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It’s Fight Week for the Score Fighting Series and promoter Brendan Fyfe appears on Top MMA Radio to discuss his March 16th card in Hamilton, Ontario. Fyfe talks about the great fights on the upcoming card and announces that the fight will be the first sell out for the Score.  Other topics covered include Brendan’s passion for MMA, how he started with the Score, and all the MMA programs that he has worked on at the station.

In addition to the interview, Keith and Big Win talk about all the past weekend’s MMA action, including Big Win’s favorite fighter Elmer Waterhen taking home a title at KOTC.  The guys also breakdown the upcoming SFS and Ringside cards.

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5 Responses to “ Top MMA Radio with The Score’s Brendan Fyfe ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Just a note guys… Elmer defended his Middleweight title, he won it against Brad Stewart at Brawl in the Mall 5, I’m pretty sure his losses to Blaber and Cronin were Catchweight bouts.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    IMO Davis vs Lautischer will be for the top spot.

    So glad Curran got the KO, I am not a fan of Joe Warren at all.

    I found the TUF live was quite awkward for the first half, and more awkward at the points where they panned over to Dana and the coaches. It seemed like they just didn’t know how to act in front of the camera, who’s turn it wa to talk or what they should be talking about. I found Cruz really started coming into it in the second half and his in fight commentary was starting to flow.

    I really liked the 1 round fights, it forced fast paced give it your all action in all but 2 fights.

    Cruickshank looked great and I’d say that was FOTN.

    I don’t think it matters where you train, in a garage or in a gym with all the gear. As long as your recieving quality instruction and have training parteners that are at the same level or better than you, than you will still improve. There is usually just more training parteners and a more regimented training plan at a gym and you will improve faster in this setting.

    Brendan Fyfe was a great guest! He’s passionate for mma and has/does an amazing job! His explanation for the titles was bang on. This guy has the perfect attitude for a promoter. he respects the market, the sport, the fans, the fighters and the fact that to be successful he needs to take it slow and keep on doing what he’s doing!

    I am excited to see SFS go live on TV, this is on track to be the best show in Canada.

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  3. Queeck says:

    nice podcast. Fyfe sounds like a solid guy.

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  4. Brendan is a great guy. He does good things for the sport.

    He’s been a passionate MMA fan for a long time.

    I had a blast working with Brendan over the years. I think we planned about 5 cards for every card that happened. Was always fun.

    Proud of all the work everybody at SFS has been doing. Alex is the best matchmaker in the country.

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  5. It has always been about quality content, and building the fighters.

    Keep up the good work.

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