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Great weekend for fights! Really enjoyed Score Fighting Series, I love how they now stream the show live and then do the TV show, much better than waiting weeks to months for the TV broadcast. I just wish they’d have the event on their site shortly after the live stream as an on-demand option.

  • Unfortunately Curis Demarce is out of his AM Ford Fight Night scrap with Brad Causey due to being involved in from what I hear a fairly serious car accident. He is currently at the hospital and will be undergoing surgery. Hears hoping “The Demon” heals and recovers as soon as possible! Get well Curtis!!!
  • I’m hearing Jesse Ronson may be taking Curtis Demarce’s spot for the AM Ford Fight Night title fight.
  • Two more MMA fighters are crossing over to compete in boxing as well. Dmitri Waardenburg and Ricky Goodall are both making their debuts.
  • Tim Sylvia is in talks with Instinct MMA for their 4th show. Maybe he’ll use the big stage Instinct MMA provides to help him in his campaign to get back in the UFC. (Reported on
  • Look for both Kultar Gill and Gary Mangat to appear to be headed to Super Fight League in India.
  • UFC 149 will be held on July 21 in Calgary. (FX accidently let it slip in their TUF Live handout prior to the show’s premiere)
  • Speaking of UFC 149, rumours are flying that Brian Beauchamp may make his UFC reffing debut on the Cowtown card.
  • Travis Briere is looking at moving down to 155lbs.
  • Misha Cirkunov got caught in a first round Heel Hook in his Atlanta fight this past weekend.

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  1. beerhunter says:

    Ok so knowledgable one Mr. Black.

    Then who would be the fighters of the year in Edmonton for 2011 with your reasons please.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not defending the ECSC’s decisions of how they chose these award winners and if they should even be involved.

    If you are going to object to something then you should have a solution.

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  2. HomeWrecker says:

    There should be an award for which commission damages the sport the most.

    Or which illegal event was the best of 2011

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  3. beerhunter says:

    Couldn’t agree more. LOL

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  4. BigBoi says:

    Before you even suggest who would win you’d have to clarify what the criteria for selection are. Does the fighter have to be from Edmonton or just currently living there? Does the fighter have to have fought in Edmonton as well as being from Edmonton? What if the lighter just has a friend or relation who lives or lived in Edmonton at one point? I have visited Edmonton do I get a pick?

    Beerhunter, if that is your real name, I’m not arguing with you I’m simply pointing out the ridiculousness of a group giving out awards unless they’re directly related to the mandate of said group. In the case of the ECSC their mandate clashes with the optics of awarding someone ‘fighter of the year’.

    Some suggestions for awards a commission could give out:

    1. Best Ref
    2. Excellence in Timekeeping
    3. Acheivements in clappering the 10 second warning
    4. Best cage construction post cage collapse
    5. Best haircut of a sitting member
    6. Most number of applications to work in Tom Wright’s office in one year.

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  5. Sean Quinn says:

    Listen guys, we are supposed to be discussing Prestige FC and the return of that gorgeous man…ME!

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  6. alandale says:

    Calgary oversees the amateur commish here, and Edmonton oversaw the amateur commish there, that is until tues when they pulled the plug on the amateur commish. Perhaps one should keep a keen eye to fights in Edm in the future to see if they decide to run pro-ams, cuz if they do, it’s not legit.

    As for fighter of the year awards, in Edm it used to be under the trust fund of Barney O’Connor, who in the wake of his estate left funds and a board in charge to determine FOTY. With no surprise whatsoever, Reid has made attempts to sieze those funds and incorporate them into his budget.

    Stealing money from a dead person. Stay classy Pat…

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  7. alandale says:

    Here’s a question. Does anyone know if the FOTY awards were done in the name of Barney O’Connor, or has the ECSC froze that award out and just started picking their own, you know, just to keep people happy, and to try and make the O’Connor funds seem irrelevant?

    There used to be 3 people on the selection committe, but I don’t know if they were involved?

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  8. Guns Loaded says:

    This whole thing stems from a letter written by Dale Kliparchuk and Brian Beauchamp back in the beginning of March trying to show that Beauchamp should be working at the UFC in Toronto. Dale use to run the commission at River Cree where Pavelich ran a majority of his MFC shows. Dale has recently been removed from his position and is no longer part of any commission. Brian attempted to have many MMA news and media people publish his letter saying that Ken Hayashi of the Ontario Commission was forcing promoters to use referees from outside of his province and that those referees were charging the promoters whatever they wanted. Part of the statement was true and part was false. Key Hayashi and his commission are new to MMA and he decided to use officials that have years of experience refereeing for the first few shows in Ontario so there would be less chance of anything going wrong and giving someone a chance to complain about MMA in Ontario instead of putting young inexperienced officials into pressure situations and possibly having a problem. So yes Mr. Hayashi decided to use referees like Dan Mirigalotta, Herb Dean, Josh Rosenthal and I from the U.S. and Yves Lavigne and Jerin Valel from Canada.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Well beerhunter, I also was asking if anyone could think of someone better.

    Then I was pointing out that it (the award) could not be based simply on performance, since Ryan lost his only fight in 2011 and there must be someone who performed better than 2 mid level wins.

    If there is no one who had a better year than Beaumont performance-wise (ie no Edmonton fighter with 3 or more wins in 2011) then Mr. Beaumont may have received his award based on his in-cage performance in 2011, but Ryan did not. Which is still weird.

    Like I said, nothing against either of the 2 fine fighters. They did not give themselves awards.

    Either way, WTF is a commission doing showing special favor (giving awards) to certain fighters?

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  10. Robin Black says:

    “If you are going to object to something then you should have a solution.”


