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little h’s

Do you live your life my some sort of code or system? Have some mantra or outlook on life that you live by? Well I don’t!… but I kinda do. It’s not so much that I live my life by a certain way of thinking, but rather a perspective. It’s called the little h’s.

Once upon a time I was in high school, let’s say 16-17 years old. At this time, my friends and I were starting to enjoy (as the cool kids call them) marijuana cigarettes.  Of course, at the time I was living at my parents’ house. Near the front door was a little table, I would always drop off my keys, money, whatever I had in my pockets basically, onto this table whenever I got home, and refill my pockets on my way out. I’m a routine guy and that was one of my routines.  Well, being new to marijuana cigarettes, I did not foresee myself emptying my pockets late one night and leaving self-incriminating evidence for my parents to see the next morning. When I woke up the next morning, I realized the mistake I had made and rushed downstairs to find my pile of stuff neatly organized and a few key things missing.

What comes next of course is a sit down talk avec les parents. I remember my mother being hysterical and my father quite calm, but concerned. I had obviously just given my soul away and was in for a life of drug abuse and had to turn things around or else! I was very light hearted during the entire talk. I remember quite well my dad asking me ‘well, did you enjoy it?’  With a big smile I replied ‘of course! It’s fun.’ I think my mom almost fainted. They couldn’t believe that somebody enjoyed it. Was it possible that I was the first? Skip all the regurgitated ‘drug’ talk (I definitely don’t believe marijuana is a drug, it is a plant) and my father got to his outlook on life. I don’t think it really applied to me in that situation, but it is such a great way of looking at things that I have been sharing it with people all the time since he shared it with me.

‘Life is about the little h’s,’ he said. Happiness. There is no big H. There does not exist one big thing that will make you perfectly Happy.  It doesn’t exist and if you do get that thing that you think will give you a big H, you will find that it doesn’t and will leave you worse off. Life is all about the little h’s, it is about enjoying and finding happiness in all the little things. A nice nap, a good book, a good meal, and a good (as my dad puts it) bowel movement.  It is basically my dad’s way of describing ‘enjoy the little things in life’. I’m sure most people have heard some sort of variation on it, but for whatever reason, I love my dad’s little h outlook on life the best.

My dad that day was wrong that I was looking for a big H through pot, (in fact I look forward to one day, after my MMA career is over to enjoy it again as a little h), but he was dead on about enjoying all the little h moments in life. For myself, I am very lucky- I have bajillions of little h’s. The look(derp) my Boston terrier gives me when we play, reading some really interesting books or articles, finding a hilarious thread on the OG (if you don’t know- I feel for you), funny failblog posts, playing yahtzee with my girlfriend, hearing my 2 year old nephew talk with a full vocabulary and express complex thoughts, macarons, cheesecake, and basically any fatty foods, super insanely warm weather in the middle of march, visiting my family and catching up, playing jok-r-ummy with them, nordik spa (outdoor water bath/spa place outside Gatineau), catching all the lights or catching the metro’s just as they arrive, finally remembering the name of something that you just can’t remember and it’s been driving you insane, the list goes on and on.

To me, the little h way of looking at things and enjoying life just seems so intuitive. I have never thought about things in terms of Big H’s, and I doubt I ever could. I suppose it would be like thinking ‘If only I could have this job, THEN I will be happy,’ or ‘I know what would make me happy, having enough money to buy this or have x amount of money.’ I think the problem with that way of thinking is that happiness is a state of mind, therefore is definitely not a constant and will eventually pass, whether it came from a Big or little h. Also, I am not too sure if you can predict what will make you happy. And what if that thing you thought would bring you happiness doesn’t? How would that affect you? I think the little h way of looking at things, you are kind of like a bystander. You aren’t pursuing happiness, you let it come to you. You take it in through different everyday experiences that you appreciate.

Anyway, I’m not trying to preach at all. I just wanted to share my dads little h’s.  I’m sure whoever reads this has tons, feel free to share your #littleh’s with my @theninjaoflove on twitter!

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  1. Robin Black says:

    You are the coolest human I know Nick.

    Fo realz

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  2. FillionMMA says:

    my H is handjobs. lots of handjobs.

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  3. I love the little h idea. so true.

    Its a lot like 1000 Awesome Things.

    your waitress comes with your free refill without you asking is a little h of mine.

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  4. Big Bird says:

    Is Denis sitting on your face 24/7 Robin?

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  5. Robin Black says:

    I wish!!!

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  6. Jake - JHEG says:

    Great blog Nick! Good reminder to stop appreciate the small things in life and not just the shit you ‘think’ is important. Makes ya think!

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  7. Big meaning of small ‘h’ and nice blog Nick.

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