Hard Knocks 22 Weigh-In Results


Hard Knocks are in Calgary this weekend holding their 22nd event.  Here are the weigh-in results from Hard Knocks 22.


James Haddad 159.5lbs
Steve Simms 161.0lbs

Michael Karkula 155.5lbs
Dia Grant 155lbs

Wolfgang Jansen 145.5lbs
Jesse Veltri 142lbs

Dan Walders 182.5lbs
Jeff Porter 185lbs



Andrew VanderVelden 181.5lbs
Zach Manywounds 181.5lbs

Gurdip Rangi 169lbs
Dan Cloutier 170.5lbs

Daymon Miller 184.5lbs
Beau Bentley 185lbs

Andrew Shenfield 133.5lbs
BJ Baldonado 135lbs

MacKenzie Senger 168.5lbs
Jeremy Edwards 176lbs

Greg Steen 171.5lbs
Elvis  Vukaj 169lbs

Bryce Berry 203lbs
Cody Clarke 200lbs

Kayla Matton 113.5lbs
Chaleur Jones 119lbs

Jerad Meyers 145lbs
Zach Snyder 143.5lbs

Roberto Lopez 154.5lbs
Mykel Shipman 155.5lb

7 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 22 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    Does this mean Haddad, Simms, Senger and Edwards all missed weight?

    Details people, they do matter.


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  2. Donald Duck, these are all the details you get when the media is not allowed at the closed weigh-ins.

    Pics and results compliments of the promotion.

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  3. Donald Duck says:

    Zero coverage?!? What the hank?

    So we have to trust the promotion and promoter to get things right with no third party observer? Could you imagine the circus that would turn into a few hours north?

    That’s not good at all. What was Calgary’s reason for this?


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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Yeah, can we get any kind of explanation from the Commissioner?

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  5. I emailed the Executive Director asking why there is no media allowed. I have received no response to date.

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  6. peter puck says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. Nighty night says:

    Peter Puck aka Mark Pavelich. When you stop looking like a transvestite then you are allowed to speak. Your a douche. But I do love how your so insecure that you have to go on to forums and run other organizations down. No wonder why you cant sleep at night. Everyone hates you

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