Hard Knocks 22 Play-by-Play


Dallas Bargholz was in Calgary covering Hard Knocks 22nd show. Here is his play-by-play of the fights:

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the night went to: Daymon Miller and Beau Bentley.
  • Stoppage of the night went to: BJ Baldonado
  • Cage control went to: Chaleur Jones

155lbs- James Haddad vs. Steve Simms
Round 1: Both men meet in the middle throwing quick shots to establish rage. Steve goes for a blast double and gets a huge slam takedown into guard. Steve loosens James’ guard with body shots James try’s to sweep but Steve maintains top position. Steve works his way to half guard, postures up and throws some short strikes. James sweeps, stands up and gets a take down of his own. Steve wall walks back to his feet but James drags him back down. Steve uses the fence to get off the matt again and sinks in a guillotine ending up on his back. Steve uses the choke hold to sweep James and take top position in half guard. Steve takes James’ back then transitions to full mount. James shrimps and rolls, Steve takes his back and gets both hooks in. Steve sinks his arm under James’ chin but James fights his way out of the choke and sweeps Steve taking top position. The fighters stand and briefly exchange strikes. Steve trips James and lands in his guard as the bell rings.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Steve.

Round 2: Steve shoots for a single James counters with a guillotine. Steve ends up in half guard and then takes side mount where he peppers James with some short head shots. James regains half guard and Steve postures up for some short elbows followed by more short punches. Steve tries to take James’ back but James rolls into guard. Steve frees his leg and moves into half guard. James works his way back to his feet and then quickly slams Steve and follows up with an accidental a knee to Steve’s head while he was grounded. The ref stops the action. When the fighters reset Steve shoots, James sprawls, then goes for a guillotine. Steve escapes and retaliates with some hammer fists then takes back mount. James tries to roll out but Steve stays on his back until the end of the round.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Steve.

Round 3: James lands a kick knee combination. Steve counters with a power double, elevates, and slams his opponent to the canvas. Steve scrambles to take James’ back, James tries to turn into guard, Steve avoids but ends up in half guard. Steve then works to side control and uses knee-on-belly to achieve full mount. James posts, and shrimps to regain half guard. Steve tries to isolate an arm but James defends. Steve takes back mount again and starts working for a choke. James defends and rolls, Steve maintains top position. James sweeps and stands up but Steve grabs a single leg and drags him back to the mat. Steve ends up in James’ guard, transitions to half guard, then side mount were he remains for the final ten seconds of the match.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Steve
Steve wins via unanimous decision. Steve says he was disappointed with his performance and apologized to the fans.

145lbs- Dia Grant vs. Michael Karkula
Michael comes out strong a wins a quick submission victory.

Round 1: At the bell Michael comes in with a flying knee and uses his forward momentum to clinch and take Dia Down. Michael quickly takes Dia’s back Dia works his way back up but Michael slams him down again, maintaining his position on Dia’s back. Michael starts working for the choke, Dia defends but Michael is able to sink in and apply the rear naked choke forcing Dia to tap.
Michael defeats Dia by rear naked choke in Round 1, 1:40. Michael says hats off to Dia, thought he was going get the submission sooner but Dia was a good scrambler.

185lbs- Dan Walders vs. Jeff Porter
Jeff defeats Dan in the first round via rear naked choke.

Round 1: At the first bell the fighters trade kicks, Dan slips and falls to the matt, Jeff clinches but Dan gets up quickly and scores a take down. Dan pushes Jeff to the fence and lands some clean shots. Jeff goes for a kimura but Dan defends Jeff uses the opportunity to sweep and rolls into mount. Dan regains control and the fighters stand Jeff slams Dan on the mat and scores some elbows. Dan gives up his back and tries to buck Jeff off. Jeff stays in dominate position and secures the rear naked choke, Dan is forced to tap.
Jeff defeats Dan by rear naked choke in Round 1, 3:14. Jeff says he never fought amateur and in feels awesome to get his first submission of his career, and it was helpful to be by his corner at the end of the fight.

185lbs- Zach Manywounds vs. Andrew Vandervelden
Andrew scores a stunning “come from behind” TKO in the first round.

Round 1: Zach lands a leg kick then clinches and throws repeated right hooks to Andrews left temple. Andrew drops and Zach lands on top, throws a couple shots and they stand back up. Zach continues the relentless attack with a six punch combination followed by a flying knee. Andrew clinches and throws some brutal knees in return. Zach shakes them off and continues pelting Andrew with strikes. Andrew pulls guard in the centre of the ring Zach pushes Andrew to the fence but the action stalls and the ref stands them up. Zach lands a clean 1-2, Andrew clinches but Zach throws him off and lands a couple more shots. Andrew reply’s with a jab, cross, kick combination and the momentum shifts suddenly as he clinches and scores some brutal knees to Zach’s body as the round ends.
Andrew wins via doctor stoppage at 3:00 of the first round. He says knees were the answer because he trains muay thai.

