Canadian Featherweight Rankings – February 2012


It has been a rough time for the Canadian Featherweights since the last rankings period.  The top two Canadians, Mark Hominick and Antonio Carvalho, both lost their last UFC fights and another four were not able to fight in the past five months.  This division is lacking the depth it once had before many departed for Bantamweight – most recently Yves Jabouin and Mitch Gagnon.  As a result, these rankings see one fighter backing into the top 10 with a loss and others moving up the rankings without wins.

All is not lost, Tristan Johnson, Will Romero, and Graham Spencer continued their winning ways.

Mark Hominick (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

Mark Hominick (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

On to the rankings!

Top Canadian Featherweights
1. Mark Hominick (20-10) – Previous Rank (1) – The Machine did not look himself at UFC 140, looking impatient and sloppy in his quick loss to the Korean Zombie.  It was his first fight without the Coach and he wanted to win in his home province after falling to Jose Aldo in Toronto in his last outing.  No doubt Hominick will get back on the right track against Yagin. Next Fight:  vs Eddie Yagin at UFC 145 on April 21

2. Antonio Carvalho (13-5) – Previous Rank (2) – Pato looked great at the start of his fight with Felipe Arantes and even obtained the full mount position on his way to winning the first round.   Perhaps the UFC jitters caught up with Tony or maybe it was being the enemy in the first Rio fight with the loudest UFC crowd ever, and he faded after the first and ultimately lost the decision.  Expect bigger things from the former world #1 Featherweight. Next Fight: TBD

3. Tristan Johnson (7-2) – Previous Rank (7) – On the strength of two wins over Iron Tiger 145ers, Tristan Johnson vaults ahead four spots on these ranks.  The Fitplus product squeaked by fellow top 10er Will Romero last June and then polished off Lyndon Whitlock in October to be 2 for 2 on Score Fighting Series shows.  So why isn’t Tristan on SFS 3 next month?  Next fight: TBD

Graham Spencer (photo by Lorrie Jane Photography)

4. Graham Spencer (8-1, 1 NC) – Previous Rank (6) –  Spencer fought Mike Adams Tim Jenson Shawn Albrecht in a rematch of their 2009 bout at BFL 13 and came away with his first finish since 2009.   Spencer likes taking guys down and keeping them there and has moved up the ladder with his successful strategy. Next fight: vs TBD at BFL 15.

5. Adam Lorenz (5-2) – Previous Rank (4) – Lorenz has not fought since losing a quick one to Alvin Robinson at Aggression in 2011.  Adam dropped one spot due to Johnson and Spencer passing him with wins.  How about Lorenz vs Welsh when Evolution returns? Next Fight: TBD

6. William Romero (7-3) – Previous Rank (8)–  A big KO of Stephane Bernadel at  Score Fighting Series 2 improves Leon’s status on this list.  Romero has righted his ship with a pair of victories after losing three in a row.  Next up for Romero is another SFS fight in Hamilton although his opponent has yet to be named.  Next fight: vs TBD at SFS 3.

7. Nick Driedger (5-1) – Previous Rank (9) – Everyone seems to be calling for Mike Adams vs Graham Spencer for Spencer’s first BFL title defence.  How about Nick Driedger instead?  Sadly, it probably will not happen as Nick is an AFC mainstay.  If Driedger does not fight on the next AFC card or somewhere else by the time the next rankings happen, he will be dropped to the inactive list.  Next fight: TBD

Nick Drieger (photo by Don Osborne)

8. Rejean Groulx (5-1) – Previous Rank (10) – Groulx needs an MMA fight.  He has not had one since his outstanding performance in a loss to Michel Gagnon.  Like Driedger, Groulx moves up two spots with the departure of Jabouin and Gagnon and he will also be off this list due to inactivity if he does not fight in the near future. Next fight: TBD

9. Brad Duguay (9-5) – Previous Rank (NR) – Welcome to the Top 10, Brad Duguay.  Thanks to the previously mentioned departures, Duguay makes his first appearance on the 145 ranks and with seven wins in his last eight fights, it is well deserved.  Duguay defeated Justin Bourgeois for the Elite 1 MMA title in his last fight.  (Unfortunately, Elite 1 pretty much stripped him of the title immediately and now have Bourgeois fighting Whitlock for the title).  Next fight: TBD

10. Tim Wadsworth (5-1) – Previous Rank (NR) – Wadsworth backs into the Top 10 with a loss to Waylon Lowe at Instinct MMA 2.  Wadsworth was dominated by the former UFC fighter in his first fight in a year and a half.  Let’s chalk this loss off to ring rust as Wadsworth, when active, is usually the dominator, not the dominated.  Those dominated in the past include #9 Brad Duguay, Dwight Sutherland, and Jeff Harrison.  Next fight: TBD

