King Of The Cage: Infamy Recap


King of the Cage held their 57th event in Canada last night from the sold out Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta. Despite losing three fights, including two of the top four, fans were treated to a night of entertaining MMA action with only one bout going to the judges scorecards.

  • Fight of the Night – Kenny Hamilton vs. Eric Tevely
  • Knockout of the Night – Aleksander Todosov
  • Submission of the Night – Luke Harris

Elmer Waterhen vs. Mike Froese
They lock up right off the opening and Froese looks for a single and completes the takedown. Waterhen lands shots from the bottom and Froese looks for a leg lock but Waterhen pulls his leg free. Both men battle for kimuras but neither can lock it on. Froese ends up in half guard and lands some short elbows before they get back to their feet. Waterhen lands a knee as they stand back up and look to trade shots. Froese lands a big takedown into guard before passing to side control and finally full mount. Froese postures up and rains down a flurry of punches followed by a short elbow. Waterhen survives and sweeps to guard and transitions to the back. Waterhen sinks a rear naked choke in the final seconds and Froese is unable to survive the round as he taps with just three seconds remaining allowing Waterhen to retain his title with a come from behind victory.
Elmer Waterhen submits Mike Froese by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:57

Luke Harris vs. Brandon MacArthur
MacArthur lands a solid leg kick and Harris responds with a head kick that falls short. Harris rushes MacArthur and puts him against the cage before throwing him to the mat and landing in half guard. Harris looks for a kimura but MacArthur holds his own shorts to defend. Harris hammers the thigh before moving to north/south position. Harris briefly thinks about an inverted triangle but abandons the thought before MacArthur is able to escape and take side control. MacArthur takes the back and lands a shot before Harris is able to escape to his feet. Harris lands another judo throw to half guard. Harris passes to side control and looks for an arm triangle but MacArthur escapes. Harris takes the back but MacArthur spins and is mounted. Harris locks on an anrmbar and MacArthur is forced to tap out.
Luke Harris submits Brandon MacArthur by Armbar in Round 1, 4:08

Cody Ries vs. Aleksandar Todosov
After a brief feeling out period, Todosov flattens Ries with a massive right that drops him to the mat. Todosov goes in for the kill and lands a few more heavy rights before the referee steps in to call a halt to the bout.
Aleksandar Todosov defeats Cody Ries by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:14

Evan Cardinal vs. Nolan Nelson
Nelson wraps himself around Cardinal only to get slammed hard to the mat. Nelson looks for an armbar from the bottom but Cardinal escapes and lets Nelson back to his feet. Nelson looks to latch on again but ends up with Cardinal in his guard landing shots to the body. Nelson again looks for an armbar and again Cardinal is able to defend and gets to half guard. Cardinal finally passes to full mount and Nelson gives his back. Cardinal unleashes and onslaught on punches before switching to devestating elbows to finish him off as the ref steps in.
Evan Cardinal defeats Nolan Nelson by TKO (Elbows) in Round 1, 2:11

Landon Caldwell vs. Adrian Cardinal
Caldwell connects with a front kick to the jaw and Cardinal responds by turing the fight into a brawl as the two trade wild shots until Cardinal gets him down against the cage and continues to fire away. Caldwell is able to weather the storm but is busted open. Caldwell is able to take the back and locks in a rear naked choke that has Cardinal tapping quickly before Caldwell even sinks the hooks.
Landon Caldwell submits Adrian Cardinal by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:58

Steve Dubeck vs. Daylon Erickson
Round 1: Dubeck opens like a ball of fire chasing Erickson around the cage landing shots. Dubeck continues his relentless attack until Erickson is able to tie him up against the cage but eats a few knees. Erickson lands a huge double leg to side control before passing to full mount. Erickson begins to land shots and all Dubeck can do is hang on but continues to eat punches. Dubeck is able to get back to his feet only to be taken back down with another power double and Erickson lands in side control and drives knees into the body. Erickson lands some short elbows before looking for a rear naked choke but Dubeck defends the choke for the final seconds of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Erickson

Round 2: Erickson opens the second with a pair of leg kicks and a front kick that clips Dubeck in the face. Erickson lands more leg kicks and Dubeck responds with one of his own but slips to the mat and Erickson takes the back and lands several shots before looking for a rear naked choke. Dubeck defends and Erickson lands shots before going back to the rear naked choke. Dubeck spins to guard and lands body shots, one big elbow and more punches and short elbows. After some inactivity the referee stands them up and Erickson immediately lands another big double leg takedown to side control. Erickson secures full mount as the time expires. Top MMA News score the round 10-9 for Erickson