170lbs- Gurdip Rangi vs. David Cloutier
Gurdip wins a fight of the night contender due to referee stoppage with 2 seconds left at the end of the second round.

Round 1: The most intense stare down of the night brings back the crowds anticipation after the charity auction. David lands first with a stiff right Gurdip goes for a take down David sprawls out, Gurdip throws a kick to the body which is caught by David who then throws a counter kick which unfortunately lands low. Gurdip resets and throws another kick which is caught again. Gurdip spins out the men stand toe to toe in the centre exchanging rights for lefts. Gurdip lands a kick, David a 1-2 combination, Gurdip counters with another body kick. The brutal exchanges start to show as David’s nose starts bleeding heavily forcing him to breath through his mouth. Gurdip presses him up against the cage, drags him down and moves to half guard. Gurdip then goes for a guillotine but David escapes. Gurdip finishes the round holding his very bloody opponent down and throwing knees to the body. The Hard Knocks staff works double time mopping up after the bell.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Gurdip

Round 2: The men trade single punches in the centre of the ring, Gurdip lands a clean left uppercut and two more clean lefts shortly after. David clinches, Gurdip runs him into the cage and drags him down. Gurdip lands body shots from Davids guard but is unable to advance his position so the ref brakes them up. As the action continues both men start thowing hooks and strait punches, Gurdip lands a leg kick, but David answers with a crisp 1-2. Gurdip backs David up into the cage with some stiff shots forcing the ref to call a time out to get the fight doctor to check David’s nose which is again bleeding heavily. The doctor gives the okay and the fighters meet back in the centre. Both men trade with bad intentions but the tide starts turning in Gurdip’s favor and the ref calls a stop to the fight.
Gurdip defeats David by TKO in Round 2, 2:58 Gurdip says he took some hard shots but nothing he isn’t used to in training.

185lbs- Daymon Miller vs. Beau Bentley
39 year old Daymon Miller wins second amateur fight via hard fought split decision.

Round 1: Beau lands a sharp leg kick as the men meet in the centre of the ring. Both men trade establishing range then Beau goes for a take down, Daymon stuffs him and Beau pulls guard.  Beauattempts an arm bar but Daymon escapes Beau switches to a triangle from the bottom but Daymon breaks out and takes top position in Beau’s guard.  Daymon has difficulty advancing his position so the ref breaks them up and brings them back to standing position.  As the action restarts Beau lands a spinning back kick and throws a super man punch which Daymon slips but is unable to avoid beau’s deep ducking over had right which lands flush.  Beau clinches and drives Daymon into the cage.  Beauis able to score a couple rights to the body before the bell.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Beau.

Round 2:  Both men trade leg kicks Daymon’s lands low and the ref steps in separating the men untilBeau recovers. When the action restarts Beau leads off with another over hand right, Beau backs up then dives in for a double leg take down.  Daymon quickly wall walks up but Beau maintains his body lock, elevates his opponent and slams him back down to the mat.  Daymon is again able to wall walk back to his feet and the men exchange in dirty boxing up against the cage.  Daymon singles out an arm and starts working for a kimora, he uses Beau’s defense to set up some hard elbows to the body. The men clinch against the cage and the ref steps in.  Back in the middle of the ring Beau leans in and lands another over hand right.  Daymon retaliates and the men exchange toe to toe and Beau scores with a clean over hand right, Daymon pins him up against the cage and lands a hard knee to the body followed by a variety of body shots which he delivers throughout the last moments of the round.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Beau.

Round 3:  The men stand toe to toe exchanging Beau lands another over hand Daymon responds with a couple left right hook combinations.  Beau pushes back with a 1-2 combination strait up the middle Daymon turns Beau and backs him up against the fence.  Daymon lands strikes at both levels Beauducks down and gets blast double takedown.  Beau lands in Daymons guard which effectually stallsBeau’s offence.  The ref stands the fighters up and they meet again in the centre of the cage. The fighters exchange and Beau’s relentless pace starts to catch up with him. Daymon takes advantage backing Beau up and punishing him with strikes against the fence.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Daymon.
Daymon wins via split decision when asked about starting his armature career at 39 he responded by saying he is just getting angrier every year.

