Canadian Rankings – The Power 25 – February 11


Here is this month’s POWER Rankings update.  It is a list of the top 25 fighters from Canada outside of ZUFFA ranked on talent, recent wins, and potential as seen by Top MMA News.

After a month of POWER Fights, there is a positive movement from Ryan Ford and Graham Spencer.  Unfortunately, Dwayne Lewis drops some spots due to his Wilson Gouveia defeat.

Rank Previous Change Name (ORG) Record Division Points
1 1 John Alessio (SCC) 33-14 LW 50
2 2 Patrick Cote (Instinct) 16-7 MW 48
3 3 Chris Horodecki (BFC) 18-3-1 LW 46
4 4 Steve Bosse (Instinct) 8-1 LHW 43
5 5 Kajan Johnson (MFC) 19-10-1 LW 42
6 6 John Fraser (MITV) 10-3 BW 40
7 7 Alex Garcia (RS) 7-1 WW 36
7 7 Nordine Taleb (ROC) 6-1 WW 36
7 7 Josh Hill (GWFC) 7-0 BW 36
10 11 +1 Jesse Bongfeldt (RITC) 16-5-1 MW 32
11 13 +2 Ryan Ford (AMMA) 17-4 WW 29
12 12 Roger Hollett (BFC) 13-3 LHW 28
13 14 +1 Tim Hague (AMMA) 13-5 HW 24
13 15 +2 Derek Medler (AFC) 7-0 WW 24
15 16 +1 Martin Désilets (RS) 11-3 LHW 21
16 10 -6 Dwayne Lewis (MFC) 12-8 LHW 20
17 17 Joe Doerksen (SFS) 47-16 MW 17
17 18 +1 Mike Ricci (RS) 6-2 LW 17
19 18 -1 Eric Perez (CFC) 7-2 BW 16
20 20 David Loiseau (TPF) 20-10 MW 12
21 21 Kurt Southern (SFS) 9-3 LW 9
22 22 Adam Lorenz (AMMA) 5-2 FW 5
22 23 +1 Tristan Johnson (SFS) 7-2 FW 5
22 NR N/A Graham Spencer (BFL) 8-1 FW 5
25 24 -1 Misha Cirkunov (MITV) 5-1 LHW 4

Others receiving points: Adrian Wooley (3), Will Romero (2)

33 Responses to “ Canadian Rankings – The Power 25 – February 11 ”

  1. canadx says:

    My first impression is that this ranking system seems accurate and creditable. Others agree?

    I do not know some of the fighters or how to judge off a small web cast, hence I have really no meaningful comments on mr x being better than mr. y.
    Like most rankings its lonely at the top and crowded at the bottom!

    Good to see John at the top and Mulder moving up on 7-0 record. (Both with Island MMA history!)

    Perhaps others with more insight can comment.

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  2. Check out this new Score Fighting Series feature on John Alessio. Just in time for the new rankings!

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  3. Gunner says:

    I am not sure i understand this thing which is nothing new but it seems to me it is more of a popularity contest than a skill , potential & recent fight rating…. for example how do you have 7 or 8 guys moving up positions when no one in front of them dropped positions and most of those guys have not fought or competed since the last ranking?

    How can you rank a guy one month and he gets a score then same people rank the same guy the next month when he has not fought or done anythign and no one in front of them dropped spots yet they have a higher rank and moved up?

    If that makes sense

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  4. Gunner…. there are distinct differences between this and the usual rankings. With rankings, we debate/argue/agree on positioning.

    With POWER 25, we vote on positioning. The difference is that the aggregate moved Lewis down 6 points.

    With my vote, I moved Lewis down from #13 on my Power 25 to #16. Since he moved down, Medler, Hague, Ricci all moved up on my list and got more points from me even though they didn’t fight.

    Another voter moved Lewis down 10 spots. This affects 10 fighter’s rankings.

    Now we take the total of all our points and make the Power 25.

    If anyone follows college football, this is very similar to their college rankings.

    As well, any time you through potential into rankings (which we only consider for Power 25), then it becomes much more subjective.

