Bully’s Fight Night 3 – Lethbridge – March 30


Date: March 30, 2012
Location: TBA in Lethbridge, Alberta
TV: Live Stream
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Main Event:
185lbs- Dan Chambers (16-17) vs. Jason Zentgraf (4-1)
***Middleweight Title Fight

145lbs- Orestes Betran (15-3) vs. Roy Bradshaw (8-11)
***Featherweight Title Fight

150lbs- Tim Tamaki (14-23) vs. Dominick Blais (8-4)
170lbs- Joe Keesick (4-1) vs. Lindsey Hawkes (6-7)
155lbs- Brendan Blacquier (3-1) vs. Dia Grant (3-6)
135lbs- Maged Hammo (3-1) vs. Daniel Mark (1-1)
170lbs- Adam Lacasse (2-3) vs. Adam Bourbeaux (0-0)
150lbs- Ben Walsh (1-0) vs. Noah Ali (0-0)

Amateur MMA:
155lbs- David Swanson (2-1) vs. Adam Lacasse (2-5)
170lbs- Rylee Jaasund (3-0) vs. Riley Molyneaux (3-3)
155lbs- Keegan Cassell (1-3) vs. Peter Weir (1-0)

315 Responses to “ Bully’s Fight Night 3 – Lethbridge – March 30 ”

  1. hawkes says:

    Who is managing adam?

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  2. L-Boutin says:

    How about Adam Lorenz vs Jose Rodriguez (rematch from their amateur debut fight 5 years ago).

    Both guys have been killing it lately ! Id love to see it !

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  3. Graham Weenk says:

    Can Jose make 145?

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  4. L-Boutin says:

    Could he ? maybe. Would he like to ? I doubt it. Haha, I think he walks around as low as most good sized Featherweights but he’s not a fan of cutting a lot of weight.

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  5. Jose went up to Welterweight for a bit there. I can’t see him fighting at 145. Sounds like Phillips is going to FW though.

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  6. L-Boutin says:

    Jose did have one WW fight for the LGIO Tourney (but was a very undersized WW). IMO if Phillips can make 145, so could Jose with the right diet.

    Jose’s been doing great at LW so there’s really no reason to switch divisions, I know a fight with Lorenz might be enough to make him think about it though.

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  7. WeaponX says:

    I’m pretty sure I’d have to cut off one of my legs to make 145! Maybe that’s why the fight was offered…..?…..

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  8. well…i just thumb’s downed my previous post.

    If WeaponX is saying he has to cut one of his legs off to make 145, then I guess the rumour of him fighting Welsh at Featherweight is not true.

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  9. Frenchy says:

    I had Mark Maruzs who said yes to fight Adam at 145 but Max said he couldn’t lock the deal on Adam side, so I had to set him up with something else!!!
    Sorry Tyler I spoke to fast for Mitch against Adam he is too little and really wants 135lbs you guys are on for MFC9 :-) at 135…
    It’s gonna be awesome for both of you!!!

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  10. Mike Davis says:

    PFC 9 mean?

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  11. Frenchy says:

    Oops. Hahaha yeah. PFC9. Hahaha just had ACL surgery so pills are making me type funny and without mentioning the language barrier. Hahahaha

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  12. Sean Quinn says:

    Ill fight Mitch at 135. Set it up and send me the contract.

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  13. Frenchy says:

    Sorry Sean, it’s already agreed between Tyler and Mitch!! Next one for sure!!

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  14. Tyler Davis says:

    Acl surgery!!!! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Sounds fun thank you and mitch

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  15. harry balls says:


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  16. None of these guys would fight Quinn.

    They just won’t admit it.

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  17. Adam Lorenz says:

    Frenchy. My manager is in possession of emails that show something much different then the statement you recently made regarding a fight between Marusz and myself. I do not know anything about you or your guys so I have no idea what kind of person you are, or gym you run, therefore I will refrain from judging your character if you quit using my name and providing false information in the same sentence. Thank you.

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  18. booboo says:

    Lorenz vs Groulx , both guys r top 145 ers an i think Rejean s coming back soon ( he just came back from the world championships in BJJ and took 3 rd ) this fights gotta happen at the naxt ringside , just hope it does .. GREAT 145 MATCH UP !

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  19. Frenchy says:

    Wow!! Slow down Adam, Everything I said is true. I got all the conversations that I had with the promoter!! Give me ur email I’ll forward it to u. How did I say anything bad or insulted u? I just spoke the truth!!! No false information there!
    It is what it is and you are allowed to your opinion!!!

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  20. As a coach your job is to secure fights for your fighters.

    Not to talk about potential matchups, or emails. Unless you have a bout agreement for one of your fighters signed. It’s only heresay and part of the game.

    It almost sounds like Adam is being questioned for a bout that was maybe just in the early discussion stages?

    I can guarantee you from experience that Adam is not afraid to fight anybody, and he’s one of the most underpayed fighters for his rank in Canada.

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  21. Frenchy says:

    Thanks man, totally get what you are saying and get it…so you know I never said that he was afraid…never… And obviously this conversion isn’t going anywhere I guess I’ll shut up and like you said my job is to secure fights for the fighter not to talk on the free open minded blog :-)

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  22. I never said you weren’t able to have an open mind.

    We highly encourage it here, i just hate when matchmakers or managers talk about fights that are maybe, or potentials.

    I’d never want anybody to shut up.

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  23. Max says:

    I’m looking for a pro 155er with not to many fights? Anyone interested? max@tootuff.tv

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  24. JonnyV says:

    What team does Orestes Train at in Calgary?

