Video: Fighter Knocks Himself Out at EFL 4


At Empire Fight League 4 in Montreal, an amateur fighter took the loss after attempting a flying switch kick and knocking himself on the landing. Jeremie Capony got the win.

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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    What the hell? How’d he get KO?

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  2. MIKE KENT says:


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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Didn’t even look like he hit his head… poor guy, he’ll never live that down! lol

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  4. wow, that was crazy.

    I hope he’s ok.

    Wonder if it was the shock of his spine hitting the ground at that wierd angle?

    Any update on how he’s doing?

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  5. Joe Doerksen says:

    It he’s ok, it’s super funny.

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  6. Big B says:

    Dan lariviere is a str8 joke, this fight is a accumulation of his pointless armature career and he should really pack it in beacause that was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen and he should just quit now plain and simple, who attempts a kick like that, no wonder he dummies himself , wadda clown

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  7. 613 says:

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  8. Dan the man says:

    I totally agree with everything he just said

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  9. Jimmy says:

    Who attempts a kick like that, serves him right

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  10. Mma man says:

    Big b said it all

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  11. Jeremy McNamara says:

    ok this was hilarious and dan lariviere was losing this fight but no disrespect should be shown to him. He said he would fight, he showed up and fought, showed a lack of prudence and paid the price. Maybe i don’t know him but stupid disrespectful comments like big b’s should be removed. we don’t need your asshole opinion. Instead, go into the ring and fight or make yourself useful to the sport. Everyone else has thoughtful and insightful comments.

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  12. Jeremy McNamara says:

    On the flipside, if he would have landed that kick, they would have called him a genius. He was ok after the fight a little shook but he’s fine.

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  13. I was there reporting on that event. Very solid match-up with an ending that came out of nowhere. Lariviere definitely looked out after he hit the mat, but eventually came to and seemed fine a bit later.

    Here’s my account of the event:

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  14. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    That was a lot worse than Maynard KO’ing himself!

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  15. Blackman613 says:

    From what I hear it was a good fight until that kick.Shit happens Dan will learn from his mistake and I’m sure he ll be back in the ring in no time.

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  16. Dan Lariviere should not have been fighting after fighting only 7 days earlier at Hybrid.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Fought 7 days earlier? Brutal.

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  18. Is it the same commission that regulated both these events?

    what was his medical suspension after his decision loss 7 days previous?

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  19. Bobby Karimi says:

    I do not approve of amateur mma

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  20. Realistically, should anybody who fights to a decision be fighting 7 days later ever?

    Amateur or not.

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  21. Jamie says:

    Some of these amateurs train like crazy even though its an amateur fight. The commission should regulate this but what the hell were his coaches thinking. Even if the kid says he’s good to fight the guys coaching him or whatever club he’s at should have enough sense to not let him fight if he had a decision fight 7 days before but alot of times these guys don’t have the experience or just aren’t thinking of the fighters best interest. Just hope the kids okay.

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  22. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Ok…So who gets the Win??

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  23. Gunner says:

    this is proof that Dim Mak (spell check) the no touch death punch really exists>

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  24. harry balls says:

    Derek Dexter was also on this card and had fought just the week before as well. I personally am not crazy about this either, but what are you gonna do.
    Dan has a propensity for some flashier antics now and then ( I have been to all of his Hybrid matches). It can be entertaining at times and it can be distracting too. Maybe this’ll get him back to the basics.

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  25. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    i agree u shouldnt fight on 7days if u were in a war or goto decision or lost but if u win clean with not a scratch i think fighting 7days later is ok, I had a chance to do that in 2007,3 fights in 4wks,i won 2 lost 1 but never got hurt at all in any of the fights

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  26. I bet if Lariviere took a fight this weekend on another promotion, no amateur sanctioning body would stop it.

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  27. Shinkaruk says:


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  28. Bobby Karimi says:

    This is still awesome and this guy still sucks!

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  29. harry balls says:

    A little redemption at 2:40 for the Riverkid. Best KO i have seen in quite some time.

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  30. G Wrecker says:

    Much respect to anyone that gets into the ring to compete. To those commenting negatively, unless you yourself has gone into the ring compete, it’s best to just zip-it.

    Respect the sport. Respect the fighters.

    That is all. Train safely everyone.

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