UFC 144 Bonus Winners


UFC announced the winners of $65,000 bonuses from UFC 144.

  • Fight of the Night: Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar won with their five round performance won by Henderson.
  • Submission of the Night: Vaughan Lee submitted Kid Yamamoto in the first round with an arm bar.
  • Knockout of the Night: Anthony Pettis won with an impressive head kick KO over Joe Lauzon to win the bonus.

It was also announced that Anthony Pettis would get a title shot against Benson Henderson.

3 Responses to “ UFC 144 Bonus Winners ”

  1. EPerez says:

    Tamura’s KO was more spectacular

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  2. Lance Bass says:

    I agree, i also like Mark Hunts alot as well

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  3. That was impressive, but wasn’t last night.

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