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Yves Jabouin (was #3, dropped to Bantamweight), Michel Gagnon (was #5 dropped to Bantamweight)

Close to the Top 10:
Lyndon Whitlock (5-2) Next fight: vs Cory Houston at SFS 3 on March 16
Greg Welsh (6-2)
Dwight Sutherland (5-3)
Seiji Sugiman-Marangos (5-1)
Matt Bagshaw (6-3)

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39 Responses to “ Canadian Featherweight Rankings – February 2012 ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Seiji vs Rejean Groulx is a fight that needs to happen in Montreal.

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  2. mike kent says:

    Well deserved move up by tristan johnson . He had to big wins and has a lot of momentum . Interested to see his next opponent !

    Gavin tucker 5-0 I think will make his way high onto this List this year . His last two fights were at 155 but he will be a force at 45

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  3. EPerez says:

    By the end of the year and some more time with WAMMA dont be surprised to see Dwight Sutherland somewhere on this list.

    Houston, Popov and Blais will be others.

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  4. Darren Owen says:

    Driedger is scheduled to be on AFC 8 April 14. Just finalizing an opponent.

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  5. booboo says:

    could not agree more Robin . Rejean needs a fight soon , mabe ringside in may ?

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  6. marz says:

    Corey Houston is definately close to the top 10

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  7. @Marz….If Houston gets passed Whitlock, he definitely belongs outside the top 10.

    @Mike Kent…Tucker is on our radar. Just wish he would stay at a weight class.

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  8. Tyler Davis says:

    Bagshaw will climb fast, he is a world class grappler without a doubt

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  9. @Tyler Davis….if Bagshaw keeps active and stays at 145, I agree that he will climb fast.

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  10. MMA Scoop says:

    This is the most frustrating weight class in Canada for me. These guys should all be fighting each other, the talent is deep and match-up possibilities are awesome.

    Some promoter has to start pulling the trigger.

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  11. MIKE KENT says:

    thanks keith . he is a 145er just fights are few and far between so he takes them where he can get them .

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  12. Adam Lorenz says:

    ^Thumbs up MMA Scoop. I planned to fight often after the Romero fight (March) but have only had one fight since. Been looking since the day after the Robinson fight (September) and still nothing on the horizon. Canadian fighters would be getting their shot in the UFC more often if they were able to fight more and string together some wins a little faster; at the rate of only 1 or 2 fights a year it will take years for a guy to get back on a winning streak.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

  13. MMA Scoop says:

    I agree, there is no reason why these guys should not be fighting.

    Any of the guys from 10 to 3 could be in the UFC if they strung together 1 to 3 wins over anyone on that list.

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  14. fitplusmma says:

    Adam Lorenz speaks the truth. Its not easy getting fights.

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  15. MMA Scoop says:

    Here’s what I don’t understand. At least five guys on this list have stated they have had problems getting fights. Are these guys ducking each other because they are all within UFC distance or is the MMA scene just that disorganized that they can’t put logical match-ups together.

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  16. Adam Lorenz says:

    I don’t know what the deal is. What I do know is that I have no local MMA show to bring me in opponents and not many shows want to bring in two top guys that are not local to fight each other.

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  17. You need to move out of the bush :)

    I’m crowning Lorenz the unofficial Canadian 145 champ.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 5

  18. MMA Scoop says:

    I want Patry to make Lorenz/Wadsworth so bad.

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  19. Robin Black says:


    As guys get more and more fights, their prices go up.

    A quality show wants guys that result in ticket sales, so they can make enough money to keep doing shows.

    So, you have the best opportunities to fight if you are local.

    Great fighters on this list, like Tristan and Adam, have to be flown into most shows because of where they live. That costs money, plus they have no friends or family or training partners in whatever city they fight so they won’t sell the easy “low-hanging fruit” tickets.

    So, if you’re a promoter in Ontario or Quebec or Alberta, these fighters will expect close to 3 grand (or more) for a fight, plus they’ll cost an extra $1500 (flight plus corner flight plus hotels and per diems) AND they have no local friends/families/training partners to buy tickets.

    And both those guys are likely to knock out your local guy. Then your local guy won’t have as much hype on your next show.

    So, you spent twice as much money for a guy to come in, sell no tickets, and knock out the home town guy. Not super appealing for the local promoter.

    So what can these guys do? They stay ready all year round (both do), be willing to fight for a realistic purse (both do), and try to be exciting every time.

    Its really challenging.

