KOTC: Infamy – Quick Results – Waterhen Retains Title with Buzzer Beater Submission


King of the Cage is live tonight in Edmonton, Alberta. The card features a Middleweight Title fight between Champion Elmer Waterhen and Challenger Mike Froese. Fights are expected to start at 7:30 local time and tickets are still available at the door.

Quick Results:
Elmer Waterhen submits Mike Froese by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:57

Luke Harris submits Brandon MacArthur by Armbar in Round 1, 4:08

Aleksander Todosov defeats Cody Ries by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:14

Evan Cardinal defeats Nolan Nelson by TKO (Elbows) in Round 1, 2:11

Landon Caldwell submits Adrian Cardinal by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:58

Daylon Erickson defeats Steve Dubeck by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Yannick Pare defeats Robert Jaggard by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:28

Eric Tevely defeats Kenny Hamilton by TKO (Corner Stoppage) in Round 2, 5:00

Joey Longo defeats Greg Large by TKO (Knees & Body Shots) in Round 1, 1:56

Jarid Howse defeats Reno Jackson by TKO (Retirement) in Round 1, 3:46

50 Responses to “ KOTC: Infamy – Quick Results – Waterhen Retains Title with Buzzer Beater Submission ”

  1. peter puck says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  2. Joe Doerksen says:

    Mark, if you’re making the time to read and comment, you’re clearly more interested than you let on.

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  3. Kazam says:

    LMAO , I bet Mark is at the Mirage in a disguise cheering and having fun.LOL

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Reno Jackson’s performance was embarrassing, gassed and waved the fight off without a strike being landed on him in the 20 or so seconds prior to the end of the fight

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  5. FightFan says:

    Evan Cardinal is a fighter we should be seeing more of in the mma scene . dominated in local tuff man fights and is 1-0 in kotc i see another first round win tonight

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  6. Jerobe says:

    Big deal if Evan Cardinal beats up on Nolan Nelson. Cardinal is a boxer, he will get tapped out by any of the blue or purples from CSG, Legends or Hayabusa

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  7. Idolmaker says:

    Cody didn’t Jackson outweigh him by like 14 lbs?

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Yup… Howse came in at 181.2 and Jackson came in at 195.6

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  9. Idolmaker says:

    Damn! Thanks Cody.

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  10. Blackout says:

    way to go elmer! knew you had it in ya

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  11. Bobby Karimi says:


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  12. Idolmaker says:

    MacArthur fan bkb?

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    Froese is my man. Win or lose!

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  14. E_Lewis says:


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  15. FightFan says:

    I agree with jerobe, mainly because of evan cardinal’s last fight being a very iffy decision from what i’ve heard.

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Head high Frose.

    Elmer’s a great warrior and you gave him your best. You’ll get the next one.

    Its painful not to win but try to be proud of how hard you fought. You’re a good dude and you’re doing what 99.9% of people, never mind 99.999% of 40 year olds, could only dream of.

    Get drunk this weekend and get back in the gym Tuesday doin what ya love doin my friend.

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  17. mike kent says:

    Was froese winning before thst late sub ? How did the Harris fight play out before arm bar ?

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  18. booboo says:


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  19. mike kent says:

    Hahah yeah that was a option and would be a good fight lukes the real deal but I’m exclusive with the mfc for my next few fights man sorry . Me and luke is 1 good fight. There’s lots of tough top teir match ups in the mfc for me there and its a huge promotion on HDNet so it was a easy choice ! Congrats to luke amd Elmer on there wins . Elmer is one tough bastered

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  20. booboo says:

    Thanks for the info Mike ty . Still would b a FANTASTIC FIGHT !

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  21. WCH says:

    All and All not a bad night of fights. Congrats to Elmer and Luke. Only downfall was they were only serving Bud and Coors.

    P.S Someone find Jarid a fight that will actually happen.

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  22. peter puck says:

    Luke Harris versus anyone, cake walk after cake walk. Joe what’s with the wierd obsession with Pavolich?

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  23. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Peter Puck thanks for the compliment, Luke’s a talented fighter.

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  24. Idolmaker says:

    Luke is a very talented fighter. In recent weeks I’ve lost an active interest in him. Which is a shame, it has nothing to do with him personally.

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  25. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Idolmaker we all have our opinions, but me personally I don’t take anyone who hides behind a fake screen name too much to heart.

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  26. Idolmaker says:

    Obviously not seeing as your panties are already in a bunch. Talk your game all you want Kyle. Just who is it you’re trying to get famous? The representative or the representation?

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  27. The Train says:

    Watch for Cardinal on the flyweight circut. He’s not just a boxer but a pretty good wrestler too. I’ve personally seen him fight guys 3 times his size and hold his own. Tough young kid with lots of potetial. Just needs to train at a more well rounded MMA gym.

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  28. Kyle Stoltz says:

    My job is to get guys fights. Around 4 or so months ago a friend who reps alot of fighters said go on here tons of fights are made on here. He told me that cause we were having a very hard time getting fights. So I tried and proof is in the pudding, as it’s been a very active year for Luke and his next fight is very close to being booked. I could care less if no one has ever heard of me, my goal is to get guys fights that’s all. To be honest most of my time on here I’m getting blasted and that’s fine with me if it gets guys fights as that is my job. Also alot of my very good friends post on here, so yeah I can still be a human being and post on forums.