Round 3: Erickson lands a leg kick and another front kick before landing yet another big double to full guard. Erickson goes body, body, head a few times before passing to half guard and finally all the way to full mount. Dubeck sweeps to guard and lands some occasional body shots. Dubeck doesn’t stay busy enough and the referee stands them up. Dubeck lands a leg kick and another before Erickson responds with one of his own followed by some knees against the cage before securing another power double, landing in full mount but time runs out before he is able to do any damage from the position. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Erickson
Daylon Erickson defeats Steve Dubeck by Unanimous Decison (30-27 x3)

Robert Jaggard vs. Yannick Pare
Jaggard misses a front kick and Pare lands his own but slips to the mat and Jaggard jumps on him but Pare ends up in side control. Pare stands up and lets Jaggard back to his feet. Pare begins landing several huge combos that stun Jaggard. Pare looks for jumping switch kick but can’t connect cleanly. Pare continues to land hard, accurate shots followed by another front kick. Pare staggers Jaggard with a huge right and follows up with a knee. Pare looks for a guillotine but gives it up and shoves Jaggard away. Pare lands another pair of vicious rights and Jaggard looks to be out on his feet. Pare follows up with a few more bug shots that drop Jaggard against the fence forcing referee Kyle Cardinal to step in and rescue Jaggard from any further punishment.
Yannick Pare defeats Robert Jaggard by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:28

Kenny Hamilton vs. Eric Tevely
Round 1: Hamilton lands a pair of leg kicks and Tevely responds with one of his own. Hamilton lands a combo followed by another leg kick before they trade shots. Hamilton lands a double leg to half guard and looks to latch onto an arm. Hamilton moves to side control and lands elbows to the body. Hamilton lands some short elbows and Tevely replaces half guard before sweeping to half guard himself and pushing him into the cage. Hamilton is able to replace full guard. Tevely postures up and lands a few shots before looking to take the back and then ending up in north/south. Tevely goes back to the back and eventually Hamilton is able to get him back into his half guard. Hamilton escapes and takes side control before passing to full mount in the closing seconds of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Hamilton

Round 2: They trade shots with Tevely landing with more consistently. Tevely peppers him with jabs and a kick to the body. Tevely continues to land jabs and Hamilton catches a body kick but can’t drag him down. Tevely drops Hamilton and jumps on top looking to finish with ground and pound but Hamilton survives and locks him down in half guard. Tevely lands body shots before they get back to the feet. Hamilton lands a solid uppercut and another right and Tevely responds with a combo of his own. Both men are trading shots and Tevely begins to get the better of Hamilton against the cage. Hamilton’s knee seems to give out and he drops but is still trading with Tevely against the cage. Tevely continues pressuring him but Hamilton is still connecting with counter punches despite appearing to only have one good leg and the round comes to an end. Between rounds, Hamilton’s corner waves off the fight due to a knee injury. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Tevely
Eric Tevely defeats Kenny Hamilton by TKO (Corner Stoppage) in Round 2, 5:00

Greg Large vs. Joey Longo
Longo rushes right in, ties up with Large and lands some solid body shots against the cage. Longo secures the takedown to side control and Large tries to push off the cage to escape but Longo stays heavy and keeps him down. Large looks for a triangle but Longo easily escapes and lands some solid punches before taking his back and landing more shots. They get back to their feet and Longo unleashes a barrage of knees and body shots that cause Large to cover up and force the referee to step in and call a halt to the bout.
Joey Longo defeats Greg Large by TKO (Knees) in Round 1, 1:56

Jarid Howse vs. Reno Jackson
Jackson comes forward with a sloppy combo and Howse looks for a guillotine. Howse fires away with a flurry of knees to the body and legs. Howse peppers the body with punches and lands a big right. Jackson reverses position and presses Howse against the cage, looking for a single but can’t complete it. Howse secures double underhooks and lands more knees. They separate and Jackson lands a leg kick before throwing more sloppy shots and missing a wild overhand right. Howse sticks a solid jab that backs Jackson up. After about 20 seconds of nothing, Jackson inexplicably waves off the fight without even being touched, signalling that he’s had enough.
Jarid Howse defeats Reno Jackson by TKO (Retirement) in Round 1, 3:46

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