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  25. nxeroulette says:

    MMA u in calgary is the gym orestes is out of in calgary and anderson gonclave

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  26. Graham Weenk says:

    Jordan Davis is out with torn ACL

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  27. Max says:

    New fight: Brendan Blacquier vs Dia Grant @ 155. It’s going to be war!

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  28. Max says:

    Also Keegan Cassell vs Mike Weir are battling @ 155. Keegan is coming off a BIG win.

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  29. Cody Rempel says:

    Is Cassell vs. Weir amateur or pro?

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  30. Max says:

    Sorry, Cassell VS Weir is an amateur fight. Team Underground vs Wamma

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  31. Max says:

    Update: Ben Walsh vs Angus Deschambeault @ 150. It’s going to be a good one :)

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  32. Max says:

    It’s Peter Weir vs Keegan Cassell not Mike Weir. Lol, my bad, I was thinking golf and it’s late. Sorry

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  33. Just found out Owen Carr got injured this week…who’s gonna step up to fight Orestes?

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  34. Sean Quinn says:

    Biiiiiig surprise. I mean really, I am shocked.

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  35. Cody Rempel says:

    Matt Bagshaw?

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  36. The G man says:

    Owen pulled out of the fight. This is without exaggeration the 4th time this has happened to him the week before the fight. Why is everyone scared of fighting him? I’d really like to see someone step up and take this fight. It’s getting ridiculous.
    Owen: why are you scared homie?

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  37. The G man says:

    Just to clarify, Owen pulled out of his fight with Orestes due to an alleged elbow injury. Exactly a week before the fight. Did the pressure get to you homie?

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  38. Owen says:

    Actually this is the first time I ever pulled out of a fight! All you haters can talk all the shit you want, I don’t really care. I was looking super good in the gym. So good I knocked out atleast 4 dudes in the gym in the last month by accident- in which super sorry to my bro Shae and hope is jaw heals quick. this actually got me kicked outa of the gym cause I hurt alot of people this camp trainig for this fight.
    But actually I got high crouched slammed and when I snapped a tricep tendon and can’t punch let Alone do a pushup. And if you don’t believe me you can call bdb and ask them yourself a) I did injure my arm and b) I did get kicked out for hurting dudes. By the way I am very sorry to everyone at bdb that I hurt during this camp. I never wanted to hurt anyone I just wanted to be ready for Orestes and I was ready and looking good till I hurt my arm.
    Sean quinn you can talk all the shit you want I don’t care. I would totally fight you if you’d have a stand up war with me but you’d just take the fight to the ground and lay on me like a boring wrestler.
    An Gman use your real name cause I bet you just talk shut and have no clue what your talking about.
    I never once pulled out from a fight, this was the very first time ever and I am legitimately injured.

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  39. Sean Quinn says:

    Pretty sure I read that it was a torn labia.

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  40. Sean Quinn says:

    Dude, I’ll fight you using any rules you want you loudmouth little chickenshit.

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  41. The G man says:

    Owen, my name is Gabriel. Come train anytime man… MMA U or Anderson Goncalves. You take pride in hurting your team mates. I’ll take pride in putting you to sleep anytime. I have written evidence you were scared to fight Orestes. Don’t write shit when you’re pissing your pants, then try to take it back. Knocking out bums in the gym, then getting kicked out of another gym (also not the first time you’ve been kicked out of a gym) is not something to be proud of. You are a notorious wimp, and I’m only the millionth person to say this. There’s no shame in getting injured, but you’ve been talking about pulling out of this fight, and trying to convince team mates (Bagshaw) to fight Orestes since the day the contract was signed. Get your shit together

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  42. Sean Quinn says:

    And it wouldn’t be a stand up war by any stretch of your imagination. I would murder you if it was just striking. Taking you down would be an act of mercy.

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  43. The G man says:

    Sean, I highly doubt Owen would fight you as you’re a real fighter, with some wars on his record. It seems he’s already scared from his last post. I just hope that the promoters take care of Orestes, and find him a legitimate opponent. Any opponent ideas? I’ve heard Adam Lorenz as a possibility.

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  44. Owen says:

    Actually i dont take pride in hurting anyone and I feel very bad I hurt anyone of my team mates. None of them were bums and I love them all. Once again I’m sorry to them all. I was just training hard And wanted to be ready for this fight. I wanted it bad. I have my shit together. And I’m very upset I got hurt and kicked outa the gym because I’m actually a nice guy who cares about everyone at that gym and feel awful it turned out the way it did and frustrated that i got Hurt cause I was ready, and put in alot of hard work and sacrificed alot during this camp.

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  45. Cody Rempel says:

    Maybe Dominick Blais could step in and they could find someone else for Tamaki?

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  46. Sean Quinn says:

    Lorenz would be awesome if he is available on short notice. But Orestes must have been playing video games and eating Dairy Queen to get ready for Owen.
    Lorenz would require a very different kind of training camp where you have to train for an actual fight. Brad should look into it. Could be a really good fight.

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  47. Sean Quinn says:

    Owen you’re a shit talking loudmouth that doesn’t have the stones to back it up. You want to fight in June, I’ll contact Agression and offer them a hell of a deal.

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  48. The G man says:

    Orestes is ready. He’s been training to fight a real opponent. Joke is much appreciated. The troll who thinks he’s a fighter who was supposed to fight Orestes deserves all the smack talk we can give him.
    Sean, you should pitch the idea of Lorenz or anyone else you can think of at 145 for Orestes. It is much appreciated.
    Cody: do you think it could happen against Dominick? I need something positive to tell Orestes. We’re tired of having this happen man.

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  49. gorny says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  50. Cody Rempel says:

    It’s just an idea I had since he’s already booked for a fight on the same day at a similar weight… I’m not sure who requested the Catchweight in that bout so Blais be a little heavy, Might be worth contacting Bully’s or WAMMA about!

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