull out of fights on me after a full fight camp. The feeling is horrible. You commit a massive amount of time and energy, you sacrifice, risk injury and you pull on so many other people to do the same. When someone bails or doesn’t even bother to put the training in it is a massive slap in the face. The level of frustration that an athlete feels at that point is beyond the feeling you get when you lose.

    I’m going to find myself a cup of coffee.

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  36. Donald Duck says:

    I should also amend my earlier statement from:

    “Before people just fought and didn’t care because they were fighting for the love of fighting.”

    To say that people did care, they wanted tough fights. Half of the time I didn’t know the name of the guy I was fighting or much about him prior to the bell. That was my coaches job, he would tell me I was ready to fight and then tell me that I had a fight. I trusted him to get me ready and I knew it would be a tough fight but that’s what I wanted.

    What’s funny is that people are protecting their records and creating artificial stars all for a shot at the UFC where you’re basically going to be told who you’re fighting and when. No debate.

    I’ve had coffee so this is much tighter than my last ramble.

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  37. Robin Black says:

    I’m still piecing together details about this Duck. Now we see from his posts that he’s old.

    Like, really old.

    Like fighting in ’92 like old (probably on RITC judging by some of the deets).

    I know he’s not Lee Mein or MAD but he’s been there for a long time like those guys.

    I’m gonna make a file on this duck and cross-section stuff and cross t’s and dot i’s and square root of wtf….

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  38. Don’t forget to BBQ it

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  39. JK says:

    MFC vet

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  40. Robin Black says:

    mfc 1?


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  41. Jack Be Nimble says:

    Being an old school fighter myself, I agree a lot with what the Duck is saying. There is definitely a difference between fighters from 5 years ago and beyond and fighters today. Don’t get me wrong there are some solid guys today (Alex Ricci) is the first one I think of.

    Today it appears that locally all that matters is that your pretty, get wins (regardless of whether you show skill improvement, are exciting or finish fights), and buy into the “reality show’ stigma (being a carbon copy of a typical personality found on the TUF). Because at the end of the day, with the emerging market that is Ontario MMA, money talks and real fighters get ‘cocked blocked’ from fighting, and reaping the benefits of money that is now available.

    I don’t know anything about this Quinn character, but I understand his position, of people not taking fights with him, having fights fall apart at the last minute. I either get offers to fight for wish-wash promotions, that you don’t even know if the fights gonna go through, or you get the usual excuses on why Mr. X can;t and won;t fight you. On top of that now that you are paranoid about putting in the training and not getting the chance to finish someone, then people start question your ‘fighting spirit’, its soo amatuer.

    I have never turned to the MMA community for their opinion before, so this should be interesting. Since MMA is an entertainment business, powered by the consumers (Fans), wouldn’t it be logical and obviously more profitable to create stars out of the fighters that give the consumers (Fans) what they want (ENTERTAINMENT). Its seems that abandoning the current practice of keeping certain fighters(ones that have proven there entertainment value) down and manufacturing other fighter (boring), if reversed would make more MONEY and even more important raise the standard the Ontario MMA is. I recall hearing the Ontario is the MECCA of MMA, when is it going to start acting like it.

    Theres a reason UFC is #1 and its because Dana White is a genius, simply because he knows that the consumers (fans) set the trends in any market, and the trend they set in the MMA market is they want excitement, finishes, original personalities. Instead of local MMA trying to force feed weak MMA to people, why don’t they adopt the proven and undisputed MMA business model for MMA being the UFC.

    In business ‘maximum returns’ is the name of the game, basically make the most money you can. With a couple simple tweaks, Ontario MMA will be generating more cashflow, that will allow for a better product, better infrastructre and more sustainable long term growth. But that can and only will happen when the demands of the consumers (entertainment, finishes, etc.), is matched by the product (entertaining fighters) being offered.

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  42. Sean Quinn says:

    I absolutely think that fighting is part sport and part entertainment. And i take both parts very seriously. I love watching fights and i do my best to put on a fight that I would want to watch.
    Which is why it is so frustrating to see some of these pathetic and shitty fighters (not Josh Hill) and the talented but boring fighters (not not Josh Hill) getting all of these opportunities.
    I have never been in a boring fight and i have never tried to squeak out a decision. I have tried to finish every single one of my fights. And i have either finished or been finished every time but one.
    I am not ashamed/afraid of going out on my shield. I love to fight and it shows when im in the ring. I truly dont get why more promoters wouldnt want more people like me fighting for them.

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  43. Robin Black says:

    The last Score show was put together by Alex Caporicci who built it by using the most exciting fighters possible in the most potentially exciting matchups possible.

    He basically used the exact simple blueprint you talk about.

    I think he proved you right.

    It was an unbelievable show.

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  44. Robin Black says:

    that was addressed to Jack be Nimble.

    Great post btw Jack

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  45. Donald Duck says:

    @Jack – kind of sad how things have changed.

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