Luke Harris Ready For “Dangerous Striker” Brandon MacArthur, Middleweight Eyeing UFC


After fighting twice in 2010 and just once in 2011, rising middleweight Luke Harris is focused on getting in the cage as much as possible in 2012. Case in point, after tapping out Elliot Duff with a first round, rear-naked-choke just a few weeks ago, Harris will be back hunting for his eighth pro win this Friday night.

“Basically I’m making a run at it,” said Harris (7-1), who will battle veteran Brandon MacArthur at King of the Cage Canada’s March 9th “Infamy” card in Edmonton. “I had some injuries in the past and had some trouble finding opponents, and now I have a new manager who is keeping me busy. I just want to get in as many fights as I can.”

Since losing his MMA debut in 2007, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and former Canadian National Judo Team member has gone undefeated, to establish Harris as one of the nation’s top middleweight prospects.

“That’s one of the reasons,” Harris said, when asked if he believes his extensive martial arts’ resume has made it more difficult for him to find opponents. “Also, being at the Hayabusa Training Centre, where we’ve produced three UFC level guys now, and hopefully more soon, that doesn’t help in getting opponents either.”

Anyone who is familiar with the career of MacArthur, however, shouldn’t be surprised that he has agreed to take on Harris. Throughout his near, five year long career, the British Columbia fighter has faced UFC vets like Mitch Clarke, John Makdessi and Jesse Bongfeldt, and holds victories over established fighters like Ryan Chiappe and Dan Chambers.

“Although he may not have a great record he’s fought a lot of top level fighters,” Harris noted about MacArthur (6-18). “His last fight he lost to Jesse Bongfeldt, who just came out of the UFC, and I know he dropped Jesse. He’s a dangerous striker so I’m definitely doing my homework on this guy and not taking him lightly.”

“I’ve seen a little bit of his stuff,” added Harris, who has finished all of his victories within the first round. “I know he’s quite talented with spin kicks and Superman punches, so those are some of the things to look out for.”

The former KOTC Canada middleweight champ will be returning to the promotion for the first time since September, 2008, when Harris submitted Nolan Clark at the promotion’s “Refined” event. To date, the Hayabusa founder has won all three of his KOTC appearances by first round submission, a record which also includes victories over Steve Fader and the aforementioned Chambers.

“Ken’s always been a great guy,” said Harris, while discussing fighting for KOTC Canada and promoter Ken Kupsch again. “I love King of the Cage and he’s always been a good guy in giving opportunities. For me, it doesn’t really matter who I fight for, as long as there’s good people and it’s a good organization. Ken’s a hardworking, honest guy, so it’s awesome.”

If Harris is able to get by MacArthur, it will be interesting to see if the 34 year-old fighter will eventually follow the footsteps of training partners Ryan Jimmo and Mitch Clarke into the Octagon. “Fighting in the UFC is definitely one of my goals,” Harris acknowledged. “How many fights I need to get there? I’m not sure of that. Joe Silva is a very smart guy and he takes guys when they’re ready. So, I’m just going to keep fighting, hopefully keep getting wins, and I’ll get noticed.”

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  1. Jerobe says:

    If Harris can beat Cote and Bongfelt then by all means he deserves a UFC shot. And I totally think he can beat these 2 guys. The man is a beast.

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  2. mike kent says:

    i think harris beats bongfeltd and its very possible that he could beat cote if he could get him down but cote is a tough fight for anyone. The guy fought for the UFC MW belt and took A silva three rounds ( before injury ) In my mind hes #1 in canada and anyone that beats him definitly should be getting a call to the UFC .

    One thing will see this weekend is what happens when a fighter come right after Luke. Brandon has good stand up and was beating a dangerous allen hope before allen hit him with a devestating shot . and also dropped bongfelt . Brandon will definitly come right after luke .

    I think that if Luke wins this weekend and then wins a Huge fight against a Loiseau, doerkson, jason macdonald, bongfelit type fighter hes 9-1 and in thr ufc forsure. Maybe even in there Calgary show

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  3. peter puck says:

    is this a joke

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  4. mike kent says:

    Yeah more then likely nobody that’s not currently in the ufc from canada is beating cote ! He is a monster . The only type of fighter that would beat him is a good grappler like doerkson or maybe Luke if everything people say about his game is true but cote IMO should already be back in the ufc . He is the most proven mw in canada . Hard to bet against

