ECSC’s Pat Reid Interviews Herb Dean


Edmonton Combative Sports Commission LogoPat Reid, the Executive Directory of the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission (ECSC) plays MMA reporter and interviews Herb Dean. In the interview, Dean shares his thoughts on when is the proper time for a referee to step in and stop a fight.

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    Hi, Donald here. You know from time to time a portion of my ‘real’ job is spent deciphering the optics of a situation. This means looking for the ‘hidden’ message that the situation is unconsciously conveying or attempting to communicate to the people who see it.

    Take for example an arrest wherein the officer is attempting to place a set of handcuffs on a resisting suspect. The officer needs to convey a sense of control and confidence as well as a sense of almost ‘caring’ in how they go about this task especially if there are witnesses to the event. They need to send a message to all around that while they are in a position where force is required they are doing it in a professional and competent manner (which lets people know there are consequences for their behavior) while also doing it in as controlled and safe a manner as possible (which lets people know that while there is physicality involved the officer is competent and only using the required amount of force to complete their job).

    Why do I bring this up you might ask? Okay, I’ll tell you.

    Let’s look at the setting of this “interview” – In a cage with a large UFC banner behind the two people. What does this mean? Has the UFC been to this place? Do the gentlemen in the video have anything to do with the UFC? The answer is no. What is implied is that this is a UFC themed interview and what is further implied is that the UFC endorses said interview (if you can call it that).

    Pat should know full well that he is the regulator of the sport in which the UFC is only one player and he should also know that the UFC has nothing to do with the refs (that’s his job).

    So I guess the question is, “Is the implied message that the two gentlemen represent the larger organization, the UFC, and that the discussion around ‘stoppages’ is endorsed by said group?”

    Odd, eh?

    Also, why didn’t Pat ask Herb about the abysmal job done in the first Spratt vs. Ford fight wherein the ref in question severely impaired Spratt’s chances due to his inaction? I’d be interested in knowing the answer to that question.


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  3. Robin Black says:

    If Mr. Reid is going to start interviewing (Not a bad first interview to be honest) then I’m gonna start Combative Sports Commission-ing.

    Damn, I don’t know how do do that government stuff. :(

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    Robin Robin Robin Robin. If just anyone could be a commission member then you’d have all sorts of problems. People wouldn’t understand the conflict of interest that would happen if they worked too closely with a promotion. They wouldn’t realize how it looks if they accepted comp tickets for a major event. They wouldn’t understand how the sport could be hurt by allowing a rule set completely unknown to the local area.

    Wait, never mind. You go right ahead and be the best damn KD Lang looking Commission member you can.

    Donnie “Constant Cravings” Duck

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  5. Fighter says:

    Is this Pat’s sad attempt of trying to bring the UFC to Edmonton??? I think that bridge has already been burnt.

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  6. Pat says:

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  7. Fight for love says:

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  8. KP team says:

    Rich Ace Franklin will be hosting a seminar,charity dimmer and celebrity Saturday in support of the MS society of Alberta on March 24 2012 if any UFC fans are interested please contact:

    Kamikaze Punishment
    Fighting for a Cure

    Please let’s keep it positive and all ya haters we love you too!!

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  9. peter puck says:

    Pat Reid used to work for TSN a longtime ago

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  10. Donald Duck says:

    Fight for Love said Facts
    Counterpoint – You keep using this word. I don’t think it means what you think it means. Therefore I will respond with counter point. Anyone want a peanut?

    Herb dean has refereed over 4000 matches.
    Counterpoint – Irrelevant appeal to authority. Your assertion has nothing to do with the actual message being conveyed by this video.

    Interview is to give an in sight on what is like to be a ref.
    Counterpoint – I hardly see that coming out in the discussion. If anything Herb is somewhat vague and lacking specifics when it comes to explaining his thought process around stopping a fight.

    The Edmonton Combative Sports Commision seems to be a innovator in MMA
    Counterpoint – This is not a fact by the inclusion of the word ‘seems’. You have only stated an assumption. Also I think you meant ‘an innovator’ as opposed to ‘a innovator’. If you’re going to debate please learn how to use the language.

    Take it for what you want.
    Counterpoint – Again as above this is not a ‘fact’ and is instead a suggestion. I choose to question the information that flows into my life.