135lbs- Andrew Shenfield vs. BJ Baldonado
BJ wins via arm bar in the first round.

Round 1: BJ lands first with a kick to the body, Andrew throws a counter hook Bj slips and retaliates with a straight right which drops Andrew. BJ jumps on him, takes mount and rains down strikes while maintaining position. BJ goes for a head and arm choke, carries his weight a little high and Andrew starts bucking. BJ releases and regains position, isolates an arm and quickly rolls into an arm bar which forces Andrew to tap.
BJ submits Andrew via arm bar in Round 1, 2:13. BJ earns blue belt and says he saw the arm and took it.

170lbs- Mackenzie Senger vs. Jeremy Edwards
Mackenzie wins via unanimous decision by controlling the ground portion of an otherwise close fight.

Round 1: Mackenzie jabs Jeremy counters with a kick Mackenzie throws a jab cross leg kick combo followed by two more punch kick combos. Jeremy lands a couple of leg kicks of his own putting more and more steam on them as he gains confidence. Jeremy throws a right followed by another kick off his back foot. Mackenzie corners Jeremy, Jeremy throws a kick which is caught. The fighters meet in close range, exchange some short shots and end up parrying on the cage for dominate position. Jeremy drags Mackenzie down, Mackenzie sweeps and takes mount. Jeremy struggles for half guard Mackenzie briefly gets a mounted crucifix then lands one right hook to the body. Jeremy frees his arm and the fighters are broken up by the end of the round.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Mackenzie.

Round 2: Mackenzie leads off with a right hand and the fighters exchange glancing blows in the center of the ring. Jeremy throws a leg kick Mackenzie counters with a left hook and follows up with three dialed in punch kick combos. Mackenzie capitalizes on his opponent’s backward movement drives him into the cage and executes a double leg body slam take down. Jeremy retaliates by attacking Mackenzie’s neck with a guillotine choke. Mackenzie escapes the choke by breaking Jeremy’s guard, moving into side control and eventually mount. Jeremy keeps good body control for a while then Mackenzie slips out, postures up and lands a couple punches to the chest and elbows to the leg. Mackenzie rolls for and arm bar which Jeremy escapes and takes top position but the bell goes before he can execute much of an offence. Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Mackenzie.

Round 3: Jeremy but pushes the action landing the first couple strikes of the round. Mackenzie hands out another, now trademarked, punch kick combo, clinches and works into a double leg. Jeremy throws up another guillotine but Mackenzie escapes. Jeremy keeps Mackenzie in a tight guard and Mackenzie tries to loosen him up with body blows. Mackenzie pushes Jeremy up against the cage but Jeremy’s guard is tight. Mackenzie eventually frees one of his legs then rolls into mount as the bell sounds.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Mackenzie
Mackenzie wins unanimous decision says he lost his last fight on the ground so he had worked his ground game a lot.

170lbs- Greg Steen vs. Elvis Vukaj
A point deduction against Elvis due to low blows leaves this fight to end in a majority draw.

Round 1: Elvis slips a jab and lands a crisp 1-2 combo. Elvis remains out of range and counters Greg’s attacks with sharp technical punches. Greg clinches and pulls guard for a guillotine but Elvis won’t have it and shakes him off. Elvis continues to work his striking game and lands a couple clean shots Greg ties him up against the fence, Elvis escapes and lands a hard start right to the body and another jab cross combo before Greg clinches and throws some knees and short punches, Elvis counters with similar strikes against the fence but Elvis lands a low blow and the fighters are separated. After the Reset Elvis lands a flying knee and circles from the counter, and lands another flying knee and once again stays just out of reach of Greg’s counter shots. Greg takes the centre of the ring and the men stand toe to toe exchanging single shots until the end of the round with Elvis getting the better, utilizing head movement to open up with counters off his opponents vicious but empty swings.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Elvis

Round 2: Greg opens up with hard inside and outside kicks to Elvis’ lead leg. Elvis ties Greg up against the fence the fighters parry for position but end up in a stalemate and resort to foot stomps until the ref steps in. After the reset Elvis throws a left and Greg counters with a hard leg kick. Elvis scores a clean right hook which snaps Gregs’ head back, Elvis comes in for the finish with a five punch combo but follows with another low blow which leads the ref to take a point away from Elvis. After the reset Elvis throws a hard kick which is checked and Greg counters with two more leg kicks. Elvis throws some feints to open up a crisp right left combo Greg retaliates with more hard leg kicks Elvis counters with right and left hooks Greg throws a low kick, Elvis jumps for a flying knee and meets Greg throwing his own knee as the bell rings.
Topmmanews scores the round 9-9