    Just the reality of being an out-of-town fighter. It takes longer to rack up your wins and build your story.

    Both guys those examples are killers and they try their best to stay in shape and perform when they get their chance. Both will keep making the most of their opportunities and both will get where they wanna go.

    It’ll just take a bit longer.

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  20. Graham Weenk says:

    Adam is right on the money, between myself and our manager chuck we have been pitching him to every show in Canada but promoters have not been able to put a fight together for him… would love the Tristan Johnson fight, both sides seem to want this fight. Is there any promoter that can make this happen??

    Greg Welsh fight too us one we’d love to have if anyone can put this fight on?

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  21. Graham Weenk says:

    Robyn makes a good point that we know all too well being a Saskatchewan fight team.

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  22. MMA Scoop says:

    Have you guys got in touch with Patry? He seems like the type of guy that would make Johnson/Lorenz happen, or have one of those two guys fight Wadsworth.

    As long as the guy fighting on his card goes on to the UFC, Patry is happy.

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  23. fitplusmma says:

    Tristan like Adam has been pitched to every promotion I know of in Canada, most of the US and even Japan. Most promotions dont respond. The ones that do either have full rosters or as Robin pointed out are interested in promoting locals first. It’s not for lack of trying that these guys cant get fights.

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  24. @fitplusmma, Adam has no local promotions whereas Tristan has ECC and ECFP. They also have Elite1 close by. Is the issue money and competing gyms?

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  25. fitplusmma says:

    Tristan has fought for most promotions that have came through NS (Phoenix, ECFP, Absolute, W1). Our gym and it’s athletes have never been linked to a particular brand or promotion exclusively. Any of our guys would gladly fight in NS for any promotion against opponents that make sense, for a reasonable pay so long as they are promoted/marketed fairly. Tristan has a great relationships with all of the local shows and if the opportunity presents itself then he would love to fight for any of them.

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  26. Adam Lorenz says:

    LOL, thanks Marc-Andre let Dana White know that ;)

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  27. Ryan says:

    ECC should do Lorenz vs Johnson for the FW title. Also, MFC plans on bringing in featherweights, maybe you two can find a home there.

    You’d think promotions like MFC and SFS and all the ones on TV would be interested. I’m in NS and i’d go see Adam fight no matter who he was fighting. I’d also watch it on TV. Granted Lorenz might draw shit all in Ontario, and Tristain might not draw shit all in Alberta. But you’d think Through TV they could build these guys into stars.

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  28. As a matchmaker, what Robin is saying is 100% correct. He knows I agree with him because its something we talk about all the time. I love Tristan Johnson as a fighter and would love to get him on the show in March, but there were no local options for him after he beat both Romero and Whitlock. But we consider him a big part of what we like to do at the Score Fighting Series.

    I know I may get criticized for saying this, but I thought I would give my opinion. Let me start by saying I really like Graham and Kurt, and Adam seems like a real good guy but I never spent much time with him. Both Kurt and Adam are VERY talented fighters as well.

    I had this conversation with Graham when we first setup Southern vs. Britto and I’ll mention it now. My first impression of Adam fighting was his fight with Will Romero. Lorenz did what he had to do to win and convincingly out pointed Romero. But, for us, it did not make for good television. That is what we’re all about, quality fights on television. The metrics show that people do change the channel if a fight is not excitingto the casual fan.

    So when I think of putting some fights together, I obviously have thought of Johnson vs. Lorenz. Both have beat Romero and there is no shame to losing to Robinson. But if my boss asks me if I can guarantee it will be an exciting fight, I can’t say yes. All I see is something similar to Romero vs. Lorenz. So after that, we move onto another idea.

    Can I blame Lorenz’s strategy to beat Romero? No way! He is a great fighter, with a great coach and followed a winning gameplan. If I’m Lorenz, do I have the same gamplan vs. Johnson? For sure.

    I appreciate a fighter playing to his strengths because winning is the most important thing. But we live in a world where winning isn’t everything sometimes.

    I hope no one will be upset with what I said. I wish the guys nothing but the best, but I wanted to explain another reason why some guys may not get as many fights as they deserve. I used Adam as an example because he’s mentioned in this thread and really do not want to single him out.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  29. Cody Moorman says:

    This is just my opinion but in all honesty why wouldn’t anyone wanna fight or watch Adam or anyone else in the top 10?

    Through a promoters perspective I think it would be stupid not to have Adam on a card, just the fact that he’s a top ten Canadian would be enough to get me to watch. To promote a fight between ranked Canadian fighters seems like it should be an easy job especially when u got the classic grappler vs striker saga, im always super excited to see if the striker can overcome the wrestling or bjj of the grappler. This is why I was so excited to see Bagshaw vs Welsh even though it ended quickly with minimal excitement.

