Canadian Rumour Mill – February 27


Just like you heard from me in January, it looks like the UFC is going to Calgary for July this year. Pretty exciting stuff, let’s see if us regular folk will be able to get tickets.

  • Look for Mitch Gagnon and Nick Ring to be on the Calgary UFC card. Also maybe Mitch Clarke and Nick Penner.
  • Bellator 64 undercard fights include the following bouts: Josh Taveirne vs Chad Laprise, Lance Snow vs Kyle Prepolec, Ali Mokdad vs Rich Lictawa, Taylor Solomon vs Mike Fisher.
  • I’m hearing both Powell brothers, Anna Barone, and Muay Thai fighter David Hale will be on the Belleville show. Jim Gentle and Dave Mair are putting the Belleville card together.
  • First signing by the Pavelich Sports management wing – recent UFC signee Ryan Jimmo. Very familiar territory and relationship for the two.
  • BFL 15 will have a stellar Welterweight fight – Nick Hinchliffe vs TNT Jackson.   ‘Lelo’ Aurelio will also face Mike Jorgensen on the card.

103 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – February 27 ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Any of the twitter campaigns pick up any traction?

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  2. idolmaker says:

    Good grief I hope not!!!

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  3. Guns Loaded says:

    FYI Twitter wars for a job are so lame.

    Tim nope lazy
    Sheldon 170 is to stacked

    Luke Harris unfortunately is the most marketable (note he’s professional enough not to tweet) I’m not saying he’s good I’m just saying he makes sense. Mark my word if he wins before June he will be signed.

    Mike Davis 125lbs will be on the card if he wins march 30
    Mitch Clarke will be on the card

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