Round 3: Elvis jumps in with a jab, Greg slips and throws a kick which just misses. Elvis attacks with a flying teep which lands but Greg goes for a single and gets the take down. Elvis reverses into Greg’s guard and stands up Greg throws a hard leg kick and shoots the fighters press up against the fence with Greg on the outside. Greg gets the take down Elvis wall walks up but Greg maintains double under hooks and scores another takedown into side control. Greg begins landing a couple knees to the body from the top position, he tries to attack an arm but Elvis escapes. Greg switches to knee strikes against Elvis’ legs from side control as the bell rings.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Greg
The fight ends in a majority draw. Elvis says his opponent was tough Greg is awarded his blue belt and says he had to eat some shots in round one but has the nickname Frankenstein because he’s know for not going down easily.

155lbs- Mykel Shipman vs. Roberto Lopez
Mykel wins via unanimous decision using leg kicks to create distance than taking openings to double leg Roberto and control the fight on the ground.

Round 1: Mykel lands first with a leg kick at the centre of the ring. Roberto is tentative to retaliate Mylel lands couple of strikes. Both men exchange glancing shots in the centre of the ring feeling each other out seeking to find their rhythm. Mykel lands another vicious leg kick wich opens Roberto for a huge double leg takedown. Mykel lands in Roberto’s half guard. Roberto locks onto Mykel controlling his posture from the bottom. Mykel ‘s attack is stalled and he is left to resort to landing a couple short body shots Roberto recovers full guard. Despite Robertos excellent ground defence at end of round Mykel starts to create some distance and goes for a last second heel hook with is countered with a simultaneous leg lock but the bell separates the fighters before a result.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Mykel

Round 2: Mykel opens with another batch of leg kicks, misses but sets up a double leg takedown. Roberto once again holds Mykel in a tight guard Mykel pushes Roberto to the cage at Roberto’s corner Roberto posts and try’s to lock in a rubber guard which he turns into a switch attempt that was razor close. The fighters stall out again Mykel in Roberto’s guard the two fighters struggle to isolate a limb to attack, Mykel retains top position in Roberto’s guard as the bell rings.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Mykel

Round 3: Roberto lands a hard right at the centre of the cage which stuns Mykel, but as Roberto closes the distance Mykel gets a body lock and retaliates with a slamming takedown. Mykel works his way into half guard and once agin uses his top control to push Roberto into the cage Roberto goes for a high guard which Mykel slips and takes side control. Roberto works back into a rubber guard. Mykel works his way back into side control. Robero recovers full guard and Mykel lands a couple of body shots from top position then spins for a knee, Roberto escapes and reverses Mykel taking mount position as the bell rings.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Mykel.
Mykel wins via unanimous decision says control and wrestling were keys to victory, thanks coaches and team Dynamic which has seven fighters on the card tonight.

145lbs- Zach Snyder vs. Jared Meyer
Jared wins via split decision using a crafty trip in the third to take control of an otherwise back and forth fight.

Round 1: The Bell rings and Zach comes out with his trademark aggression throwing a barrage of punching combinations. Jared weathers the storm and lands a few counter strikes of his own then switches levels and goes for a double leg takedown driving Zach to the cage but is stuffed. Zach lands a couple short strikes and the men tie up at the cage again. Jared goes for a deep single Zach defends and ends up pushing Jared into the cage. The fighters exchange short blows but Zach lands a knee to the groin and the ref breaks the fighters up. After the reset Zach lands a clean left which opens Jared up for another combo and a take down. Jared quickly reverses and takes half guard then mount. Jared attacks an arm misses, transitions to a triangle but the bell rings before he can lock it in.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Zach.

Round 2: Jared starts the round off with a teep Zach retaliates and both men take the center of the ring trading strikes. Jared goes for a knee Zach counters, Jared takes a single and pulls Zach down into half guard Zach quickly reverses positions and accidently throws punch to the head of Jared who was downed. The fighters reset at the center of the cage Zach pushes forward throwing rights and lefts, Jared leans in for a single as Zach throws a knee the fighters briefly tie up on the cage then move to the center of the cage and start trading. Jared sets up a take down with some leg kicks and immediately takes mount Jared maintains top control and sinks in a triangle, Zach defends, Jared transitions to an arm bar which Zach fights off until the bell.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Jared.