    You could also use any top ten fight as a very close stepping stone to the ufc. Adam was very close to his shot himself so if Tristan could somehow stop his takedowns and win he in my opinion and many others should be a walk on to the big show.

    Maybe its just me but this should be an easy fight to promote just cause u can throw the ufcs name out there for the possible winner.

    I would take Adam in this fight and many others but I’m obviously a huge Lorenz fan ha, so COME ON Canadian promoters lets get this fight going im sure it would be a seller no matter how u look at it!

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  30. Robin Black says:

    Every good show these days has a fight or two where you “can throw the UFCs bame out there” saying the winner should move to the show.

    That will sell you zero tickets in a small local market.

    Sucks, but its true.

    Grassroots MMA isn’t yet at the point where that sells tickets o locals who don’t know the fighter.

    We still have a long way to go.

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  31. Robin Black says:

    What Alex is saying is true, and I applaud him for being so straight up and classy about it.

    Alex works for a tv show but, as a guy, he just loves great fights. If it were up to him he’d make any of these fights in the top 10. If he didn’t have ratings and metrics and bosses to answer to, he’d book that fight right now.

    Let me add something to the “exciting to the casual fan” conversation.

    Being able to capture the average fan’s imagination with your fighting style and sizzle is not just important for getting fights now, it is what gets you to the top and to the UFC.

    There’s 60 or 70 12-0 type guys in North America who will never see the UFC, because they don’t bring that excitement and sizzle when they fight, and they don’t take risky fghts.

    And yet the UFC brings in these 9-3 type guys. Because they’re exciting. Because they’re risk-takers. Because their fights are unpredictable and crazy. Because they fight on the edge.

    Mitch Gagnon, for example, got a UFC deal over some others with better records because he’s that kind of fighter.

    As a fan of the pure sport, I don’t know how I feel about all this. I love a beautiful fight between a power wrestler and a sub guy who’s great off his back. I love a fight that takes place mostly on the cage. I love technical footwork fights. These are never boring to me. I love them all.

    ***** ***** *****

    The easiest way to get to the UFC (and this doesn’t relate to any of the fighters on the list at all, separate thought, these guys are real fighters imo) used to be to build a record fighting safe against cans.

    Now the slickest way is to get in there is fight on the edge against tough guys, and take some risks.

    If you’re a can crusher (Like I said, separate thought not relevant to any of these guys) you can take 4 years to get to 12-0 against no one.

    If you’re a risk-taker you can take 3 years to get to 7-2 with a library of exciting moments and a reputation as a fighter everyone wants to see.

    Being both a winner and a risk taker is hard. But it pays off.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3

  32. Robin Black says:

    And these days that exciting 7-2 risk-taker will get there waaay before the 12-0 can crusher.

    As the sport evolves the path to success changes too.

    Sorry, separate thought that popped up while eating cereal before my run and reading tmn. Wife’s outta town, when I’m lonely I talk to the internet.

    Its not related to the FW top ten.

    Sorry to get off topic.

    (Vector cereal is delicious btw)

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  33. Sean Quinn says:

    While i agree to some extent with Alex, i would like to point out that i have yet to fight in nearly 2 years. I have never been in a bad/boring fight. Yet here i am.
    IMO, location, location, location. I dont even get offers for fights. I have had 3 guys working extrememly hard trying to cement something for me.
    Bottom line, Alex is racist towards Saskatchewanians.
    And he is a romo.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 5

  34. Cody Moorman says:

    Haha Quinn cracks me up, how cant anyone pick this guy up for a promotion he’s pretty much a comedian and from wut I’ve seen a pretty dam exciting fighter!

    Its to bad our Saskatchewan commission is so far behind everybody elses. We have tons of awesome guys with tons of talent thats not getting the recognition it really deserves.

    This is just me but to start things off we really need to get rid of Dave Lochert or wut ever his name is, he’s doing nothing but hurting our sport.

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  35. Cody Moorman says:

    Oh ya just thought id mention that im officially a Quinn fan now.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  36. Robin Black says:

    May Quinn have mercy on your soul Cody.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  37. Sean Quinn says:

    Just now a Quinn fan? Wtf?
    Youre decoder ring and X-ray goggles are in the mail.

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  38. QuinnFan says:

    Quinn vs Fisette at next CFC?

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  39. mike davis says:

    Cant wait to see what happens with this divison, shook up tons as of late ! Machan, bagshaw. Msrk losing more just tons happened

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