    Enjoy the sport.
    Counterpoint – See above however I would add that telling people to ‘enjoy the sport’ seems somewhat redundant on a site dedicated to MMA news. By the simple fact that people take the time to debate the issues at hand would seem to show that we do ‘enjoy the sport’.

    UFC rocks
    Counterpoint – While it is true that the UFC rocks one would wonder if they do in fact rock as hard as some other organizations. I mean we wouldn’t want to just say The UFC Rocks if someone else rocked harder. We’d look stupid.


    PS – Bonus points for catching any of the references laced throughout this reply.

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  11. KP team says:

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  12. Bottom line, above everything else, why is the head of an athletic commission interviewing people?

    He is coming off as a fanboy

    IMO it looks unprofessional and goofy

    But for comedic value, i wish he did an interview every week.

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  13. Donald Duck says:

    Kamikaze Punishment (if that is your real name) you seem to be taking this personally. No one has at any point said anything about you or your group. In fact the only concern is the strange nature of the interview and the not so subtle message being sent.

    If the commission wanted to do an interview with Herb then they could have done so over coffee or at the commission offices.

    You have to be fairly simple in your scope of thinking not to see this for what it is. As Mark says the comedic value is high but I don’t think that quite forgives all the other transgressions.


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  14. KP team says:

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  15. Donald Duck says:

    LOL. Easy partner. This is just t4e interwebs.

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  16. Robin Black says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on.

    Duck takes vague swipes at Pat Reid but not Herb Dean or guy who sponsors Herb Dean event.

    Guy who sponsors Herb Dean event gets mad. says ‘hi’ for some bizarre reason.

    What’s goin on here? Am I missing something?

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  17. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Well Robin, by deciphering the optics of this situation I would say the ‘hidden’ message is that Mike Kent wants fights.

    Just Sayin!

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  18. Not sure why this seems like somebody is using this thread to try and promote their stuff.

    It’s not really relevant where the interview took place, or if Bruce Buffer had a birthday party there once.

    Lets stay on point.

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  19. Idolmaker says:

    Bruce Buffer celebrated his bday inside of a wec sized cage? Wow that’s better than chuck e cheese!!!!

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  20. Gunner says:

    Bruce Buffer celebrates in a full UFC size cage quiet often i even see him on world wide TV in one of those fabulous UFC sized cages,

    “Not sure why this seems like somebody is using this thread to try and promote their stuff.”

    MAD umm if thats how you promote your brand i dont want none of that, go deal with my stuff i will stick with walmart and besides they have the “Roll Back” price guarantee

    Robin you always miss something but thats okay we dont wanna make people think you and I are smarter than we really are or they will actually start to expect smart things to come from us

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  21. The real question is what size was the courtroom that this lawyer does his lawyering?

    Is it WEC Sized, supreme court sized, super sized?

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  22. Donald Duck says:

    Anyone ever notice that the phrase “form fitting” is a euphemism for “small dick”?

    Just trying to keep this on topic.

    Donnie “Ribbed for her pleasure” Duck

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  23. alandale says:

    Wonder what the UFC thinks of such a blatant trademark infringement by a commission who has been sucking up harder than a rookie porn star for a UFC date? Guess they got their answer by the Calgary date

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  24. Cousin of Dale says:

    Pat Reid for president!

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  25. Boss says:

    Wonder why the video was taken off?

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  26. beerhunter says:

    Yes where did the video go? Dana probably asked for it to be removed because the dumb ass Ried did something again that was inappropriate. Nothing new for that dick head

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  27. ccanadx says:

    The govt/commissonershearings- and all order of regulations need to focus on mma as a sport – be it am./professional under whatever displine the subgroups maybe. This narrow focus of “allowing ufc to put on a show in montreal, or vancouver is wrong and will lead to a missed opportunity to “right” the long term legal and realissues associated with contact sports. Sorry but saying yes to a 4 hour ufc show is not what this country needs. Contact sports needs clarity on how it fits into the mileau of the legal system and culture fabric of sports in canada. Its like having an act say Mcdonalds can sell burgers 4 hours a year in vancouver but saying nothing of what rights and sandards food service is about.

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  28. Idolmaker says:

    KP’s head guy has freaky tiny hands.

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