Exciting Lightweight Clash Heads Up AM Ford Fight Night


Curtis Demarce (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography)

Trail, BC will be the home to one of the better Lightweight fights in 2012 as Brad Causey is scheduled to fight Curtis Demarce at AM Ford Fight Night on April 14th.  The fight will have definite Lightweight ranking implications as both 155ers are on the verge of cracking the Top 10 in Canada.

Despite being 9-1, ‘Kama’ Causey is relatively unknown in outside of British Columbia as he has primarily fought on untelevised events in his home province.  Causey will come into the fight on a six fight win streak and will face his biggest competition to date in Curtis Demarce, who was once the 10th ranked fighter in Canada.  A win over the Demon should get Causey the respect he deserves.

Demarce (12-10) once had a seven fight win streak before he stepped up his level of competition in the Maximum Fighting Championship where he went 1-3.  Since leaving that organization, Demarce beat Peter Neufeld at RITC and is looking to put another winning streak back together.

In the semi-main event, River Jones will be fighting for an amateur Bantamweight title.  The undefeated amateur (5-0) will take on Jade DeHaas, a Texan with a 3-0 amateur record.

Joining Causey, Jones, and Demarce on the card is Clay Davidson.  The one time Light-Heavyweight will be dropping down to Middleweight on the AM Ford Fight Night card.  Also on the card is Lightweight prospect Jordan Knippelberg and many other local fighters.

19 Responses to “ Exciting Lightweight Clash Heads Up AM Ford Fight Night ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Solid fight!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good fight!

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    Clay dropping to 185 is big news as well. Anxious to see who he’s fighting? Knippleberg maybe? There are tonnes of great MW match-ups for him on the regional circuit.

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  4. mmafan1 says:

    so i guess the demarce vs causey is also for the lightweight title is what i hear?

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    ^oops, knippleberg is LW?

    I often confuse Knippelberg with Kornberger after seeing them both on a KOTC card.

    Either way, there are plenty of solid MW match-ups for Clay.

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  6. Update: The date is actually the 14th.

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  7. mmafan1 says:

    for the title?

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  8. non-title for Causey vs Demarce

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  9. mmafan1 says:

    just got info, It is for the lightweight title!!!! Sick sick sick fight.. best fight of 2012 so far matchup wise, i hope these two throw down

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  10. @mmafan1…you are correct. Promotion informed that it is for the title.

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  11. Fightfan56 says:

    I think this will be a good fight… I would like to see how Causey will do against a good striker in Demarce. I think Demarce will win in 2nd or 3rd round.

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  12. fistfightfan says:

    I think the main event is a joke. How does a fighter barely batting .500 and coming off a loss fight for Canadas top 10? Sets the Canadian top 10 bar pretty low. Brad deserves to be there but match him up with a solid apponent.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    I’m excited to see more of Causey too.
    I think Curtis is a great test for him.

    I doubt you’d hear Causey taking Curtis lightly. Records are for deejays man. Curtis is a dangerous and exciting fighter.

    I think this is a great match-up.

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  14. Adam Lorenz says:

    fistfightfan, Demarce is the exact definition of a “solid opponent” for Causey. Rather then just looking at the numbers in a record sometimes you need to look at the names and watch a man’s fights.

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  15. lma marcus hicks says:

    When i met Curtis he was 0-4(including a fights@170&@180),17yrs old & just got koed by tim thurston.he got some help & direction, Once he got on track look at what hes done,13-6(1 fight is missing,we r talking to the promoter about getting it up) since having the opportunity for real matchups. this is an amazing fight,Look at who Curts lost to all studs in MMA,how many split decisions. Curtis is easily imo a top 10 155 & soon FINALLY a 145lb beast. Curtis wins this fight.Causey is a beast but Curtis follows his proper gameplan he wins.

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  16. brandon says:

    brad causey is a bad dude in the ring i trained with pride gym wich is where he trains and who puts on the card and i can personaly garuntee that these cards are amazing shows and rival any promotion in western canada , maybe not for name power , but for entertainment value. these fights rarely go the distance and everyone puts on a show. not not to mention the crowd is great. its about time bbrad got a opponent with a name , to showcase the skill he has. hopefully he stays healthy and makes a statement. as for knippleberg id like to see him get a name , aswell as CJ bagg. under rated fighters and a under rated gym. this card wont dissapoint

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  17. brandon says:

    possibly stefan fritca at 85 for davidson if theyre matchin him with a out of towner

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  18. mmafan1 says:

    I have watched both of these guys fight plenty of times. Fistfightfan- how can you say what you just said when I am pretty sure demarce has put on FOTN every time he steps into the cage, At that being said with competition that Causey has never came close to steping up to, and he won his last fight by tko. If he faught opponents his whole career like causey did he would be 23-1 and a padded record as well. Look at who he has faught and the outcomes before you talk. With that being said, Causey is explosive and a great fighter and there styles are similar as they both love to stand and bang which is why this makes this such a great main event because it will be a war. goodluck to both guys, i personally in my opponion have demarce due to experience as well overall the better well rounded fighter. Going to be exciting. what you guys think?

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