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  5. Gunner says:

    Totally understand if a guy moves down the guys just behind move up in position but someone losing rank should not effect the guys (point) tally that moves positions if he has done nothing to deserve a drop or increase in points.

    I am just not able to figure out how guys rank or points can go up or down from a rank or point total 30 days prior when they have not fought, unless it is a different group of guys awarding points from the previous vote

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  6. Give me a name and I will try to explain it.

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  7. Gunner says:

    It is a lot of guy and some more questionable then others

    k. johnson +1 point
    a.garcia +1
    n.taleb +1
    j.hill +1
    r.hollett +1
    t.hague +1
    d. medler +2 (jumped from 15th to 13th) has not fought and no one in front dropped
    m.desilets +2 has not fought and no word of in a long time yet gets +2?
    m.ricci +1
    D.loiseau -1
    k.southern -1
    a.lorenz -1
    a.wooley -1
    will romero -1
    j. rodriguez -1 and dropped to no point what soever

    i would say that almost everyone on that list has not done a thing since last rank yet all had popints adjusted etc.

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  8. Gunner says:

    what did for just a name out of a hat did romero or southern or lorenz do to get a minus 1 yet medler gets +2 hague +1 desilet +2 etc when they all have done nothing different than when they got there points last month?

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  9. Jamie Locke says:

    This is what I understand, please tell me if I’m wrong…

    I rank the following (example)

    1- Nick Hinchliffe (5 points)
    2- Andrew Buckland (4 points)
    3- Graham Spencer (3 points)
    4- David Perron (2 points)
    5- Baz Cunningham (1 point)

    Keith ranks

    1- Andrew Buckland (5 points)
    2- Graham Spencer (4 points)
    3- Nick Hinchliffe (3 points)
    4- David Perron (2 points)
    5- Baz Cunningham (1 point)

    So now the points would be:

    Buckland – 9
    Hinchliffe – 8
    Spencer – 7
    Perron – 4
    Cunningham – 2

    That right?

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  10. Medler was affected by Lewis dropping below him. He got two more points in votes that he essentially received from Lewis.

    However, Hague received only moved up 1 point. He received that point from me due to dropping Lewis below him. However, the other voter dropped Lewis below him but placed Ford ahead of him so on his list, Hague received the same points as in January.

    When we add them up, Medler got an extra point from both, while Hague received an extra point from only on voter.

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  11. Gunner says:

    I understand that part i just do not get teh how do guys points change when no physical attribute justifies the change?

    Also for that scoring to be used who gives the list of the 25 to vote points towards because there is no way that a list would be that sequential in points with the same guys in the same locations on various peoples list without discussions and /or a list in place of the 25 people to vote for as well as you cannot say that there would not be tons of guys with 1 or 2 point votes

    i like the concept i just think it is far from a scaled rating and way more a popularity or bias friendly opion which is fine and dandy

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  12. You will see a lot more movement on this list because, unlike rankings, we are not synchronizing our lists. Our lists remain separate.

    An example is Adrian Wooley. I have him as my #23 in my power rankings. He gets 3 points for that.

    The other voter does not rank him at all.

    What happens is that Wooley’s three points are not enough to get him into the top 25.

    In ranking Bantamweights, we agree on Wooley’s position and have one united list.

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  13. Gunner says:

    how does a guy dropping below effect there ppoints?

    points determine what place they sit in correct? and are given based on as you said there potential , fights etc which has absolutly nothing to do with a guy losing a fight and dropping in rank.
    then how does someone else dropping in place magically give someone else more points? you just take away popints and that guy gets reseeded

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  14. Jamie Locke says:

    How many guys are making lists? Name names!

    Just out of curiousity….

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  15. Correct Jamie. Now lets say Perron defeats David Loiseau at AFC next. You think that would be a huge win and push him to number 1. I just see him as passing Hinchliffe.