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  29. Idolmaker says:

    Ok fair enough best post by you so far. Not promoting yourself, and announcing past ventures. Heck I’ll even like it. You can appreciate that, as a human being who makes it possible for your clients to be employed. Nameless or not, I’m a fan, that’s what counts.

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  30. Joe Doerksen says:

    Mark, if I was going to be obsessed with someone, I’d choose someone interesting.

    And probably female.

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  31. Mike Davis says:

    “Watch for Cardinal on the flyweight circuit”

    I was wondering about that since he was 133, more good talent at 125 the division a good kick start.

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  32. Dave Mah says:

    Mike was up in the round, had excellent control through the majority of the round. He had Elmer in all kinds of trouble. He was very gracious in defeat and has nothing to be ashamed of. It was a great fight!

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  33. Robin Black says:

    Kyle is good people and a hard hard worker in this sport. He does a lot of good stuff.

    Great post Kyle.

    All the best guys take a lot of heat (at least that’s what I tell myself).


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  34. I wasn’t being an ass in the past when I didn’t know who Kyle was, I legit didn’t know.

    Since finding out about him, I like what he does. Getting his fighters fights is what he needs to do.

    It’s been good to see Luke active again. I’m sure Kyle will have some options for him that get him out of the Edmonton region.

    Mike Froese is the man. I have all the respect in the world for that guy. He’s my favorite fighting grandpa. Right up there with Robin Black.

    Elmer Waterhen is very tough, and sounds like they had a great fight. Congrats on retaining the title.

    Brandon McArthur is one of the most underated fighters in the country. Don’t let his record fool anybody. He’s never been an easy win for anybody, and is one tough bastard.

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  35. And congrats to Luke “Hulk” Harris

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  36. 70% of the time, I like Idolmaker Everytime.

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  37. Idolmaker says:

    I’m down with that. I’m not always right, I sometimes have valid points. I can be an ass, I can be honest. My entire life I’ve been a fighter, yet never been in a cage. I am anonymous, because to you guys, I am anonymous. I treat women, children, and the elderly with respect all of the time. I treat men with respect, when they are respectable. My wife and children adore me, because I adore them, that shines through in my actions. I do not watch football, hockey, baseball or basketball, I live eat and breathe mma, and the spirit of martial arts in general. I have been a fan of mma, since 93. I know Kyle stoltz and have for a lOng while. I commented, because I didn’t particularly like what he was saying, whilst respecting why he was saying it. Nobody has to ever come on here to defend what theyve done, they choose to do it, expecting to receive flak.

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  38. I can’t not respect that

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  39. Idolmaker says:

    Cool that means I have 6 more comments until you can hate on me again haha

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  40. Nah, I just post without putting a ton of thought in usually.

    So like yourself, I’m far from always being right.

    I don’t hate anybody. Life is too short.

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  41. Robin Black says:

    Great post Idolmaker. I like how you roll.

    This is a very very unique site. It is heavily trafficked by very passionate MMA fans/fighters/coaches etc so it has a different kind of life.

    The fact that the people who come here are so heavily invested makes their comments and thoughts and ideas particularly passionate.

    Its cool to have a place like this to have these conversations and share ideas. Not everyone’s ideas will always jive.

    And I think that is a good thing.

    Have a great Saturday night guys.

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  42. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Marc no worries about not knowing who I was. To me the best managers are one’s you don’t even know half the time. The only reason I came on here was to get Luke fights and so far so good. Also to be honest I’m just a huge fan of the sport so I like talking shop.

    @Idolmaker trust me I know some of my comments on here are not perfect but I’m an emotional guy and guys I rep are my friends so I take people talking about them badly to heart. I’m not saying you said anything bad about Luke but that can kind of explain some of my comments.

    In other news Luke has verbally agreed to his next fight and it’s a big one. I will let the promoters announce it once it’s signed but people wanting him to take a big fight have there wish.

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  43. Joe Doerksen says:

    Well I know for sure it’s not me then cause I literally have nothing going on right now. That being the case, I will simply wish my fellow Canadian the best of luck, and hope to see a great fight.

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  44. Guns Loaded says:

    Luke big fight lol , hope the opponent has a winning record.

    I’d like to see JOE or a guy whom has a similar record as Luke.

    Regardless if Luke goes to UFC he will get smashed on tv, he will be the highlight reel of the worst stand up


    Big fight lol

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  45. Guns Loaded says:

    Forgot to add:

    To Luke”s manager you must have a really hard job and I don’t wish that bs on anyone.

    Luke pics fights like a women shopping for a purse.

    Sorry I just want to see if Luke can fight and a real opponent will make that happen.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 7

  46. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Guns Loaded stay tuned we might even make you happy with his next opponent. We do our best.

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  47. Jelly says:

    kenny hamilton blew his knee out in the first round on his double leg takedown, didnt realize how bad it really was and he gritted out the 2nd with one leg and even dropped eric in the final minute but when he dropped him his leg gave out at the same time. shitty luck for kenny as one of his other losses was due to a finger nail slicing his eyeball… kid cant catch a break and now must wait for an MRI for a potential torn MCL. Kid wont give up and i stopped the fight between rounds. Wanted to clarify that one up. His record doesnt speak for very bad luck he has had in his fighting career. all respect to the guys who never want to give up.

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  48. Fake Phil Baroni says:


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  49. Jerobe says:

    Nolan Nelson sucks worse that Bobby Kalmakoff. I don’t know why Bibby and Datappa associate with such a clown.

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  50. KURT says:

    Great job Elmer, glad to see him pull out the win! Very tough fight.

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