Amateur MMA Now Regulated in Ontario


Kickboxing Ontario will oversee amateur mixed martial arts in Ontario, according to a Globe and Mail report.

One year after professional MMA was legalized, the Ontario government has appointed Kickboxing Ontario to oversee amateur shows. According to the report, Kickboxing Ontario will have the authority to shut down any amateur event that is not following their rules and policies.

In the article, Ontario government spokesperson Rob Foote  is quoted as saying,

“AMMA has been unregulated,” Foote said. “This is a way to bring an unsanctioned sport at the amateur level under the auspices of a regulating body,” he said. “That means there is a framework to ensure that the sport will be able to better protect and provide safety and rules and training and proper coaching.”

In another report by CP24 states that children as young as 10 years old will be allowed to compete.

2 Responses to “ Amateur MMA Now Regulated in Ontario ”

  1. Bring the Pain says:

    great except ive seen some of the proposed rules….might aswell be sport jiu-jitsu…or at least like the old pankration tournaments held by the C.F.P.A. …well i guess we will see what the outcome is…personally I think the O.A.C. should have set up a Board of Governing oficials from each different org. and some ppl around ontario that have been teaching mma and have experience coaching mma and have had amatuer fighters fight in different amatuer organizations in canada and the states…who would be better qualified…but like i said…i guess we willhave to wait and see….just sayin

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  2. MKB says:

    The fact that the same people running CASK are involved with this does not fill me with confidence. They are all about the $$$.

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