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  5. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Mike I agree with for the most part everything you have said. Lol we finally agree on some stuff. I think Cote and Doerkson, beat the 2 185 pound Canadian’s in the UFC, but that is just my opinion. Doerkson is so much better then people are giving him credit for. I think maybe cause he’s a jokester or what not people don’t realize how talented he still is. You mentioned Jason MacDonald for a fight for Luke for a tough test for him to get to the big stage but MacDonald is in the UFC, he’s fighting I’m almost positive Tom Lawlor in May, his manager just sent me a text yesterday seeing if Hayabusa wants to sponsor him for that fight. But 2 guys you mentioned are guys I have told promoters are fights we want. Were gunning for some top guys but nothing has been signed yet. I have said this many times there are 4 guys in the top 10 in Canada (actually there’s 5 now) that we have told promoters are fights we want. With 2 guys being in the UFC that means all but 3 guys in the top 10 we have publically told promoters set it up and were in.

    Even though we have had our differences good luck on your upcoming fight. I got mad cause I’m always 10 steps ahead or try to be of the fighter so once he wins, I’m already on to the next move and when that move got changed by you taking a different fight it for sure messed things up but we have already started mapping out plan B and I think it’s going to make fans of Luke’s very happy.

    @Peter Puck sure I will take the bait do tell what you mean? I have my ammuntion ready so it’s your move.

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  6. Joe Doerksen says:

    peter puck is Mark Pavelich. Ignore him.

    I was asked by my management if I’d be willing to fight Harris. I said yes. Not sure why the fight never happened but I was good to go. So if you’re still having trouble finding him opponents, contact Monte Cox.

    or email me at and I’ll give you his phone number

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Kyle, are you saying Luke would fight Pat Cote?

    Cuz I’d be very surprised if they fought.
    Doerksen I could definitely see happening, same with many other guys.

    But with Pat and Luke being good friends, BTT/Fabio connection etc. I thought that fight wouldn’t happen.

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    K outta the 8 non UFC guys on Top MMA News’ MW Top 10, (Ring and JMac in UFC) here’s how I think Luke would do.

    I don’t think him and Cote would prob fight, so now there’s 7.

    He beats 1 by decision.

    Finishes 3 in the late 2nd or 3rd round.

    And absolutely crushes the other 3. Most likely within first 3 min or so.

    So outta the 7 guys or so in Top 10 that I could see him fighting, I think he goes 7-0

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  9. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Bobby that is one of the 3 guys in the top 10 we have not asked for because of the friendship. Mike metioned 4 fighters that he thinks Luke should fight and 2 of those were fights we have asked for, but Cote is not one of them. I didn’t want to say who we have asked for out of the guys Mike mentioned cause I didn’t want to be disrepectful and on a forum say what fights we have asked for and not asked for. Your 100% correct with there frienship that fight will not happen.

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    Yea that’s what I thought, thanks for the clarification.

    Pat needs to be back in the UFC!

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  11. peter puck says:

    Luke Harris is a poser. The same thing that happened to Mitch Clarke, Tim Hague and Nick Penner, will happen to Harris if he goes to the UFC. He’s had easy fights and in small shows and then wants to make this huge jump that he’s not ready for.

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  12. peter puck says:

    Cote should be back in the UFC he’s always fun to watch.

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  13. slim says:

    MacArthur is a lot better then his record would suggest. Among his losses are to; Advin Omic, Jesse Bongfeldt, Ryan Machan, Cody Mackenzie, Mitch Clarke, Andrew Buckland, Makdessi and Derek Medler. He also takes a lot of fights on short notice, not getting a full training camp in.

    If this whole rumor that Harris doesn’t like to get hit is true then MacArthur might just be able to pull off the upset.

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  14. mike kent says:

    Yeah I agree that MacArthur has some tricks up his sleeve and could suprise luke abit .

    I think there is a place is the ufc for luke With his grappling credentials he can hang with anyone but until he fights a marquee guy or two and looks impressive its just too big of a step .

    Me myself I’d much rather go the ryan jinmo route and make sure bwfore u get your shot your good and damn ready . If your that good you’ll win the important fights no need to risk it and look at all the confidence jimmo must have being on a 16 fight win streak against abunch of vets . There will be a much less steep learning curve for him then someone like penner . He’s tested and passed the test and is ready . If I make it thats the way I’d want it . Probally 5-6 fights more mininum.

    That being said when they come calling its hard to say no

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  15. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Mike if you go 5-6 more fights if you win before you sign then you sir are insane. That is lost money and this sport has a slim window of opportunity, not jumping when the opportunity presents itself is not smart. Also would be unjust punishment on a smaller stage which is not smart either. You need 1-2…maybe 3 nice win and you should go, if you wait longer to me that is not smart. About Luke taking harder fights..the guy he just beat, beat the guy your about to fight. Also this is the second time you have done say he isn’t taking tough fights and we did everything in our power to fight you. So yeah kind of makes it seem like your saying your not a tough fight.