Round 3: Jared opens with some kicks one lands low and the ref separates the fighters while Zach recovers. Jared comes forward with some boxing Zach answers back Jared pushes Zach to the cage Zach reverses as the fighters exchange in some dirty boxing. Jared gets a reversal of his own and starts throwing some brutal knees then trips Zach and takes half guard Jared throws some huge knees to the body while maintaining top control. Jared slips into mount Zach turns and gives up his back. Jared isolates an arm and attacks with an armbar, Zach holds on, defends and rolls, Jared rolls with him maintaining control of Zach’s arm, Jared transitions to a triangle and locks it in tight Zach holds on for the final seconds of the round.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Jared.
Jared wins his MMA debut on a weeks notice via split decision says after feeling Zach out knew taking the fight to the ground was the best tactic.

115lbs- Chaleur Jones vs. Kayla Matton
Chaleur weathered the strikes at the beginning of each round until an opportunity to get a take down arouse then she used her superior ground skills to win a unanimous decision.

Round 1: Chaleur and Kayla exchange in the enter of the ring both landing punches and kicks and small combos. Kayla lands a clean uppercut followed by a couple hooks. Chaleur goes for a double and takes Kayla down. Chaleur lands elbows from the top and takes half guard. Kayla takes an under hook and uses it to get north south. Chaleur takes side control again lands some right hooks and knees to the body. Kayla tries to get up and moves into half hard Chaleur presses Kayla up against the cage and goes for collar choke but Kayla toughs it out until the bell rings.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Chaleur.

Round 2: Chaleur shoots for a double leg, misses and eats a couple upper cuts. Chaleur regains composure goes for another double and pushes Kayla across the ring into the cage. Kayla throws up a guillotine Chaleur breaks out and takes top position. Chaleur pushes Kayla to the cage Kayla traps an arm but Chaleur moves into half guard, Chaleur elbows from the top and takes mount where she reins down punches to the body. Kayla recovers half guard as Chaleur lands more elbows, Chaleur moves into north south then isolates a arm and goes for and arm bar Kayla defends, Chaleur transitions to a triangle Kayla escapes but Chaleur maintains top control as the round ends.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Chaleur.

Round 3 : Kayla opens with some left right combinations, one clean left sneaks through that makes Chaleur step back and smile. Kayla lands a front kick and Chaleur pushes her into the cage while working for another double leg takedown. Chaleur works into side control and starts to isolate an arm. Chaleur changes tactics and starts throwing elbows to the leg while Kayla sneaks into a half guard. Chaleur works to free her leg and maintain top control. Chaleur takes mount and lands a variety of body shots before moving back into side control. Chaleur works again for an arm Kayla defends, Chaleur lands a couple of elbows and Kayla responds with a few of her own. The round ends with Chaleur landing a couple more elbows to the body from side control.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Chaleur.
Chaleur wins via unanimous discussion, thanks coaches and sponsors said she has been working her wrestling which was key to her victory.

205lbs- Cody Clarke vs. Bryce Berry
Bryce wins after getting rocked in the first then reversing a take down forcing Cody to verbally tap due to body blows.

Round 1: Cody lands a couple right leg kicks Bryce retaliates but gets stumbled by counter blows. Bryce attacks with some crushing wild body blows which open Cody up for some head shots. The fight moves across the ring with both men swinging. Bryce lands some hard uppercuts and wide hooks which he uses to set up a take down. Bryce gets mount traps and arm and rolls for an arm bar Cody escapes and takes side control then starts landing punches from the top. Cody takes half guard and lands some very hard elbows, punches and knees to the body. Bryce stalls out as Cody lands a relentless onslaught of body blows. Bryce’s ribs are visibly red as he heads to his corner.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Bryce

Round 2: Cody opens the round with some aggressive head shots but Bryce evades and lands a solid teep followed by and upper cut which is blocked and a right strait which Cody slips to get a take down. Cody lands in side control and starts dishing out relentless elbows the body of Bryce forcing him to verbally tap and the ref calls a stop to the fight.
Cody defeats Bryce by TKO in Round 2, 1:18. Said he was rocked in the first round but fought threw it got top position, was going for a submission but felt the body blows were hurting his opponent.

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  1. Chris says:

    Baldonado has had his black belt for over a year now…he didn’t get it after this fight. There was another fighter that received his blue belt after his fight though…can’t remember who it was at the moment.

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  2. Chris says:

    i meant blue belt obviously…he’s no where near black belt lol

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  4. Dallas Bargholz says:

    My apologies I thought the belt was being awarded not displayed.

    Slick submission non the less, awards well deserved.

    I’ll be sure to include black belt in my next typo that way we will start “Pavlov”ing your trainer, ha ha.

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  5. Donald Duck says:

    A blue belt is a hard earned belt. Congrats.

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    sick arm bar bj congrats on the bonus

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