MFC 33 Main Card Finalized


The Maximum Fighting Championship has completed its lineup of the main card for MFC 33: Collision Course slated for Friday, May 4 in Edmonton, Alberta.

The main card, highlighted by the MFC welterweight title tilt between Ryan “The Kid” McGillivray and Nathan “Soulforce” Coy, will air live on HDNet Fights from the Mayfield Conference Centre beginning at 10 p.m. ET/8 p.m. MT/7 p.m. PT (check local listings for channel designation).

For the first time in organization history, back-to-back winners of the Knockout of the Night will clash as home-town favorite “The African Assassin” Mukai Maromo tangles with Adam Lynn in a lightweight matchup. Maromo (6-2) captured the KO of the Night honor at MFC 30 as he felled Scott Cleve in just 36 seconds. Maromo ran his winning streak to three straight when he captured a convincing unanimous decision verdict over Sabah Fadai at MFC 31.

At MFC 31, it was Lynn’s turn to take home the KO of the Night award when he blasted Curtis Demarce with a vicious elbow only 1:38 into their encounter. Lynn, who fights out of Laguna Hills, California, would later get the nod for the MFC’s 2011 Knockout of the Year. Lynn (17-8) is on a real tear having won six straight with the demolition of Demarce being the sixth knockout victory of his 10-year career.

Another home-town fighter has a spot on the MFC 33 roster as Cody “Genghis” Krahn meets up with MFC newcomer Mike Kent in a middleweight bout. Krahn (11-4), who has won eight of his last 10 outings and has eight submission wins under his belt, finally earned his long-awaited first win under the MFC banner when he scored a hard-fought, first-round submission of Ryan Chiappe at MFC 31.

But Krahn doesn’t have an easy task ahead of him in the unbeaten Kent (8-0), who hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kent has finished all but one of his fights, and has stopped his opposition four times inside the first round.

Chiappe (8-7) will get a chance to redeem himself at MFC 33 as he meets the rejuvenated Jamie “The Ghost” Toney (15-7) in a welterweight showdown. Chiappe, a native of Prince George, British Columbia, has won four of his last six outings, and boasts six knockouts on his resume.

Toney, the Bas Rutten-trained talent from Los Angeles, California, was stopped by Dhiego Lima in his organizational debut at MFC 30, but rebounded with a clear-cut decision victory over Kyle Jackson at MFC 32 in January – a battle that is an early contender for the MFC’s 2012 Fight of the Year. A well-rounded battler, Toney has six knockouts and seven submission victories to his credit.


MFC 33: Collision Course Main Card

Nathan Coy vs. Ryan McGillivray – MFC welterweight title

Adam Lynn vs. Mukai Maromo – lightweight

Aron Lofton vs. Dwayne Lewis – light-heavyweight

Jamie Toney vs. Ryan Chiappe – welterweight

Mike Kent vs. Cody Krahn – middleweight

Diego Bautista vs. Sabah Fadai – lightweight

24 Responses to “ MFC 33 Main Card Finalized ”

  1. peter puck says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  2. Jamon says:

    People who don’t think live tv helps there career should ask benson smooth Henderson where he got noticed

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  3. Paveldouche says:


    Regional show at best.

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  4. peter puck says:

    Its funny MFC puts to many X ufc guys people rag , he puts on to many Americans people rag but one thing for sure we will all be watching.

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  5. EPerez says:


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  6. Robin Black says:

    Being on live TV really doesn’t matter, but being on quality tv REALLY matters and the MFC is definitely quality TV.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    I shouldn’t say it doesn’t matter. Live TV is great for fans. Millions of people having the ability to see fights live is a beautiful thing.

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  8. Demitri (trev) says:

    Like a few of these match ups but not a chance I will watch a show from that slim ball pavelich. Coy winning will hurt the mfc by not having a local holding the crown (as far as selling tickets to his empty shows). To bad, I like Mcgillivray and definitely cheer for him

    I always stuck by Kent’s side if guys would trash him; bit I am disappointed to see him sign with MFC. Kent, is this a one fight contract?

    Hoping Maromo will go back to Aggression. Without his ticket sales (and one or two other guys) no one would be in attendance at an mfc event. Cheering for Lewis as well
    And wish I could see his fight but again; pavelich has screwed over far to many people for me to watch any of his shows

    Well-loved! Thumb up 13 Thumb down 4

  9. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Hey Keith, what is the record for “Most Thumbs Down”?

    I think post #1 must be close!

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  10. @wuzjustsayin … the thumbs down plugin does not track records, but that is a lot.

    As for MFC 33, I will definitely be watching this. Some compelling stuff to me.

    I am a Dwayne Lewis fan and will watch all his fights.