    @Peter Puck so Penner losses to Perosh who is running through everyone is a bad loss, which says he’s not ready? Are you serious? Perosh has 3 UFC wins in a row none of them going the distance, he’s been a monster since dropping down to 205. Penner will be back and I expect him to win his next UFC fight. I think Mitch looked pretty good in his UFC debut and also lost to a tough guy. There are plenty of Canadian’s that don’t fight huge names before going and do just fine once they make the jump. John Makdessi to name one. Also as stated earlier we tried everythign in our power to fight Mike Kent, that’s a top guy.

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  16. Gunner says:

    I am gonna say this with all due respect but this is not the age of Royce Gracie, Kimo, Tank Abbott, Jo Sun,


    and Luke is great when its on the ground but without nit picking, and going over his fights and opponents,

    just a few examples of what i mean

    James Toney, one dimensional amazing boxer, looked like a fool

    Royce Gracie, still has no standup but great on the ground one of the best (grappling), has been made to look like a fool (unfortunatly) in last fights like to Matt Hughes

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  17. mike kent says:

    kyle i wasnt disrespecting anyone , ive fought and dominated everyone ive fought at a lower level . i think i match up well with some of canadas best but until fight some of them and prove it you would never even here the words UFC come out of my mouth. Nobody would want to turn down a UFC contract and i agree that they would be crazy but why go up there with those key fights and not know where you stand and be a 1 and done type of scenario . Im talking about MY preference. I hope luke dominates the rest of his career goes to the UFC and is successfull. i wish you guys the best. I think for now with what ive accomplished the MFC is the best show for me . Give me great exposure on T.V top notch opponents and after i fight for them if im succesfull ill know that im ready.

    As for Cody losing to Duff . thats MMA MATH and that always doesnt add up correctly . cody has some good wins over tough guys and is a better all around fighter then Duff but theres a million ways to lose a fight and he did. that doesnt mean that he isnt legit and a tough test with a good record.

    I hope you get Luke where he wants to be. Im happy taking the path im on and not jumping to the front of the line

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  18. Kyle Stoltz says:

    The only one and done a guy that came out of MFC..paging Antonio McKee. Then people complain about he was on the last MFC card before Duff decided not to take the fight to fight Luke for Aggression. So he was good enough to fight for MFC and Luke beat him.

    About Cody..I’m on his sherdog page, what quality wins are we talking about? I think Cody’s a good fighter but not sure what wins he has that are big wins. To be honest with you I think Duff beats Cody if they fought again.

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  19. mike kent says:

    lol alright man. pump your breaks and take a deep breath . I dont really care. like i said i wish you guys luck and think lukes seems like a pretty good guy and fighter and dont wanna hijack the article done on him with this B.S. It was you that brought up duff and everything else , i actually was giving Luke props. For someone who had 20 UFC fighters and is soooo profeesional it sure doesnt take much to get your panties in a bunch and lower yourself to arguing on forums with a NOBODY like myself lol. I will actually ask if Cody Rempel or Keith will remove my comments . i dont think it fair to luke to have a nice article on you and two people bicker back and forth on it like this . its disrepectful .

    good luck this weekend luke !

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  20. Idolmaker says:

    Well said mike, you hit the nail on the head with your last comment.

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  21. Bobby Karimi says:

    Cody beats Duff 9 out of 10 times.

    I was at the fight between Krahn and Duff. Krahn beat the shit out of Duff, but Duff survived and Krahn epicly gassed out imo.

    I think Krahn finishes Duff at the latest early in the 2nd.

    Krahn does have a good wins in my opinion. I like his wins over Dan Chambers and Ryan Chiappe (that fight showed me a different Krahn than a expected). Also has some other decent wins.

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  22. Idolmaker says:

    I also was at the heatxc event between Cody and duff, and it went down exactly as bkb has described. Cody is a much better fighter than duff…imo

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  23. Fake says:

    This is such a joke !! Bkb you think he would go 7-0. There is a lot of hype for someone who picks and chooses his fights ! He was first to fight ritch,then MacArthur .No one else in north America would fight him ? Eric you are delusional !! It’s not like Luke is even top ten grappler in Canada . What are his credentials ? He recieved his brown belt in the backseat of a car. He brings guys in from brazil to teach, then does not pay them and leaves them high and dry . The guy is classless. Luke will get smashed by any top guy in Canada !

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