UFC Calgary Press Conference Notes

Here are some notes from today’s UFC press conference that was held in Calgary:
  • Flames Central was packed to the fire code with over a hundred people outside.  The door man said that fans had been waiting around since 6:00am.
  • UFC is coming July 21 in Calgary.
  • Dana White confirms in 2013 UFC will be coming to Calgary again.
  • Dana credits both the Calgary Stampede 100th anniversary and Shaw Cable head office location as reasons why the UFC chose Calgary over Edmonton.
  • No Fan Expo in Calgary this year but Dana promised one in the future
  • Jose Aldo will be headlining UFC 149 in Calgary but no opponent has been selected yet but an Aldo  Hominick rematch is on the table if Mark wins his next fight.
  • We can expect a huge co-main event match up for UFC 149 but Dana is not ready to reveal any further details.
  • UFC will come to Toronto on September 22 for UFC 152.
  • UFC will come to Montreal on November 17 for UFC 154.

4 Responses to “ UFC Calgary Press Conference Notes ”

  1. alandale says:

    If you close your eyes and listen closely, you can hear Pat Reid sobbing into his tie

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  2. BigBoi says:

    A small note not mentioned in the above write up:

    Organizers says the UFC is not like a one-night concert. They say fans will be in Calgary from the time the competitors weigh in, days before until the actual fight.

    Perhaps someone should let Dana know of the change to the rules in Calgary? Might just be Dana and Joe checking out half naked guys on the scales.

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  3. Underling says:

    “•Dana credits both the Calgary Stampede 100th anniversary and Shaw Cable head office location as reasons why the UFC chose Calgary over Edmonton.”

    I call Bullshit on that one, Dana!! Patty Cakes and all the bullshit and turmoil in Edmonton is why the UFC chose Cowtown over River City. Edmonton is the real MMA capital. But to much crap going on here for them to get involved with.

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  4. alandale says:

    The UFC won’t be coming here while the Pat Reid “Reign of Error” show is still in business.

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