Discipline Comes to Belleville on April 27

Joel Powell, throwing a right, is expected to be on the Discipline MMA card. (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

As previously mentioned in the Rumour Mill and confirmed with the Ontario Athletic Commission, mixed martial arts is coming to Belleville, Ontario.  A new promotion named Discipline MMA will hold their debut event at the home of the Belleville Bulls, Yardmen Arena, on April 27.

The President of Discipline MMA is Dave Mair, who was involved with the MMA Live 1 promotion in London, the ill-fated CEMMA show in Toronto, as well as the first sanctioned show in Ontario, MMA: The Reckoning in Casino Rama.  At the Discipline MMA kickoff press conference, Mair announced that a portion of each ticket will be donated to Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial Fund in Quinte West.

Rumoured to be appearing on the show are twin brothers Joel Powell (3-2) and Josh Powell (5-2). Anna Barone (2-3) and Dave Hale (1-0) are also expected on the card.

The Quinte News attended the inaugural Discipline MMA press conference and reported that the Bay of Quinte Tourist Council President Ryan Williams expects “the economic spin-off for the region could amount to about a million dollars.”


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  1. alin says:

    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Specially Robin, sometimes I am hard on him for his comentary on the fights but all around he is one hard worker and try his best in every aspect of the sport he is involved. Also my honour to be on the list with all the names mentioned above.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Thank you sir.

    This may be a business, but it’s the Martial Arts business. I know very well that II Haven’t been around that long but the newest people getting involved seem like maybe they weren’t brought up understanding that Martial Arts are about repect for the masters.

    Let’s all get away from our computers and go and train and enjoy the game.

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  3. Toughbastard says:

    Brown nosers? An elite group!

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:


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  5. Jake - JHEG says:

    These arguments would be awesome if we all knew what in flyin’ fuck anyone was talking about. I think someone broke it down quite eloquently a few pages ago but I’m exhausted.

    Easy answer: STOP doing business with each other and quit poaching.

    Amazingly enough, this community always finds a way to accommodate newcomers and people that legitimately help and grow the sport. Your record will always speak for itself in the long run. I agree with Robin. Earn your stripes.

    And I might not be as old as Lee Mein, Joe Doerksen or MAD…but I hope to be on that list one day. ;)

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  6. real news says:

    And so ends another episode of punks jump up to get beat down..

    Think a bit before speaking next time mr GARNETT ACE it looks like you just got set staight :)

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  7. Robin Black says:

    This thread is so yesterday.

    There’s great athletes and great fights and great shows all around us.

    Anyone wanna move on?

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  8. Toughbastard says:

    Yes please move on already! This website used to be good for putting people together and to support each but shit has gotten way to personal for my liking.. I thought Canada were only experts in hockey. Man was I wrong..wasn’t the sport was just legalized. The big problem with this website is the ability to hide behind names. Some of us are here to make contacts hence why i was here to see who was running what shows and others are here to just cause shit..good bye my canadian friends. Moving on to another site. way to much drama here not to mention i am affraid to say the wrong thing! Lol See u around Michigan circuit! DC

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  9. JYD says:

    I am sure that forum disagreements and blow-ups are consistent with websites in the US of A and all around the world-wide-web, but… I could be wrong. Best of luck around the Michigan Circuit toughbastard, there are some goldmine threads and discussions on here, you are missing out.

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  10. real news says:

    You guys keep singing kumbaya ill keep my watch out for this guy any anyone like him.

    You know the real issues with mma forums and the business in general a lack of realness.. Nice to eachotheres face but not half the guts to call a rat a rat or this silly pretending to like and respect eachother when its really anything but….man up folks..

    And that’s what I’m doing . Sorry if your offended but again I know a bit more than the average bear about ace and company so just making sure you all know.. This won’t be his first or last scam gone awry just watch.

    In other news a real best wishes to the athletes and people who make the sport grow.

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  11. just sayin... says:

    this thread was both entertaining, tiring and retarded

    please … everyone involved … dont stop ….. keep this going as long as it can go.

    this is too funny.

    love you all!!!

    long live MMA in Ontario

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  12. wanting to... "support" says:

    As a Local Business owner in Belleville thinking of “Investing” or “Supporting” MMA in Belleville, it is Difficult to get a “Feel” for the legitimise of the sport, as well as Promoters, Managers and Venues. I have accessed the posts of some of the people involved in, or who follow the sport… what I have seen in the posts from this site seem to be less about the “Sport” and more about personal attacks… I have watched MMA from its start and would like to “Support” it in some way, if someone could answer a question when you’re done arguing…. Is the April 27th Venue in Belleville…. A “Good” fight card…??
    For the future of the “Sport”…. think of who ($$$) could be reading…!!!

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  13. goose says:

    the card ‘as is’ is lopsided and obvious to anyone in the know. imho the closest thing to a “fix” in MMA is a deliberate can opponent. The easiest way to cheapen the sport and rip off fans is mismatching and setting up a win for a fighter. So theres the math on that one ;) Save your $$$$$ for a quality card.

