Evolution Fighting Championships 11.5 – Lloydminster – March 17


Date: March 17, 2011
Location: The Kooler Nightlub in Lloydminster
Tickets: Sound Obsessions AVUNorthern Factory Workwear and the Kooler Nightclub.

Fight Card:
Marc Beausoleil (6-1) vs. Mike Glover (0-5)
Kelly Gervais (6-2) vs. Leo Constant (2-6)
Teague Smith (2-1) vs. Phil Deschambult (4-4)
Travis Quesnel (1-0) vs. Tyler O’Brien (1-2)
Billy Torrence (0-2) vs. James Lefebvre (0-0)
Blair Oster (1-0) vs. TBA

56 Responses to “ Evolution Fighting Championships 11.5 – Lloydminster – March 17 ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Fighters want to fight, promoters want to make money.

    Your coach/ manager should watch out for your best interest, if they don’t get new ones.

    The commission is there to ensure fairness and rules are obeyed.

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  2. I still feel that anybody involved in our sport, needs to represent it properly, and do good things for the sport.

    We are too new to assume commissions or anybody is going to put the sport first, so we all need to do it.

    I had this same opinion back in 95

    The sport could not handle a death in Canada at this point, and it could be ended for everybody in a second if negligent people are putting fights on that make no sense, and put people at further risk.

    Don’t assume traveling circus commissions care about anything but making money for themselves.

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  3. Blackout05 says:

    Gonna be a hell of a night either way though, cant go wrong with that, right?

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  4. cyril G says:

    ok thous fights last nite unreal these people in mma that fight at weight class should be that weight not fight some one who cuts to that weight n not be 15-20 pounds over i didn’t know that could happen in a pro fight or any type

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  5. Sean Quinn says:

    Just want to let Owen know that the offer stands. When you recover from the vicious beating your about to take from Orestes, I’d be happy to beat you just as savagely.

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  6. WeaponX says:

    It seems that justice has prevailed!!

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