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BFL Middleweight and Hard Knocks Welterweight champion Andrew Buckland joins Top MMA Radio this week. Buckland talks about his recent victory over Matt Baker at Battlefield Fight League 13. Buckland also discusses his training camp, his past fights, the Let’s Get It On MMA debacle and where he would like to fight in the future.

A voice from the past joins Top MMA Radio as well. Marc-Andre Drolet joins Don Wilson and discusses his return to Top MMA News. Big Win and MAD also break down the UFC 144 card and all the latest news in MMA.

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5 Responses to “ Top MMA Radio with Andrew Buckland ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Great show, good to hear MAD is back on the site full time.

    Sanchez vs Fitch is a wicked fight. I also called that after the Ellenberger match up. I’d love to see it!

    I know BKB has stated he’s not a fan of AMMA, I also see the craziness of what’s happening in PQ with their scene. I have writen long posts before about the am scene here in BC and I have to say again it is run extremely well. Am MMA is an amazing tool that fighters should be using to guage their skills before going “pro”. It just needs to be regulated properly and unsafe, unsanctioned shows should answer for not holding up to high safety and legit standards.

    MAD, I have to disagree on Mike Kent, although his management SHOULD be the guy looking to get him fights, chatting it up on web forums or any media outlet is a great way to get fans and mma enthusiasts to remember your name. Not saying he should be calling out every guy on the top ten list, but Mike is very respectful to everyone except Jana. The guy is simply getting his name out there to the many fans, promoters, managers and fighters that frequent the forum. I think he’s doing a great PR job…. Minus the Jana drama..

    Big Win, did you say Canada has a thin MW division?

    Andrew Buckland is an absolute animal, he is constantly training and an inspiration to watch in the gym. I am surprised you guys didn’t mention his post fight interview after his win over Baker, it was mint!

    As Andrew said, there are tonnes of great guys at Impact MMA. Obviously Nick Hinchliffe and Graham Spencer are beasts, but the rest of the team is great and there is alot of experience floating around!

    Team plug –

    For this weekends card, I’m with Big Win, BENDO FTW!

    The ideas for post fight shows sound awesome! This will help get some chatter going in Edmonton and East after some of the West Coast shows like AFC, BFL and if there are ever KOTC’s happenning again out here.

    I enjoyed the show guys… Keep it up…


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  2. MIKE KENT says:

    i agree with what they said jamie. But sometimes a big mouth will get you what you want. if im not calling people out id go not noticed. i should go through my managment as that is the right thing to do but i dont mind stirring things up everyonce in a while lol. i think i may have a good fight now so ill be shut up for months :)

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  3. QuinnFan says:

    MAD looks like a monkey

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  4. Shar 1 says:

    Are you kidding me? The Mike vs Jana Drama is better than Desperate Housewives. I link it from my Facebook account. ;)

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Great point Keith had made previously on why Ellenberger shouldn’t fight Condit and should be saved for GSP.

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