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Top MMA News introduced the Power 25 in 2012 to showcase the best Canadian fighters that are not signed by Zuffa.  This ranking system does not consider weight class and only considers the potential, the wins, and the record of each MMA fighter in Canada.

The Power 25 will be updated every month.  The next update will be in mid-March.  These are fights that warrant consideration for next month’s Power 25 rankings.

Fights of “major relevance” will have a significant impact on the Power 25. Fighters in ”major relevance” will definitely move up/down the Power 25 depending on the outcome of their fights.

Fights of “minor relevance” will not directly impact the Power 25 rankings in March.  However, the winners of these bouts are definitely ‘on the radar’ for the Power 25 and for the regular Canadian Top 10 rankings.

In each category, the underlined name identifies the fighter that is under consideration to be Power ranked.

The “Power 25 Relevance Score” is a Power 25 rating for cards. Top MMA News gives 3 points to a fighter who is in the Power 25, 2 points to a fighter who is in the Top 10 for their division but are not Power 25, or 1 point to a fighter who is neither ranked nor in the Power 25 but is “on Top MMA News’ radar”. Then we add all the fighter totals up for that card.

With that said, here are the Power Fights:

The 2nd half of the month is filled with tons of power!

February 23 – Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 46 (CWFC)

Minor Relevance:
Remi Morvan (8-6) vs. Phil Harris (19-9)  (1)

Power 25 relevance score Cage Warriors FC 46: 1


February 24 – School of Hard Knocks 20 (HK)

Zero fights of relevance.

Power 25 relevance score for Hark Knocks 20: 0


March 9 – King of the Cage Canada: Infamy

Minor Relevance:
Chase Maxwell (8-2) vs TBA  (1)
Luke Harris (7-1) vs Brandon MacArthur (6-18)  (1)

Power 25 relevance score KOTC Canada: Infamy: 2


March 16 – Score Fight Series (SFS)

Major Relevance:
Josh Hill (7-0) vs. Eric Wilson (5-1)  (3+2)
John Alessio (33-14) vs. Ryan Healy (19-9-1)  (3)

Minor Relevance:
Greg Welsh (6-2) vs. Will Romero (7-3)  (1+2)
Lyndon Whitlock (5-2) vs. Cory Houston (4-1)  (1+1)
Shane Campbell (3-1) vs. Derek Boyle (7-5)  (1+1)
Alex Ricci (4-0) vs. Chad Laprise (4-0)  (1+1)
John Macphearson (1-1) vs. Craig Hudson (1-1)  (1+1)

Power 25 relevance score for Score Fighting Series 3: 19


March 17 – Ringside 13

Major Relevance:
Mike Ricci (6-2) vs. Tony Hervey  (3)

Minor Relevance:
Eric Barrak (1-0) vs. Paul Cheng (1-1)  (1+1)

Vladimir Starcencov (1-0) vs. Blake Nash (1-1) (1)
Power 25 relevance score for Ringside 13: 6


March 17 – KO Kings

Major Relevance:
Misha Cirkunov (5-1) vs. Aaron Johnson (9-5)  (3)

Power 25 relevance score for KO Kings: 3

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  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Unfortunately Chase Maxwell is out for a while due to a broken collarbone.

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  2. peter puck says:

    another tough fight for Luke Harris. Lol

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  3. UPDATE: Added Misha Cirkunov’s fight to this as it was overlooked.

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