Ringside 13 Weigh-in Results


Weigh-ins for tomorrow night’s nine-bout Ringside 13 card in Montreal took place earlier this afternoon at the Taormina Restaurant in the southwest part of the city.

Seventeen of the 18 fighters set to compete hit the scale, with each and everyone of them hitting their contracted weights. One fighter was not present and will be weighed later today at the Regie des Alcools Courses et Jeux (RACJ) offices.

Heavyweights Eric Barrak (1-0) and Paul Cheng (1-1), two relative newcomers to MMA, headline the card, both making their promotional debut.

Quebec’s Barrak is a 6-0 as a pro boxer last seen in the cage beating ‘Butterbean’ Eric Esch last October at Instinct MMA 1. BC’s Cheng is a former Canadian Football League player who was choked out via arm-triangle in his previous bout in November. He holds a 3-1 record as a pro boxer.

The evening’s co-main event will see Tristar’s Mike ‘the Martian’ Ricci (6-2) look to bounce back from his second career loss, a decision to current TUF 15 contestant Daron Cruickshank last October, when he takes on Motor City stand-up specialist Tony Hervey (12-11).

The card also features several solid prospects, including Olivier Aubin-Mercier (1-0), Vladimir Starcencov (1-0), Mic Dufort (0-0), and Kyle Nelson (0-0).

Ringside 13 marks the promotion’s first stop at the Metropolis concert venue since it’s now defunct sister promotion Rising Star held their second event there last March.

Weigh-In Results
265lbs- Eric Barrak (237.6) vs. Paul Cheng (252.8)
155lbs- Mike Ricci (156.0) vs. Tony Hervey (155.4)
160lbs- Kevin Morin (159.8) vs. Stephane Lamarche (158.2)
155lbs- Olivier Aubin-Mercier (155.4) vs. Daniel Ireland (155.4)
155lbs- David Lafond (155.8) vs. Tim Chessell (148.0)
170lbs- Yohan Gariepy (170.6) vs. Christ Franck (171.0)
265lbs- Vladimir Starcencov (255.6) vs. Stephane Tessier (244.6)
155lbs- Dave Pariseau (155.0) vs. Louis-Christophe Laurin (—)*
155lbs- Mic Dufort (152.6) vs. Kyle Nelson (153.8)

*Wasn’t present at weigh-in, will be weighed at RACJ offices later today.

7 Responses to “ Ringside 13 Weigh-in Results ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Stoked man. Gonna be a great shizzow!

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Nice to see everyone making weight!

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  3. harry balls says:

    Ringside is the show. I hope it becomes the next XMMA. Catchin the train in an hour!

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  4. I was able to confirm with Ringside’s promoter Eric Champoux that Louis-Christophe Laurin did make weight later in the day Friday. Wasn’t able to get an exact pound amount.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Lafond will be 175 by fight time and Tim was 148 wearing clothes.

    Not a safe match up.

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  6. imitefite says:

    wow, chizel is in deep, he’s usually a 125lber?

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  7. The Lafond-Chessell fight ended up being scrapped the day of the event. I’ll have more details in my post-Ringside 13 analysis piece.

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