    I object to winter.
    I object to the fact that the work week is 5 days instead of 3.
    I object to the fact that there are homeless Canadians.
    I object to the bad breath of my ex girlfriend. Breath mints didn’t help that shit. It still haunts me to this day.


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  11. Guns Loaded says:

    Robin Black

    It seems strange this awards dinner as;

    Ryan Ford
    Ty Fields

    Didn’t even get mentioned how ever they both bring allot of attention to the sport in Edmonton.

    Stephen Beamount hasn’t fought any top level guys

    Ryan Mcgilvery did do Tuf and one once at MFC

    It just seems a bit sided.

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  12. Guns Loaded says:

    Here’s the thing Robin Black,

    Tim Hague gets lots of hate as he truly has turned into a big headed selfish person whom really doesn’t train like an athlete. Tim is more concerned with looking good than being good.

    Edmonton stands behind any athlete which puts the effort in to any sport.

    Tim falls short as he is lazy.

    Note both fights for Aggression MMA before UFC Meathead KO lose, Tim Hague looked and prepared the best he every did and Edmonton was proud.

    Now Tim is not motivated and this is what seperates the pack.

    That’s the update on Tim.

    I’m not sure if Tim should be blocked from twitter or facebook but I’m sure Dana white is amused on how pursistant Tim is to get on the Calgary card.

    I don’t feel it will work as his next fights are not really top level opponents so he won”t get any good pr.

    If Tim had a brain he would go to Bellator as they don’t have a strong heavy div.

    However he feels smashing tomatoe cans is cool.

    :( grow up

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    Mukai Maromo (3-0 last year + a Muay Thai win)
    Better competition, better wins, and looked very impressive.

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  14. beerhunter says:

    I object to winter. Move South
    I object to the fact that the work week is 5 days instead of 3. Work 3 days 13.3 hrs a day and get a 3 day week
    I object to the fact that there are homeless Canadians. Donate some more money
    I object to the bad breath of my ex girlfriend. Breath mints didn’t help that shit. It still haunts me to this day. Sorry.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    BKB kills it.

    So, if the award was given for wins or fights or performance, Mukai Maromo would be your Edmonton Fighter of the Year.

    So, it was clearly not given for fight performances in 2011.
    So what was the award given for? The fighters the Edmonton Commission boss likes the best?

    (Again, I can’t say this enough, this is not a knock on these 2 good young fighters. They did not award themselves.)

    Ah man, Edmonton Commission, what the heck are you doing?

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’m sorry Mukai Maromo was the clear winner, I would like to know how the selection process, voting, eligibilty, etc works.

    I asked before and no one said anything, Maybe someone can this time.

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  17. Bobby Karimi says:

    I was at the function, was actually well run, quite fun and enjoyable.
    But in all honesty didn’t wanna ruin the night by making a big stink at the event.

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  18. padsmacker says:

    Man that sucks to hear about demarce! Anyone know what happened or how he’s doing? How do you guys think this will effect him as well with being known as a guy that loves to put on wars! Anyone know anything? Wishes to him and family

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  19. real news says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  20. learn to spell says:

    showtyme please learn to spell!!!

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  21. BigBoi says:

    @real news – Did you seriously just play the Black-spiracy card?

    Pat and company have done a lot of silly stuff but there is no evidence whatsoever that they’re discriminating against certain fighters.

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  22. Nathan Swayze says:

    Just curious, if Mike Hackert beats Tim Hague-is he then considered a top level opponent?

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  23. @real news…. I take great offense to this. Top MMA News is media and we do not distinguish by colour.

    I would also say that media outlets have covered Ryan Ford and Mukai Maromo much more than Beaumont. Top MMA News has had features and video interviews with both Maromo and Ford, but not with Beaumont.

    As for Beaumont, he did have a good year. Handing Haddad his first pro loss and beating Warren Phillips is not too shabby.

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  24. Bobby Karimi says:

    Well said Keith!

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  25. hawkes says:

    Its more “racist” to assume that race had anything to do with anything. Not that i know anyhting about the situation but if your going to say something outlandish, at least show proof.

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  26. BigBoi says:

    Hawkes I think its racist that you put racist in quotes.

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  27. hawkes says:

    Im also prejudice against “racist” people…lol

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  28. BigBoi says:

    I was prejudice against a midget once. Turns out I had just under estimated him…..

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  29. mmafan606 says:

    Ford brought mma to a new level in Edmonton and look at his record compared to anyones record in Edmonton For brings the whole package. Also he did beat a title contender for the UFC in 2011

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  30. Idolmaker says:

    Mukai is black??? I never noticed, as all I see is a human being. Mukai would have been my foty. And you’re all “racist” for differentiating any individual by colour of skin!!!

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  31. Idolmaker says:

    I was Jk but mukai would easily have gotten my vote. Followed by bobby kalmakoff

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  32. Robin Black says:

    TIM “SHADY” SMITH went 4-1 in 2011 and won a title!!!!

    4 nice wins, a belt, and his only loss being a nationally televised showcase of his incredible toughness and heart against Alex Ricci, a top prospect.

    Mukai Moromo wins 3 great fights in 2011.

    Smith fights 5 times, wins 4 and a title and showcases what Edmonton heart is all about on national TV.

    And awards are given to a guy who fought once and lost, and a guy with 2 safe workmanlike wins.

    AGAIN, this is not about these 2 top notch fighters that they gave awards to. It is about the nature of these awards, their clear bias, their self-serving nature, and the bad light that they cast on the Edmonton commission.

    When you are an official commission, you represent fairness. If you give awards unfairly, as they did here, you draw into question your entire credibility.

    Mukai and Shady- great year guys. You deserve an award.

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  33. Urijah Cruz says:

    So Nick Penner is really saying don’t buy a house from this guy.

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