MAD about MMA: Live Post Strikeforce Show


Don’t forget to tune in to the second half of Top MMA News’ “MAD about MMA” double header weekend. We will feature a live MAD about MMA Post Strikeforce – Tate vs. Rousey Recap show, and will focus on the fight between Sarah Kaufman and Alexis Davis, the most significant fight in Canadian Female MMA history. We have plans to be joined live by the winner of the Kaufman vs Davis bout shortly after the completion of the Strikeforce show.

MAD about MMA will be broadcasting live shortly at the conclusion of tonight’s Strikeforce card. The show will feature a recap, analysis, and thoughts on the Strikeforce show, as well as general discussion and banter on MMA in general. As always we will be joined by Bobby Karimi-Busheri tonight to share his thoughts.

Will the reigning Queen of Canadian MMA Sarah Kaufman retain her crown or will Alexis Davis lay claim to the title?
Check it out by pressing play:

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or download the file by right clicking and Save As: MAD about MMA – Strikeforce – Rousey vs. Tate Recap.

3 Responses to “ MAD about MMA: Live Post Strikeforce Show ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    I wish I could listen right now but I’ll be checking out the show first thing in the morning… Rousey by Armbar, it was only a matter of time!

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  2. The archive of the show has now been posted.

    We talk about how the Sarah Kaufman and Alexis Davis was the best Female MMA fight of all time.

    We are joined by the Queen of Canadian MMA Sarah Kaufman to talk about her fight.

    And we go off on the promotion for hiring a sex offending nazi to fight on the card, and how Militech and Shamrock suck, and much more.

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    Good show guys.

    Damn technology, I would have liked to hear more from Queen Kaufman!

    I think Shamrock actually reads from a teleprompter in his pre-fight intros, it looked to me like he was and occasionally he woulod slip up on words… I was not a fan of Shamrock and Pat either.

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