Cory MacDonald’s Bellator Opponent is Announced


Cory MacDonald (12-2) will be facing veteran Brendan Seguin (23-17-1) at Bellator 67 on May 4th, according to a Cage Potato report.  The Bellator event will be held in Casino Rama in Ontario.

It will be exactly a year since MacDonald’s last fight where he defeated Chris Vorano at UGC in Montreal.  MacDonald has fought primarily as Welterweight throughout his career and has only recently decided to move up to Middleweight.  The Kingston native will have his hand’s full against Seguin.

Seguin, a Michigan native, is coming into his bout with MacDonald on a loss.  Seguin had reeled off five consecutive wins since 2010, including a win over former UFC fighter Rob Kimmons, before losing his Impact Fight League Middleweight title to Justin Guthrie last November.

The MacDonald/Seguin fight will join a previously announced Ryan Ford versus Luis Santos bout that was confirmed here last week.

UPDATE: Top MMA News updated the article after determining that Seguin lost his most recent fight.

8 Responses to “ Cory MacDonald’s Bellator Opponent is Announced ”

  1. Woodrow says:

    How do all these
    Michigan fighters keep getting spots in ontario!!!!

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  2. Update: Seguin actually lost his most recent fight. It was not on Sherdog, which Top MMA News uses for fighter’s records. It was on The article was updated accordingly.

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  3. mark says:

    corey is a good fighter. hope to see him tdo great in the bellator circuit

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  4. Cameron McQueen says:

    Cory has to be the fighter with the most hype surrounding him in Canada to always seem to disappear off the map. He always seems to get his true chance to make a name for himself then disappear. I thought he lost his fight against Goncalves but he seems to have all the tools. I have always followed his career and all of the boys out of Gladiator. Lets hope he can stay on the map this time and stay active. He had a tough first test in a serious journeyman who always brings it.

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  5. Priest says:

    @Woodrow i believe that it’s called a work visa, and the fact that the state of michigan is 5 minutes across the river from Windsor Ontario, location, location, location

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  6. zach b says:

    Cory is a killer!!! hope he gets to make a real run.

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  7. charles says:

    Seguin by ground n pound.

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  8. Jack hole says:

    Cory is only tough when the guy is cuffed from behind. He’s a washout loser. Hope he’s a good landlord because it’s all he has left.

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