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  14. JYD says:

    In this case, the ‘personal attacks’ (that have been addressed and discussed 100x already) were directly related to the behaviour and past actions of the Discipline promoter (true or not) that was bad for the sport.

    If I really wanted to support the sport in Ontario and was going to be investing $$$ in a show, I would like to know the type of person I was getting behind.

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  15. goose says:

    another note worth mentioning…

    Why as an investor would i want to get my brand attached to a company who infringes multiple copywrites left right and center in the advertising, including music, video footage and photographs. Plus pumps a main event knowingly not happening (in the Climenti fight)

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  16. Jeff harrison says:

    I am sad to see the disrespect .. Brutal.

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  17. realnews says:

    ok guys im really honestly out of the loop here.. whats teh issue with the promotion? a lot of heat going thier direction and people making vague comments about the promoters

    i say more fights its better for local athletes lets get behind the show and build the sport locally .. if not someone tell me why not ??

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  18. real news says:

    Why the negativity and not a single response? And we are fight fans??

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  19. MMA FAN in Ontario says:

    Real News…are you one of the promoters? your promoting this card pretty hard. If you are involved in the show just be honest..if not, my apologizes. The reason people are so negative is because who is behind the show – watching the you tube videos..they are going to to need more then a couple playmates to make it happen. The worst main event ever 3-2 vs 3-2..I heard Powell is one Dave Mair boys hence the main event..I don’t know the guys behind the scene but after watching the videos and press conferences I am thinking people are right…250,000,000 homes and 45 countries..and $1,000,000 impact on the city. Someone is smoking something.. I guess they are bigger then the UFC…Good Luck with the event. Is anyone going to the event?

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  20. Colleen Perry says:

    Our party of 5, arrived at 5pm to get seated and watch the fights that were suppose to start at 5:30. It is now 5:48pm and I am so disappointed!! 5 FIGHTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED AND WE ARE NOW TOLD THAT THE FIGHTS ARE NOT STARTING UNTIL 7PM!!!
    WE (a party of 5!) WANT OUR MONEY BACK!
    $78.50 per ticket!!!
    This is an outrage!! Not good for the city of Belleville.

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  21. Colleen Perry says:

    Also ALL 5 of us booked time off work so we could come to this fight that as suppose to start at 5:30! Not only do we want our ticket cost back we deserve to be compensated for lost wages!!
    I do expect a reply!

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  22. Robin Black says:

    Colleen sorry that happened to you guys.

    Please believe that MMA is a fantastic spectaor sport, and please know that the event you are at does not represent most MMA events.

    Yes there’s only 6 fights, but those young men have worked hard to be prepared to entertain you the best they know how.

    Please feel free to hold your overpriced tickets, your late start time, your being mislead in the advertising, as so on against the promoter. You are being treated poorly.

    But try to enjoy the beauty that is a great MMA fight between young athletes. These athletes will give you their all.

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  23. Robin Black says:

    And Colleen you won’t get an answer from the promoters they don’t come to this site.

    Again sorry to hear you’re having a bad experience. I hope this doesn’t sour you on the sport.

    It’s usually a great spectator experience.

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  24. Sean McManus says:

    Robin – apparently the they frequent the site enough to have Big Win removed from the event by police escort…wow.

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  25. FillionMMA says:


    sadly, the discipline name will change and more unfortunate people will get ripped off by these idiots.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    Sean ya that just proves that guy’s Monorail theory.

    You don’t want to have press around when the track bends.

    Colleen, I hate to tell you, but I’m hearing theu’re moving the start time back to 8 pm now.

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  27. Robin Black says:

    Colleen, can you (or someone else there) prove a theory for me?

    Are there more ring girls than there are fighters?

    (At this kinda show there’s always more ring girls than fighters.)

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  28. Colleen… I would talk to the Ontario Athletic Commission about refunds. If anyone can help you out, they can as they are under the Department for Consumer Affairs.

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  29. Jeff Harrison says:

    Hook Colleen up with a set of nice tickets to The Score Fighting Series as a gesture from the MMA community. Have the Sun write an article on exactly what happened. The tyranny of DMMA and the good samaritan efforts from SFS will be documented, a fan gets compensated, and balance comes back to the force.It’s a win morally and politically:) Make it happen Robyn!

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  30. Mmafanontario says:

    Well this was seen light years away…..

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  31. Jessie Sanford says:

    I purchased 3 tickets to this MMA event. The tickets did say 5:30, it didn’t start till 8. Where was CLEMENTI AND BARONE? Like honestly, I feel so decieved. Also, I came to find out that I paid 78 a ticket. When the ppl beside us paid 35 bucks a ticket when bought in a group of 4. And someone else said they only paid 40 for their ticket. I want my money back please.

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