    I like the Maromo vs Lynn matchup. Both guys got KOTN in 2011 MFCs. Should be fun.

    I have never seen Mike Kent fight live and really appreciate western Canada vs eastern Canada matchups to see how different circuits rank up. I know the fighters are fighting for themselves, but I look at Krahn vs Kent as comparison between mid-level Alberta MWs and top-level Maritime MWs?

    It is so hard to rank a guy who never leaves Alberta against a guy who never leaves the Maritimes. This matchup does that and also helps answer how others in similar spots rank up.

    Its like the Alberta Bantamweights. If Tony Bibby beat Eric Perez at CFC, then all the sudden I am starting to think that Alberta Bantamweights are much better than I had been thinking and maybe I was rating WAMMA Bantamweights too highly.

    So why not watch this? What else am I going to do on a Friday night? Go out and have a life? Bah.

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  11. A person could hate Mark Pavelich and if they don’t watch this show, they aren’t a real fan.

    Real fans watch all the LIVE MMA they can.

    Some great matchups on this card.

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  12. Cameron McQueen says:

    Good to see Aron back at it again. Always had fun with him and his crew at the events. MFC has a stud on their hands with Mukai. He is so athletic it will hold him over until his game is fully developed.

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  13. Demitri (trev) says:

    Marc Andre- how many fighters, pro and ammy in Edmonton? I bet over half of them won’t be at the show meanwhile they got nothing else up. What does that make them? Not true fighters? That’s a dumb comment you made, I get your point (some intriguing match ups) but it is an ignorant comment.

    I am a big fan of the sport, big fan of this website and thoroughly love discussing Canadian mma fighters on here.
    I’m buddies with two guys on this card, and half ass train with them as well. I am interested in the result as it will propel some friends either up or down. Good luck guys. But I will forever dislike your boss for the scams he pulls and I won’t support him in anyway

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  14. kazam says:

    Adam Lynn will KO mukai moromo

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  15. Mark Sinclair says:

    Some good fights! War McGillivray, Muramo & Krahn! Nice to see the number of Canadian fighters on the show. I will tune in to TopMMAnews for the results but ……what Demitri said.

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  16. Jamon says:

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  17. Robin Black says:

    I always watch.

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  18. Guns Loaded says:

    True story we support the fighters but we can’t support the boss of the MFC lol don’t u see he’s already doing so good he doesn’t need our ticket money just ask him.

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  19. kazam says:

    MFC is the best organization in Canada .They are with HDNET and TSN2 .I feel grateful that their homebase is in my city .Quality matches . Alot of the MFC haters should go fill out hurt feeling reports . This is the fight business . Their is a reason the “KID ” resigned with the MFC . IT was his best option . I never met Mark P. ,I know nothing of him , wether he’s rich or poor . I do know he puts on a good show .I dont know about all you jive turkeys , but I will be at MFC33 or watching on my big screen at home on HDNET.

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  20. Paveldouche says:

    ^ Hi Mark!

    Talk all you want but YOU still are a low life and unfortunately it hurts the fighters on your cards.

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  21. kazam says:

    Hey Paveldouche ,you are a mean and nasty person .You must not be very happy in life . I am definately not Mark P. You have a good day and enjoy your single life .

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 8

  22. mike kent says:

    Anyone who is in the business as long as the MFC and Mark is going to have lots of fans and lots of people that have not so nice things to say. Promoting is a job that your not going to win over alot of people becuase everything always comes back on you and you have to make tough decisions that arent always favourable. Theres tons of people that have bad things to say about dana white over contact dealings and being cut and so on and so on. The nice promoters that fold to everybodys every wish and dont run a tight ship end up broke.
    Im pretty sure Ryan Jimmo is a very smart individual and once he was free and clear of his contacts he signed on for pavelich to manage him so that says alot right there .

    Whether you like someone or not you cant argue with the product . MFC does put on the best shows and most competitive match ups in canada and has been doing it with longevity . There brodcasts and quality of there shows including production and announcing is second to only the biggest promotion in the world and they are a big time fight promotion. i like Agression and their fighters but if you watch there last card it was stacked with some of the worse mismatches ive seen and major one sided fights , with the MFC you see close fights and nobody gets a easy road to the top.

    Like i said if your in this business long enough and are successfull youll have tons of fans and tons of naysayers . its business and business is not always rainbows and butterflys. But to get guys like Jimmo , the kid, tons of ufc vets , maromo , dwayne lewis and the limas your doing something right. you cant argue with great fights and if you dont watch cards like this your missing out on some great canadian product

    ( bracing for a wave of thumbs down )

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 12 Thumb down 8

  23. Mike Malott says:

    Mike Kent and Mukai Maromo!!

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 3

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