Corey Houston Interview Prior to Whitlock Fight


(photo by Jim Beattie)

Top MMA News‘ Keith Grienke caught up with WAMMA’s Corey Houston after he finished up his training camp prior to his March 16th Score Fighting Series fight against Lyndon Whitlock. Houston talks about his drop to Featherweight, his four fight winning streak, his last win over Whitlock’s teammate Denis Puric, and his expectations for finishing Whitlock in his upcoming SFS fight.

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  1. Is Corey the force or the object, @Dave MacMillan?

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  2. Dave "SHOULDRZ" MacMillan says:

    Corey is the one that will win

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  3. hawkes says:

    Coreys fist is the force… Lyndons head is the object!

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  4. M.F.M. says:

    Im sure Corey is at the top of his game. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, so is Whitlock. As for his Jiu-jitsu belt ranking hard to say because he rarely puts on a Gi. I can help you a little bit though by saying that he won the NAGA Advanced 160 division a few months ago at the MMA Expo in Toronto which is a HUGE tournament. In the process of doing so he defeated two competitor’s who are also pro MMA fighters that have a brown belt in Gi Jiu Jitsu. So I don t know if that means anything but thats what it is.

    A lot of the West Coasters on here have Houston for the win, go figure! lol Im a southern Ontario Native and pick Whitlock by anything. ahaha

    In all seriousness, both these guys are very well prepared, extremely motivated, and ready to rip eachother s heads off. Going to be a sick fight!!

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  5. @MFM… nice to hear from both sides of this outstanding matchup. Neither guy should be thinking they are getting the easy win on Friday.

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Great freakin fight.

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  7. realness says:

    holy fuck

    did robin come online and in public say they are “purple belt level”

    you deserve a 8th degree black belt for the audacity to even begin typing that?

    the down fall of all art is the greed and ego’s of the practicioners.

    i remember pka karate in the early 80’s and how hard the training was now karate is rightfully as a combat stlye often laughed at since most teaching are guys who are “black belt level”


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  8. hawkes says:

    @realness. Robin said he was a purple belt in fight analysis, not jiu jitsu.

    @MFM. I never bashed lyndons skill and i beleive he could beat many brown belts. I was just saying the use of the words “brown belt level” is meaningless.

    If i had held pads for Lyndon for 6 weeks before a fight i would be blowing smoke up everyones ass about how he’s going to kill corEy. However, im on coreys side.

    so on that note: Lyndons F’ing done on saturday!!!!

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  9. Dave "SHOULDRZ" MacMillan says:

    whats with all this talk about belts and Gi when talking about fights? are we going to start judging hockey players by their golf game??

    let the war play out!

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  10. Sweet Dreams says:

    Two top level Canadian Featherweight fighters, live HD stream, sounds like a sweet Friday. Houston will represent WAMMA well. Awesome fight, can’t wait.

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  11. I’ve really enjoyed this debate, and it’s nice that it was all kept pretty friendly!

    Both guys made weight and are looking good!

    I kinda wish i wasn’t cornering this fight so i could sit back and enjoy watching it… Also can’t wait till this fight is over so we can rush out to join the crowd and enjoy the rest of the fights. Great matches top to bottom, awesome job alex and score!

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  12. haha, it’s also nice to see everyone jumping on their respective bandwagons and pumping up this fight, i think the crowd will be amped up!

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  13. Robin Black says:


    Sorry for the confusion. I am a blue belt with 2 stripes (blue belt under Kareem El Sayeed, 2 stripes under Jorge Britto) in BJJ.

    I was comedic-ly saying I’m a purple belt in “calling fights”.

    I was only joking. Part of the joke was because I said Lyndon was brown belt level in bjj and, after some people getting me to really give that comment some thought, I was making fun of myself for it.

    Do you train BJJ too? Its a beautiful beautiful sport.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Also, I think you were maybe a bit rough on me there man.

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  15. Bobby Karimi says:

    There are some truly idiotic people on this site!

    I’m a gold sash motherfucker if anyone wants a challenge, jesus!

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  16. EPerez says:

    Let there be war!

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  17. PEG BOY says:

    Corey and his WAMMA brother’s (these guys are so biased) will watch him get beat by a tough Whitlock. Watch the chokes Corey as your going down Friday night. Nappy time bro….

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  18. Jets says:

    i wish WAMMA would get over them selves or try conducting them selves respectively before a fight

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Wamma guys are passionate but I don’t think they go over the line.

    This is a passion business man.

    It’s great that people are talkin about this fight.

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  20. Sweet Dreams says:

    PEG BOY, be mindful of your possessives as YOUR apostrophes are ill placed. You are quite right on one observation in that we are brothers. Hey Jets, we don’t need to get over ourselves as WAMMA is a true team that supports each other. As far as how we conduct ourselves RESPECTFULLY (not as you put it “respectively” – a completely different meaning) before a fight, we have, as credit is given multiple times to both fighters. If I may, a suggestion for you both? Perhaps spending a little more time and some semblance of effort to check your spelling, grammar, and the actual use of the right words would be a wise choice, if nothing else simply to seem more intelligent. If either of you are actually from Winnipeg come on down to the Academy and you’ll see a true team atmosphere for yourself. Enjoy the fights gentlemen!


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  21. As always SFS treated us like gold from the second we landed till the second we got dropped off at the airport.

    People on forums such as this can think what they want, it was a great fight, didn’t go our way, but those are the risks taking tough fights.

    If anyone thought there was anything but mutual respect going into this fight on both sides by the fighters and coachs, they don’t know the truth of it.

    Thanks for the fight Lyndon, congrats, and it is was great hanging out with you and your team at the after party – thanks for the hospitality!

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  22. woodrow james says:

    curtis and corey you guys r great guys, shit happens in the fight game. cant wait to have u guys back out here to fight again!!!!

    thanks again for being apart of this great event

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  23. Sweet Dreams says:

    Congrats Lyndon, Curtis and CorEy both spoke highly of you. Fantastic production by SFS and very entertaining fights. Looking forward to next one.

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