    1. Perron 5
    2. Hinchliffe 4
    3. Buckland 3
    4 Spencer 2
    5. Cunningham 1

    1 Buckland 5
    2. Spencer 4
    3. Perron 3
    4. Hinchliffe 2
    5 Cunningham 1

    New Points
    Perron 8
    Buckland 8
    Spencer 6
    Hinchliffe 6
    Cunningham 2

    Old Points
    Buckland – 9
    Hinchliffe – 8
    Spencer – 7
    Perron – 4
    Cunningham – 2

    New Power 25
    1 (+3) Perron
    1 (-) Buckland
    3 (-) Spencer
    3 (-1) Hinchliffe
    5 (-) Cunnigham.

    Hinchliffe lost his spot despite not fighting.

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  16. Romero.

    I have never ranked Will Romero = 0 pts.
    Voter B had Romero with 3 points last rankings.
    Total Romero points in January = 3

    I still don’t rank Will Romero = 0 pts
    Voter B gives Romero 2 points as he now has Spencer jumping him in his list = 2pts
    Total Romero points in February = 2

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  17. 2 voters. Voter B is not from the site and is involved in other MMA capacities so he will remain nameless unless he wishes to reveal himself. Rest assured, the guy knows Canadian MMA.

    List is everyone in Canada who fought in the last year. It is not a list of 25 that gets passed around.

    What we primarily use is my rankings sheets which contain over 600 names. However, I don’t look past my ‘out of the top 10’ names.

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  18. Bobby Karimi says:

    Great discussion!

    I get it, but that’s cuz I’m clearly far more intelligent than the other guys posting on here LOL!!!!!

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  19. MIKE KENT says:

    i literally just had a siezure trying to figure this out , i think ill stick to my mindless arhuments with jana

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  20. You have had too much trauma to your Melon Mike. First the concussion, now a seizure. If too many fighters drop off due to reading the Power 25, we will have to look at dropping it !

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  21. mike kent says:

    If 45 fighters retire I may make it into the power 25 lol

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  22. Bobby Karimi says:

    Do you reevaluate every fighter every month, cuz I’m thinking a guy could be sitting there on the list, not have fought in a while and have his good wins or some losses just keep dating back and back.

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  23. Bobby Karimi says:

    So you’re a Top 70 Power fighter? LOL

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  24. canadx says:

    Its just a guide. Rankings are like a waterbed- some one goes up, someone goes down. Theses rankings depend on the intrigity of the judges. Glad I’m not a judge.

    Its tricky ranking different weights. Try evaluating a number 10 ranked guy losing to a number 1 rank instead of a win againstan easy opponent. It is what it is– an informed judgement.

    Give it some time, its a valuble serice and fun for the fans.

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  25. Nick penner says:

    Just stating my opinion but personally i think bellator fighters should be taken off the list. It is a major show now. It may not be the UFC, but it is a high class show. All the fighters there are proven, talented fighters.

    On another note, looking at this list really shows how much talent canada has. Every fighter on here that I have seen fight has really impressed me. Canadian mma is going to take over.

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  26. I initially had your opinion Nick, Bellator is a major show.

    However, guys on the undercard are not similar to other major shows’ undercards.

    Chucky Mady, Denis Puric, Shawn Levesque, Taylor Solomon are all Canadian veterans of the last Canadian Bellator.

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  27. Bobby Karimi says:

    There’s some pretty non high level undercards on some bellator shows

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  28. Gunner says:

    there is sometimes some pretty non high level undercards on all cards…. hell some main cards often have non high level fights
    (hell i have been on a main card that says it all)

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  29. mike kent says:


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  30. Bobby Karimi says:

    What’s keeping Bongfeldt up so high?

    He hasn’t had a significant win, not counting his UFC draw, since 2009 (Fontaine) and a UFC level win since TJ Grant in 2008.

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  31. Bobby Karimi says:

    Also I don’t think Misha should be Top 25 yet.

    Maybe Adrian Wooley, Will Romero, Jose Rodriguez, Brad Causey, Luke Harris, or Tyson Steele just to name a few off the top of my head.

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  32. Unreal says:

    Where is Menjivar? Jabouin? Pierson? GSP? Rory Mcdonald? Sorry man, little bit of a joke, but have fun!!

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  33. Unreal says:

    Sorry my mistake realized OUTSIDE of Zuffa…Good Morning!!

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